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Purse.io Teases Its New Project: Tritium

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The crypto-company Purse.io has just made a special announcement after closing a $1 million USD venture seed round to accelerate its Bitcoin commerce effort. The team that brought Amazon to cryptocurrency has unveiled its new secret project: Tritium. With this project, Purse plans to utilize the company’s network to bring new value to consumers and its partners. Purse won’t reveal what the project encompasses just yet, but believes it will be quite unique. CEO of Purse Andrew Lee states:

to be helping consumers spend Bitcoin and receive discounts.— We believe our new project will be even more exciting, but we aren’t ready to say anything about it…” —  Andrew Lee, CEO Purse.io

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Purse.ioHowever, the team has revealed that the funding will go towards the secret project, and they have also hired new help for the plan. Christopher “J.J.” Jeffrey, former BitPay developer, and open-source advocate, has joined Purse to lead the company’s Tritium project. Jeffrey has helped build projects such as Bitcore, CoPay, Bitcore-node, and Bcoin. The developer believes “all software should be open-source for its security benefits,” and holds a strong commitment to decentralized technology. Purse CEO Andrew Lee is pleased to bring J.J. into the Purse fold saying:

“We are very excited to have J.J. join our team as CTO. With JJ leading Tritium, we’re confident we can leverage Bitcoin technology in new use-cases to further our mission of adoption.” —  Andrew Lee, CEO Purse.io

purse.ioRecently, at the All-Star AMA event held on Bitcoin.com’s forums, co-founder of Ethereum Anthony Di lorio said concepts like this will help drive adoption, “Purse.io is a great example. If only the masses would realize they could save +20% on everything at Amazon using Bitcoin. As a community, we should be screaming this at the top of our lungs.

purse.ioPurse CEO Andrew Lee also spoke on the AMA forum as well, calling himself a “payments geek and a FinTech entrepreneur.” Lee told those in attendance about the company’s new platform being developed, called Purse Merchants. The project is a decentralized marketplace that enables global merchants to sell over the Purse system. In an interview with Bitcoin.com, Lee lets our readers know all about the new online market and believes his company will remain lasting in the industry. “At Purse, we’re inspired by blockchain technology and building the next generation of PayPal without unnecessary layers of trusted third parties. We have an opportunity to improve the world and build an important lasting company in the process.”

With a secret project called Tritium and a new player added to the firm, strong developments from Purse are on the horizon. The business has been backed by venture capitalists and firms such as Bobby Lee, Jered Kenna, FundersClub, Strong Ventures, and Terrence Yang. The company doesn’t want to release the goods on the Tritium concept yet, but we will keep our readers in the loop when it when it’s officially announced.

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