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PR: Smartbillions Blockchain Lottery Continues Ticket Sales and ICO Success!

PR: Smartbillions Blockchain Lottery Continues Ticket Sales and ICO Success!

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The SmartBillions ICO begun on October 16th with dynamic interest on the part of both Players and Investors growing consistently! After the latest version of the lottery platform was launched on October 14th, it gained significant traction early on. Currently, more than 7000 tickets have been played and there have been almost 300 wins earned by players who’ve matched correct numbers in the coming Ethereum blocks hashes. The level of player interest in the lottery at this stage has significantly exceeded the team’s expectations, bringing the goal of becoming the world’s largest and most popular lottery system closer than ever.

The launch of SmartBillions, world’s first blockchain multi-billion-dollar lottery, marks the beginning of a major disruption in the millennia-old lottery market category. For ages, trust for and around both lottery draws and payouts has been faltering. SmartBillions marks the beginning of a completely new level of trust, whereby all lottery operations are comprehensively transparent and publicly recorded. SmartBillions is operated by the Ethereum smart contract, which eliminates the risk of any third-party involvement. Hence, there is no possibility for the lottery’s funds undergoing fraud or manipulation.

For Every 1 ETH raised there will be 1,260 SMART tokens created. Out of that 1,000 will go to the ICO backers and 260 to the Team. The Tokens are only created during the ICO. The SMART token will be listed and made exchangeable on major online exchanges within two weeks of the closing of the ICO. The market predicts the value of the SMART Token to multiply in a short amount of time, and then continue to rise – partly as a result of its special features, such as monthly dividend payouts and unprecedented downsize protection, which secures more than 70% of Investors’ funds in the case of any unpredictable events.

Unlike other ICOs, 90% of funds raised go directly to the product – the Lottery Jackpot. The rest of the funds will go to multi-channel marketing that will work toward the lottery’s consistent rise in popularity across the globe.

READ THE SMARTBILLIONS SMARTCONTRACT AND WHITEPAPER: https://smartbillions.com/docs/SmartBillions_Smartpaper.pdf?

The SmartBillions Team is available to answer all your questions here:

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/SmartBillionsGroup

SLACK: https://smartbillions.slack.com/join/shared_invite/enQtMjU0NzAyNjk5MTI1LTIyZTljNDIyMDk2NDZjM2M1ZTk3NjI0NzZiYWZjZmMwZGQ5MjVkNzc3MDczYTU1NjU2ZGVmMDE0YTY1ZWMzMDQ


PR: Smartbillions Has Created the Most Transparent Lottery System in History

PR: Smartbillions Has Created the Most Transparent Lottery System in History


Blockchain Lottery SmartBillions Was Hacked and It Was a Good Thing

SmartBillions Just Put 450 000 USD for Breaking the Smart Contract!

1. “Blockchain lottery to end a 300 billion USD monopoly”: https://medium.com/@SmartBillions/blockchain-lottery-to-end-a-300-billion-usd-monopoly-db331a0c0e9b
2. “A global lottery project turns the world of gaming upside down. All this thanks to blockchain technology”: https://medium.com/@SmartBillions/a-global-lottery-project-turns-the-world-of-gaming-upside-down-445eb94eb523
3. “7 reasons to invest in SmartBillions ICO, including downside protection”: https://medium.com/@SmartBillions/7-reasons-to-invest-in-smartbillions-ico-including-downside-protection-85ce517e1cf4
4. “SmartBillions just put 450 000 USD for breaking the smart contract!”: https://medium.com/@SmartBillions/smartbillions-hackathon-offically-started-deac083316f8
5. “SmartBillions Hackathon smart contract hacked with $120 000!”: https://medium.com/@SmartBillions/smartbillions-hackathon-smart-contract-hacked-with-120-000-b62a66b34268
6. “SmartBillions smart contract improved: Hackathon 2.0 starts!”: https://medium.com/@SmartBillions/smartbillions-smart-contract-improved-hackathon-2-0-starts-8aac82a7b3f3
6. “SmartBillions: Hackathon 2.0 Improvements”: https://medium.com/@SmartBillions/smartbillions-hackathon-2-0-improvements-d18d1b962c5b
7. “Sneak Peek of SmartBillions lottery interface!”: https://medium.com/@SmartBillions/sneak-peek-of-smartbillions-lottery-interface-2b5c59c30877

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