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PR: Hedge Token Platform Launched Its Flagship Cryptocurrency Index Named 'Buchman Crypto 30 Index' for Effective Crypto Trading & Investments Content

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Crypto Market Overview
Cryptocurrencies are not uncommon thing these days. Most of the institutional as well as individual traders and investors holds a significant percentage of cryptocurrencies in their investment portfolios. The reason being high potential and profitability of cryptocurrencies in short term as well as in long term. If you look at crypto market capitalization, then you would certainly get an idea of the wide spread popularity of cryptocurrencies across the whole World.

As of current scenario, the cryptocurrency market stands strong at $174.5 Billion, which is an enormous amount of money, even more than the market capitalisation of JP Morgan Chase itself. Bitcoin is leading the crypto market and being the first crypto, it has its own significance. Out of total market capitalisation, the Bitcoin market cap stands at $99.6 Billion.

Cryptocurrency market attracted a whole lot of experienced and novice traders. But as we all know that crypto market doesn’t follow any specific set of fundamentals, most of the novice investors lose their money while trading crypto. Even experienced traders lose their money most of the times.

So, in order to trade and invest in crypto market effectively, there must require some tools or indices which could reflect the market momentum and trend altogether so that trades or investors can make right decision without losing any money.

Fulfilling this requirement, the Hedge Token Platform has come into existence which provides an edge over other investment tools in order to help traders come at a reliable investment decision.

Let’s have a brief overview of Hedge Token Platform:
Hedge Project is developing a high-end platform which could give an edge over other investment tools by introducing some in-built tools of its own like Cryptocurrency Trade Index, Cryptocurrency Asset Index, Cryptocurrency Income Index and sector specific Trade Indices which can help people diversify their investments in crypto space and managing their own portfolios with less cost and high reliability.

Hedge Token Platform is based on Blockchain technology which provides maximum transparency, security, reliability by creating a public ledger of all transactions, increasing the effectiveness of information and tools embedded in it. Hedge Project is focused to help individual and institutional investors to access the professional crypto indices in order to make reliable investment and diversify their investment portfolios.

Hedge Token Swiss Incorporation
Hedge project is incorporated in Zug, Switzerland, a Fintech-friendly Industry cluster, for easy access to key resources and networks. Hedge Projects has strategically partnered up with, a crypto market-maker and arbitrage industry leader, to ensure near instant liquidity and direct, unfettered access to crypto markets. At the moment, will provide data feed for the calculation of the Hedge Indices.

The Hedge Token Platform will solve the problems persisting in the crypto markets currently by providing a diversified investment portfolio bundled into a single investment instrument. Basically, this will help saving time and energy for investors.

Hedge Token’s Flagship Cryptocurrency Index: Buchman Crypto 30 Index (BC 30)
Buchman Crypto 30 Index is the flagship crypto index introduced first time worldwide by Hedge Token Platform.

If you’re trader or investor, there are many indices available in the stock market like S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, NIFTY , BSE Sensex and many others. These indices are made of stocks prices of several companies and the function of these indices is to represent the change in market trend and market momentum by reacting to the change of each stock price.

Now, in the same way Buchman Crypto 30 Index seeks to represent the overall performance of the 30 largest cryptocurrencies worldwide by market capitalization. But it’s not only limited to cryptocurrency pricing actions but also stocks and other investment instruments. Basically BC30 would be a complete solution cryptocurrency and other financial instruments trading and investing. BC30 is the first flagship cryptocurrency index with an official and transparent rulebook. It is a viable underlying for financial derivatives thereof and a base for related indices, allowing traders and investors to easily gain market-wide exposure.

How BC30 Works?
Well, BC30 is a highly reliable, transparent and rule based index. This index is based on specific guidelines and there is an expert index committee which handles any unforseeable and uncertain events. Being on Blockchain additionally ensures its security and transparency.

Among other things, a cryptocurrency needs to have, in order to qualify for inclusion in the index, sufficient market value, liquidity, security and reliable data feed from exchanges. In order to ensure sufficient diversification and tradability, the constituents’ weight is capped at 20%.

We all recognize the absence of specific exchange for each cryptocurrency. BC30 is designed as a secondary index, drawing inputs from price sub-indices for individual cryptocurrencies, whose trading pairs are weighted according to their trailing 7d volume.

Key Features Of BC30 Index

BC 30 index represents the major portion of crypto market by encompassing top 30 cryptocurrencies and their price actions. This index records each and every movement in their prices and provides specific tools for forecasting their future trend and momentum.

The Constituents weightage is reserved to 20% and by doing so a proper diversification across the market is ensured without any uncertainties.

BC30 follows certain rulebook which makes it highly reliable and transparent as compared to the traditional indices. The focus is to make this index usable for every market participant and by simplifying the rulebook, BC30 is a perfect crypto index for each trader and investors for the purpose of forecasting future price action.

Reuters News & Morning Star Network Publishing BC30 Index Alongside S&P 500
Recently, due to our continuous efforts and potential of our project, BC30 will now be listed alongside S&P 300 index on Reuters network as well as Morning Star, the leading News networks covering business and worldwide current affairs. With the listing of BC30 Crypto Index alongside major financial market indices will drive more people towards crypto space and surely the investment in crypto sector will rise. With the rising popularity of cryptocurrency, the BC30 index will further add great value and wide spread investment in cryptocurrencies.

If you don’t about Reuters, then it’s a leading news network agency internationally working, headquartered in London, England. This news agency covers everything from politics to business affairs. It has also incorporated S&P 500 index for assisting people trade accordingly.

Listing of BC30 index on Reuters will definitely bring great value to Hedge Token platform.

BC30 Index Rulebook
BC 30 Rulebook contains the technical as well as fundamental details about the index. The following information are listed in this rulebook in great details:
• Index Concept
• Screening, Inclusion & Exclusion
• Weighting & Weight Capping of Each Cryptocurrency
• Index Adjustments
• Currency Forking
• Currency Reverse Forking
• Calculations Methodology
• Index Dissemination
• Contact Details.
You can get your hands on this rule book at the official website of Hedge Token Platform.

Quick Facts About BC 30 Index
These are some quick facts about the BC30 crypto index which would reveal its constituents:

Weighting Float-adjusted market cap
Weight Capping 20%
Recomposition Monthly
Rebalancing Continuous
Constituents 30
Type Total Return
Calc. Currency USD
Calc. Frequency Minute
Inception Date Sept 24 2017, 08:50 UTC
Base Value 100

HitBTC Exchange Listing
After the successful ICO Crowd sale, the Hedge Token will now be listed on hitBTC cryptocurrency exchange. Although, its almost confirmed that Hedge Token will start trading on hitBTC exchange from 20th October 2017. Surely, this will make a great rise in the price of Hedge Tokens (HDG).
For those who have participated in ICO, they can add their tokens with the following contract address and custom details.
To add a custom token to your wallet:
Address: 0xffe8196bc259e8dedc544d935786aa4709ec3e64
Symbol: HDG
Decimals: 18

Other Crypto Index
Hedge Token platform is also developing other crypto indices which it’ll introduce shortly. These indices include:
• Buchman Bitcoin Index
• Buchman Crypto Asset Index Family
• Buchman Crypto Income Index Family
• Buchman Crypto Volatility Index Family
• Buchman Crypto Sector Index Family
For detailed information, please visit our website and other social media channels.

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