8 Pressing Questions for ‘Bitcoin Creator’ Craig Wright


Proof-of-Satoshi: 8 Pressing Questions for ‘Bitcoin Creator’ Craig Wright

On May 2nd, the self-proclaimed “Bitcoin creator” Australian professor, Craig Wright, announced to the world (yet again) that he is the man behind the the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym. This time, he came with proof by purportedly using Satoshi’s signature as shown on BBC. But how valid was his “proof-of-satoshi”? And what other inconsistencies have been observed with his claim? 

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8 Pressing Questions for Craig Wright

The Bitcoin.com team decided to ask Craig Wright a few more questions regarding some glaring inconsistencies with his claims on behalf of the community. Here goes…

1. How do you refute the fact that the digital signature you used to back up your claim was first uploaded to the internet seven years ago, meaning you have not provided anything that wasn’t already public?

Bitcoin Core developer Peter Todd recently echoed as much:

2. Why does someone who “wants to be left alone” drag out the revelation following the initial claim back in December? You certainly do look smashing in a suit, but shouldn’t such a reclusive persona as Satoshi shy away from a photo op?
wright3. Why such a stage-managed announcement via the BBC, The Economist, and GQ? Why choose those three specifically instead of just posting it on your blog?

4. Did you get the private keys from David Kleiman to make it seem that you’re Satoshi?
Dave Kleiman wright
Dave Kleiman
5. Why not simply give Satoshi’s alert key to Gavin Andresen to back up your claim, instead of having him fly out to London for a “demonstration”? Additionally, did you discuss the contents of old emails during the meeting?

6. Cui bono? Who are the so-called “people” that have made you so intent now on proving you’re indeed Satoshi Nakamoto, writing in your blog:

So, over the coming days, I will be posting a series of pieces that will lay the foundations for this extraordinary claim, which will include posting independently-verifiable documents and evidence addressing some of the false allegations that have been levelled, and transferring bitcoin from an early block.

7. Why don’t you just move the coins or sign the genesis block? (Litecoin creator, Charlie Lee, is already way ahead of you.)

8. Why did you shy away from questions by the BBC regarding the Australian Tax Office and have you been contacted by the UK police? Is there a risk you will go to prison if you are found to be the owner of Satoshi’s bitcoins? 
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ATO Wright

Do you have any other questions you’d like to ask Craig Wright? Post yours in the comments section below! 

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