PR: Alexander Borodich Develops Universa Blockchain Platform-Based Solution for the President of Russian Federation
PR: Vienna Insurance Group and Moirai Announced Partnership to Experiment with “the Wisdom of Crowds”
PR: Quantstamp and Experty Announce Partnership to Provide Smart Contract Auditing Consultations
PR: Spacoin: The First Spa Project Applied Blockchain in The World
PR: Dmarket Cross-Game Extends Token Presale and Announces the New Dates of Crowdsale
PR: Spectiv Advertising ICO Acquires Livetourlab Intellectual Property and Assets: Token Sale December 8th
PR: MDK: the Largest European Community on the Vkontakte Social Network Launching ICO
PR: B2BX Team Creating a Cryptocurrency Exchange, or ICO from the Real Business
PR: KuCoin Strikes Another Impressive Partnership: It Will List Change Coin on November 7th 2017