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Washington Elite Announces Summit in Vienna

Washington Elite Announces Summit in Vienna

Washington, DC, September 10, 2019 – The Austrian capital hosts some of the world’s brightest minds in smart city, crypto, M&A and renewable energy October 11 – 12 during the Washington Elite AI and Blockchain Summit – Smart City Edition in Vienna, Austria.

The Washington Elite Summit convenes at Schönbrunn Palace this Fall for an exciting event. This premier conference makes it’s international debut after hosting three successful summits in the US Capitol. The event showcases some of the biggest names and most exciting innovations in smart city, M&A, blockchain and AI. One of the biggest changes in the cryptocurrency space is mergers and acquisitions as well funded venture capital firms move to capture the users and technology of past ICO’s and dormant blockchains. Investors and exhibitors from all over the world will represent and inspect everything from smart devices, clean energy, mining and trading cryptocurrencies to smart crypto cities on blockchain.

Blockchain classes will be taught by industry experts and government regulators for those interested in learning how to mine Bitcoin, send crypto over SMS/text, stake coins, run nodes and the enterprise/government uses of this trans-formative technology. There are a variety of top projects performing airdrops, as well so attendees can accumulate free digital assets simply by attending. Bitcoin.com will be on hand as sponsors showcasing their new exchange and additions to their team, as well as PacGlobal and their new instant send and code update. Bitcoin and Litecoin mascots will hit the streets of Vienna in the weeks leading up to the summit with the GlobalBoost SMS Crypto bot selling tickets and spreading mass adoption.

The exciting lineup of speakers at the conference will feature the likes of Liberland President, Vit Jedlicka who will showcase smart city designs and partnerships for their new micro-nation, Bitcoin.com CEO, Stefan Rust, Toufi Saliba, GlobalBoost CEO, Bruce Porter Jr. and many others. Topics discussed by the speakers will range from smart city to identity, urban development, M&A, energy and mining, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality to STOs, IEOs, KYC and blockchain.

Additional events at the Washington Elite Summit will include the “Startup Cup,” pitch competition in Vienna that allows selected startups to pitch to a pool of investors and gain exposure through the conference’s road show, marketing campaign and combined online following of over a quarter of a million. The first place prize consists of inclusion in the Washington Elite Road show where the company will be promoted at the World Blockhain Summit in Dubai, The World Crypto Con in Las Vegas and the Malta Blockchain and A.I. Summit. This road show package is currently being sold at €15,000. Additionally, the first placed cryptocurrency-participant will win multiple free exchange listings. Private VC’s on the judging panel will exclusively advise, promote and possibly invest in the winning startups. The Ritossa Family Office has confirmed their participation in the summit and Dr. Evan Singh Lutha’s http://StartupStudio.online fund may invest in the winner.

To learn more and register for the Washington Elite AI and Blockchain Conference on October 11-12, visit: http://washingtonelite.com or their EventChain page https://eventchain.io/event-details/36b6d029c69552d60889c3a1b4688c06/ Washington_Elite_A-I-_Blockchain_Summit_-_Smart_City_Edition: .

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