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PR: iDice: The Most Innovative Online Casino in History

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iDice will undoubtedly be the world’s first and leading mobile blockchain gambling app that will provide support for Android and IOS enabled devices, and will be powered by Ethereum. The iDice beta has been able to generate $300,000 in consumer profits even though it hasn’t gone fully operational or done any kind promotion or advertising. Once the iDice crowdsale is concluded, the iDice team will integrate the app with devices that can support Android and IOS systems.

The intention of iDice is to dominate the mobile gambling world and this is by developing the first ever mobile gambling app in the world. The blockchains gambling currently exists on the desktop devices only, and so iDice is planning to remove this monopoly. Many gamblers are forced to use the burdensome mobile sites of the gambling sites, and this is what iDice is trying to get rid off in order to make life easier for gamblers. The iDice will undoubtedly come with very many wonderful features such a unique wallet that almost all the gamblers who like using their mobile devices to gamble will love. And once the gambler has funded the wallet, he will be allowed to place his bet on the app at his own convenient time.

Research has shown that these days a larger percentage of searches are done on mobile gadgets. There has been a lot of internet traffic recorded from mobile phones in recent days than on desktop platforms. The searches done on mobile platforms surpassed those done on desktop platforms way back in 2016 and the number has kept growing on each passing day. And despite the increasing popularity of this trendy blockchain mobile app, the gambling world has yet to respond to this by developing its own kind of mobile app, and this has given the iDice the chance to showcase and display its wonderful app.

Ethereum is currently doing well and going to new heights, and it will be an uphill task for Bitcoin to catch up with it. And this is what is making many investors to start loving it. Once the iDice app will be released to the consumers, it will give the company an edge over the Ethereum mobile gambling. This is because currently there is no other platform that has developed an app to rival iDice once it’s introduced into the market. The introduction of iDice app into the market will undoubtedly make it the market leader and it will allow the company to develop other game types like the blackjack and Slots which will be under the iDice name. For the investors, iDice provides you with the chance of getting on the next gambling game, SatoshiDICE game.

Back in 2013, the largest Dice Game, SatoshiDice, was sold for only 126, 315 BCT and which we can today put at $315,787,500. In simple terms, whatever we are saying here is that the blockchain is a fast growing industry that is making a lot of revenue more than one would have expected it to do.

There are many reasons as to why iDice is destined to be a game changer in the world’s gambling sphere, and I will take you through some of the reasons as why this is bound to be so.

This gambling app has gained huge popularity since the idea of its inception began in 2013. And since it is being backed by the Ethereum Blockchain, this app is currently enjoying massive popularity in the world. This app is also decentralised and very transparent and fair, no risks of loss of your funds through unscrupulous ways or people since everything will be done by the auditable smart contracts.

The iDice beta was launched by Ethereum Blockchain Company just a couple of months ago, but it has already generated 1000 ETH in the user profits; this is about $350,000 USD. What makes it even more impressive is the fact that the company was able to achieve this without even doing any kind of advertising or promotion. There was no planning done prior to its current popularity, everything was just done to test its reliability and to gauge the user experience. And this turned out to be a major success, and which is unbelievable as well appealing to the investors and its team a like. In order to navigate to even more heights, the company has announced that it is now going for the ICO so as to be able to achieve that.

The ICO crowdsale of iDice will begin from 16th June, 2017, and it will surely be a good opportunity that no one will want to miss out, whether by the investors or the team. The Ethereum Blockchain Company is starting to develop across the platform mobile apps for the Android and IOS systems. It is to everybody’s knowledge that there is currently no cross mobile app that has been developed yet. Therefore, the ICO will be open to everybody and everyone will be given an equal chance of being part of it.

Due to the huge success of the iDice beta and which came as a surprise to many, the iDice team decided to give the public an opportunity to invest in the company by taking part in crowdsale. Investors who would like to invest in this company will be required to exchange ETH for the iDice tokens. The iDice tokens are the preferred type of shares that company usually trades in. Once a person has bought the iDice tokens, he will automatically become one of the company’s shareholders and will be able to claim a portion of the iDice total profits. There will be very few iDice tokens (around 5 million only) that will be available at the time of crowdsale. The company is not very sure of whether more iDice tokens will be created after the launch of ICO.

The iDice Mobile Gambling app for the Android and IOS systems will probably be launched later at the end of this year (2017).

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