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PR: Game Machine ICO Finds a Way to Make Investors, Gamers and Developers Happy

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Everyone is a gamer, there is no doubt about it. The time humanity spends in games is enormous. But every man needs to work and to rest. That’s when gaming platforms are patiently waiting. These platforms are simply the tools to gain profit for everyone.

Gaming Industry finds a new way to grow

Gaming became a separate branch of the economics. It spawned a new breed of coders, game experts, and high-level marketers. Gaming industry market hit $108.9B in 2017 and is constantly growing. The bigger stage is opening for the industry with the popularity of decentralized technologies. One of the first who saw the opportunity are the creators of Game Machine. This project can be described as a global open ecosystem in which players, game developers, hardware manufacturers as well as advertisers will work together to complement each other and push further the growth of the whole industry.

There are different problems in the market, which can be solved in non-distant future. Right now players are not willing to buy in-game items and looking at all ICO with caution. From the developers’ standpoint, it’s difficult to attract a mass audience, as well as to convince players to buy their product. And investors are spending a lot of resources for analyzing the market for a worthy project. CEO of Game Machine, Taras Dovgal, explains how the project is aiming to help everyone:

“With Game Machine players will have a built-in feature to extract internal cryptocurrency and invest it in other products. Developers will able to access the entire gaming community and directly interact with their customers. For investors, it will be easier to find a promising game and maintain it inside unified financial and technological system”.

Value of Game Machine

Gaming once was the most promising area for investing, where any project could take off. But the landscape has changed and the search for a profitable project has become much more difficult. Crowdfunding was the breath of fresh air for game developers. With its growing popularity investors started to look for other areas. However, it is still a great task to convince a player to invest in a project in early stages. According to statistics, about 90% of gaming audience is very difficult to monetize. Gamers simply don’t want to spend personal funds within this financial model.

However, players have very powerful computers and this power could be used in mining cryptocurrencies. For this purpose, Game Machine developed and released a working product. Mining is based on Proof-of-Authority and Proof-of-Work principles combined and it is available only for gamers. Users of Game Machine are mining Gamefuel cryptocurrency, which later will be exchangeable. Players are investing only computing power, and smart contracts are the guarantee of developers’ integrity. The system will provide developers a potential to focus on the segments of the target audience, raise funds for their products and start an ICO.

Game Machine Client launched in November and already attracted more than 1,000 users to the mining network. The plan is to release a crowdfunding platform, where developers can create their own game tokens, start Token Sale and use Ads Machine for more reach. The next step will be making Ads Network platform based on Game Machine and adding Crypto-Exchange product.

From investors’ point of view, the project can offer an opportunity to make simple and safe contributions to game projects. Investors will get access to the crowdfunding platform with analytics and interest rating from all participating gamers. The system will show how many users are interested in this or that idea. It will help to choose only high-quality products. Investors will get an invitation to the special club with exclusive big discounts and sales for the majority of crowd sales from crowdfunding platform. Top-tier investors will be able to get a part of all tokens, released by every project.

Token Sale

Game Machine have successfully finished Pre-Sale. Currently, Main Token Sale is about to start. It will go on December 14, 2017 and end on January 31, 2018. Developers are preparing extra bonuses to all purchased tokens for the first weeks of the token sale. On the start, the bonus will be 15%. All participants will receive extra Gamefuel, for those parties interested in joining the community. Total of 140 million GMIT tokens will be available, capping at 40,000 ETH.

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