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PR: Polymerium Motor Oils Pre-Ico Launch

PR: Polymerium Motor Oils Pre-Ico Launch

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Manufacturer of motor oils POLYMERIUM announces the start of pre-sale of tokens (Pre-ICO)

Before the launch of ICO, the main selling of tokens, the manufacturer of motor oils POLYMERIUM announces the sale of tokens with a discount of 60%.
The goal of the project is the construction of new factories in Russia and China, as well as the scaling of mini-factories in the franchise program around the world (more than 30 factories per year). In addition to the construction of factories, POLYMERIUM company develops a counterfeit / control system based on the technology of blockchain named ARMPACK.

The ARMPACK anti-counterfeiting system is a network of decentralized servers that is store encrypted codes, which are assigned to each released product. For example, each POLYMERIUM engine oil canister has a security code and when you enter on the company’s website you can verify the originality of the products. The code is stored in a blockchain, and can’t be changed by anyone. When checking the code in the block, the information about the date of code entry, IP address, the product name is stored. The ARMPACK system will significantly reduce the sale of counterfeits and will be in demand by a variety of manufacturers and brands around the world. Each code in the ARMPACK system is 1 token, which can be used in the future for promo cods and discount programs of manufacturers of products, as a payment for products or for a discount. The received codes (tokens) can be exchanged and sold.

Despite of the fact that many different ICOs are being conducted now, the POLYMERIUM project is favorably distinguished by the presence of a successful factory & brand, and the company is already making a profit and has a turnover of more than $ 300,000 per month.
The POLYMERIUM token is supported by industrial production and manufactured products (motor and other oils). Also, the POLYMERIUM token will be provided by real estate objects.
According to experts, the POLYMERIUM token will grow many times during the year, due to the scaling of factories around the world, implementation of the ARMPACK system and the connection to it of other companies, as well as the direction of the company’s profit to support the token. Every month the company will direct 40-60% of the profit to support the token. The holders of the POLYMERIUM tokens will be assured of the reliability of the investments.

A total of 100,000,000 POLYMERIUM tokens have been issued. Each token has a cost of $ 1, during the pre-sale period, the POLYMERIUM token can be bought with a 60% discount. Pre-sale has already begun; you can buy tokens at http://plmico.com
The ICO start is appointed for November 1, 2017.
The team of POLYMERIUM has already proved its efficiency. From 2011 to 2014, more than 150 franchises were realized of the Mobile Wash Company (a car wash service without water) all over the world.

The upcoming ICO will be one of the first, where the already active producer of demanded products conducts the release of tokens.

You can find out more:
ICO Website: http://plmico.com
Twitter https://twitter.com/plmico
FB https://www.facebook.com/plmico/
Join the discussion in telegrams https://t.me/plm_chat
E-mail address info@plmico.com
POLYMERIUM Website http://polymerium.ru

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