PR: Secure Identity Ledger Corporation Goes Direct to Consumer with Initial Coin Offering: New Blockchain Platform to Put Consumers in Control of Their Online Identities – Press release Bitcoin News


PR: Secure Identity Ledger Corporation Goes Direct to Consumer with Initial Coin Offering: New Blockchain Platform to Put Consumers in Control of Their Online Identities

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FALLS CHURCH, Va., /PRNewswire/ — Secure Identity Ledger Corporation (SILC) ℠, the first digital identity platform for every person, business and machine, announced the opening of its Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The ICO is currently ongoing.
Unlike other ICOs this year, SILC did not offer its tokens to institutional investors in advance in what is called a pre-sale; instead, it is targeting consumers and, in particular, millennials, who the company says will be the most affected by identity fraud.

A limited supply of tokens are available to purchase during the ICO, with more being released with each product and application launch from SILC. To purchase tokens in this ICO, please click the ‘Buy Now’ button on the SILC homepage:

To download the white paper, please visit:

“Our mission is being seeded with this ICO but is much bigger and not all monetary. We aim to put users back in control of their online lives,” said Danny Lee, co-founder, SILC. “We created our own blockchain because we wanted to establish the rules, take advantage of core elements of blockchain architecture, create trust and establish a framework for a new data-drive business model.”

SILC provides the first-ever turnkey digital ID system for consumers, including registration, authentication, verification and personal monitoring. The platform will provide individuals with a unique digital token that enables them to prove their identity to third parties. And unlike other Blockchain solutions that operate on a Proof-of-Stake or Proof-of-Work basis, SILC operates through a Verified Existence Algorithm℠ in which both parties can exchange and confirm information through the SILC dashboard without it being recorded. SILC’s One Digital ID is cryptographically secure, unalterable and legitimate.

“SILC is the only ICO with a finished, private and permissioned blockchain,” said Quang Trinh, co-founder, SILC. “And the result is like an email address that is private and that you only share with friends and family or businesses you trust.”

Since the dawn of the personal computer age (1980s) and increasingly during the Internet age (1990s), consumers have given up control over their personal information. Our online identities today are comprised of a swath of personal data and scattered across the Internet under multiple usernames and passwords. Banks, online shopping destinations, social networks and hackers, among others, are in control of our ID. And as the physical and digital worlds merge – from online grocery shopping to virtual doctor’s visits – it’s more important than ever that users take back control.

By building its own blockchain platform, SILC is removing roadblocks such as miners dictating fees or forking the chain. Consumers can be confident the SILC blockchain will always be accessible and supported and the impending bloat of the existing blockchains won’t impact their accounts.
The SILC blockchain will be the
entry point for individuals, government and companies to learn how digital ID data can be recorded, managed and distributed in a more equitable way.

The company is also running a social media contest and will be giving away to the winners two event tickets and airfare to attend the Ultra Music Festival in Miami March 23-26, 2018. For more information on how to participate, please visit:

About Secure Identity Ledger Corporation 

Secure Identity Ledger Corporation (SILC) is the first digital identify platform with One Digital ID for every person, business or machine. We enable consumers and businesses to enter into and be empowered by the Blockchain Age through a scalable, accessible, interoperable, private and secure platform. Please join us in this revolution, whether you’re a consumer securing your One Digital ID or businesses and entrepreneurs who want to develop exciting applications on the proven SILC blockchain platform.

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“Blockchain could help us reclaim control of our personal data.” – Michael Mainelli of Harvard Business Review


“The virtual you may know more about you than you do.” – Blockchain expert Don Tapscott in his TED talk identifies digital ID as one of the five ways blockchain will improve prosperity.

“Designing a solid digital ID system may be the biggest problem of the digital age.” – Conor O’Higgins of CryptoInsider

Secure Ledge Identity Corporation is a new company. SILC is not registered with the United States SEC, or any other regulatory agency. SILC is not subject to any public reporting or filing, and has no operating history for My Secure Ledger ℠ users to review. SILC is not offering any securities, or interests in the company. Users are advised to carefully review the whitepaper (including risk factors), company website, and any purchase agreement before purchasing SILC tokens.

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