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Reddit Shows Blatant Disrespect for Biggest Bitcoin AMA Event

As most people know by now, the forum will be hosting an AMA series with some of the most prominent members of the Bitcoin ecosystem. Over the course of nearly three weeks, these Bitcoin industry leaders will answer any and all questions, and every day is a new opportunity to make your voice heard. This would be the main idea at last, were it not for various “open society” platforms attempting to enforce censorship yet again.

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Reddit’s “Theymos Army” Trolls Strike Again

Bitcoin.com_RedditThe purpose of an AMA — short for “Ask Me Anything” — is to draw in as large a crowd as possible. Giving this event the utmost exposure it deserves is important, but there are always some people who will openly oppose any idea. Various Bitcoin community members feel this AMA should be hosted on the /r/Bitcoin subreddit, yet there are plenty of reasons not to do so.

For the past few years, /r/Bitcoin has been the go-to place as far as any Bitcoin-related “free speech online platform” is concerned. With over 174,000 readers — according to the latest Reddit statistics — /r/Bitcoin is the premier place to discuss digital currency. That being said, there are so many issues with this subreddit that it has become a laughing stock of the community, and even gives Bitcoin a bad reputation due to its censorship policies.

This is not the first time the Bitcoin subreddit has made negative headlines. Most of this negative attention can be attributed to Theymos, the person in charge of the subreddit, and his team of moderators who remove any topics that do not suit their personal agendas.

Over the past few months, we have reported on incidents involving Theymos and his army of trolls. Even the recent Bitcoin XT debate led to a fair amount of deleted posts, downvoted content, and shadowbanning of various users. Why would Bitcoin XT be subject to censorship? Simply put, this fork proposal calls for something that does not suit the agendas of the people in charge of /r/Bitcoin.

This censorship debacle makes you wonder who has the best interests of Bitcoin and its community at heart. Is it Theymos, the one person controlling not just /r/Bitcoin, but also BitcoinTalk and the Bitcoin Wiki? Or is it the people who openly criticize him for attempting to centralize all Bitcoin discussions through platforms he controls? 

One possible solution to this problem would be to make the forum an alternative place for Bitcoin discussions, without censorship or shadowbanning. Hosting a Bitcoin-themed AMA event is the right way to achieve that goal, but promoting this debate on the Bitcoin subreddit is apparently not allowed.

As soon as a link to the Bitcoin AMA event got posted on /r/Bitcoin, various trolls and friends of Theymos started downvoting the post. Even though this is the biggest AMA event in the history of Bitcoin, promoting any activity that does not take place on /r/Bitcoin will only draw negative attention. Not one single upvote for this event was recorded a few hours after posting the link, which just goes to show how censored this “free speech online platform” has become.

Reddit Censorship Only Strengthens Belief in Forums_SupportDespite this negative attitude towards the AMA event, the people involved are resolute in their beliefs that this is the right approach. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, which prides itself on transparency and making everybody an integral part of the network. Censorship has no place in this ecosystem, and it is only a matter of time until everybody starts to realize what is truly going on at /r/Bitcoin, Bitcointalk, and the Bitcoin wiki.

In fact, the list of Bitcoin industry experts participating in this AMA is growing a daily basis. At press time, a total of 45 Bitcoin experts have agreed to participate in the AMA event, and more names will hopefully be added over the next week or so. The time has come to show the world what Bitcoin is all about, and to do so in a non-censored environment where free speech is valued and appreciated, rather than discouraged.

Will you be sending in some questions during the biggest AMA event in the history of Bitcoin? Who would you like to see added to the list of participants? Let us know in the comments below!


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