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PR: Essentia.one Launch Set to Revolutionize the Way We Access the Web with Decentralization

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Essentia.one launch set to revolutionize the way we access decentralization.

That’s right, this new product will change the way we access, manage and operate the new web. It was designed to simplify the complexity that was turning people away from decentralized technologies.

Starting as an underground project a long time ago, Essentia founders Matteo Gianpietro Zago, Mirco Mongiardino, Vladimir Holubovych shared the same vision. As early Bitcoin adopters, they knew about the strengths of decentralization but realized its weakness in usability. Now, after years of extensive research and development, a polished and perfected Essentia is ready for its launch.

What sets Essentia.one ahead of the league is its ability to provide a single access point to the entire decentralized web. How? Through the seed. Every Essentia user creates a unique seed which grants access to the whole Essentia framework.

The framework allows safe storage and access to a complete collection of DApps, wallets, assets data and identities, all in one place. It also fronts itself with a super easy to nativage user interface.

But it really is more than that, it has a bucket load of useful applications for businesses and individuals. Here’s a closer look at some of its key features:

Essentia.one removes the pain of remembering and re-entering passwords every single day. The seed grants instant access to all personal and business logins for both decentralized and centralized accounts.

This is a big one, Essentia provides the ability to store identities with custom profile settings making it possible to control the amount of personal information shared with third parties. Users can choose between anonymous, pseudo-anonymous or KYC compliance for specific use-cases.

Multiple wallets and multi-currency:
In one place? Yup, no need to bounce between multiple wallets. Essentia has integrated with the big cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 Tokens, IOTA, Litecoin, and Ripple. The framework provides the ability to also monitor assets in cold storage.

Essentia has integrated powerful decentralized storage systems to the framework. The big names such as Swarm, Ipfs, Storj, provide access to the new backbone of digital storage where data is encrypted, persistent and censorship-resistant.

The partnership and integration with Ether Delta and Flyp.Me has empowered decentralized prosperity. Access to multi-chain minimizes downtime and secures assets across safe, decentralized networks.

Any platform. Any device.
Your entire digital life is accessible at your fingertips with Essentia, it’s made easy on any platform, be it via a browser, desktop app, mobile app, or command line interface

Native integration has been confirmed with Ethereum, Bitcoin, IOTA, Status.im, EtherDelta, IPFS, Swarm, Storj, Flyp.me and Aragon. With many more partnerships to be announced within the coming weeks.

It appears Essentia is set to become a big name in the crypto industry. With unparalleled expertise in blockchain development, the team has made it possible for everyone to harness the power of decentralization.

Token sale details will be announced very soon at Essentia.one

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