Proof of Art: Bringing Bitcoin Advocacy to the Art Galleria


Proof of Art: Bringing Bitcoin Advocacy to the Art Galleria

A Bitcoin-themed art event, Poof of Art, will be taking place on May 25th, 2016 in San Francisco, California. It will be hosted at Code and Canvas, which happens to be a specialized venue in the city dedicated specifically to hosting art events about technology.

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Integrating the Blockchain with the Humanities

The event is a melding between cryptocurrency advocacy and an art gallery showing. Many of the participating artists are Bitcoin-enthusiasts themselves, with each of them actively sharing the lifestyle of selling their artwork for bitcoin. Also, consistent with the theme of the showing, there will even be an innovative integration of Bitcoin into many of the works on display.desktop_image

Artist, @coin_artist, will be displaying his digital work — a complex puzzle, that when solved, can reward significant amounts of Bitcoin. Another example of the art on display is Troy Fearnow’s work, founder of Cryptoart, which will display his limited edition Giclee prints with each design incorporating a QR code, cold-storage wallet.  

The event will be sponsored by Coinbase and held in conjunction with the San Francisco Bitcoin Meetup, where leading artists from across the United States will assemble.The event will begin with a presentation by the CEO of Verisart CEO, Robert Norton, whose blockchain-based platform for certification and verification is leveraging the blockchain’s capability for trustless time-stamping. This would enable provenance functionality that would probably be of interest for any artist.

The artwork exhibited at the show will be available for purchase via the Proof of Art event page on Facebook. A portion of each sale will be donated to Bitgive to improve public health and the environment worldwide.

Bitcoin & Art

Artwork by cryptograffiti

Two other artists that haven’t been mentioned who are taking part in the event are Max Mellenbruch and cryptograffiti. Mellenbruch is the inventor of the Kialara physical bitcoins, and will be on hand to showcase a range of his popular creations from the original to Signature Series. Cryptograffiti will be displaying a whole range of pieces that will all share the theme of the benefits of Bitcoin versus the current financial system. 

Cryptograffiti is a pseudonymous crypto-artist who became the first artist to exclusively accept bitcoin. His work has been displayed in The Wall Street Journal, Bitcoin Magazine, Montreal Bitcoin Embassy, CryptoCoinsNews, Bitcoinist, Inside Bitcoins, SF Weekly, and other notable organizations.

Troy Fearnow is the founder of Cryptoart, which publishes fine art wallets called “cryptoart.” He also has a background in finance and is a Bitcoin enthusiast, which is what influenced him to create his fine art as a wallet concept.

@coin_artist is another artist who develops digital treasure hunts using art, cryptography and Bitcoin. As one would assume, much of his artwork centers around building puzzles by leveraging cryptography and Bitcoin itself.

What do you think about the art event and its bitcoin-centered theme? Let us know in the comments below!

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