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PR: Financial Forensics McCann Global Investigations Announces Bitcoin Search and Recovery Service

PR: Financial Forensics McCann Global Investigations Announces Bitcoin Search and Recovery Service

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McCann Global Investigations, an industry leader in the areas of Financial Forensics & Fraud, Digital Forensics, and Cyber Investigations today announces its newest offering:
Bitcoin Search and Recovery Services

The worst fear of all material holders of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is realizing you’ve lost access to your coins. Whether its through criminal hacking, hardware failure, misplaced data, or even a lapse in memory, the idea that a substantial amount of coins are gone or permanently inaccessible is the stuff of nightmares. If this ever happens, there’s only one question that matters. Can I get it back???

The good news is that the answer isn’t a definite NO. Enter McCann Global Investigations …
The concept of recovering lost cryptocurrency isn’t new, but up until now there’s been no unified organized response. Previously, people have resorted to personally searching for a lost hard drive in a large city trash dump, or even turning to psychics. One of the few reported recoveries of lost bitcoin was when a desperate man paid a hacker to exploit a vulnerability in his coin exchange’s network to recover his passwords and keys. Fortunately for this hacker, that specific website’s vulnerability was already known, which means the desperate man was extremely lucky. At McCann Global Investigations, we believe in making our own luck.

The professionals of the McCann Global Investigations are all fully licensed, insured, and experienced cyber crypto experts. We drew our talent from the best of the best, including wizards formerly of the U.S. Military’s Cyber Command. We also have multiple nationally recognized digital forensic experts, as well as Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs). Unlike most firms, McCann Global Investigations has its own digital forensic lab (we have 3 actually) so you know the work is being done by McCann for McCann and not farmed out to a 3rd party where you’re not really the customer.

Because every lost bitcoin case has different avenues for successful recovery, McCann Global Investigations believes a customized response is not only vital, but paramount. McCann Global Investigations has a veritable arsenal of talent, techniques, and technology to give you the highest probability of successfully retrieving your bitcoin or other cryptocurrency. We will use everything from mobile technology forensics and network forensics, to reviving damaged hardware, to advanced code breaking, and even advanced hypnosis if necessary. We will not only follow where the “rabbit hole” goes, we’ll widen it if necessary. If there is a real chance to recover your coin, McCann Global Investigations is the firm to accomplish it.

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