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PR: Bitcoin.com Partners With Jeju Blockchain Smartcity Association to Spread BCH Adoption

Roger Ver, CEO of Bitcoin.com has agreed to help the Jeju Blockchain Smartcity Association grow the BCH ecosystem.

On March 25th, Roger Ver agreed to collaborate with the Jeju Blockchain Smarcity Association in Korea. The Association’s blockchain and BCH friendly environment is built on three pillars: free market efficiency, job creation, and international leadership. Since time is of the essence, the association plans to launch the Korean Blockchain Smarcity Challenge, to find and incentivize startups to help develop the BCH ecosystem. The goal of the competition is to develop innovative solutions that resolve existing urban issues in transport, energy, environmental sustainability, safety, payments and many more. The Korean Blockchain Smartcity Challenge will also showcase the ways in which blockchain technology is used by companies, the federal government, and the local government in Jeju Smartcity.

With regards to the partnership, the Jeju Blockchain Smartcity Association global team had this to say, “Throughout this event, we will identify technologies that revolutionize our daily lives. By leveraging on advanced technologies, we have the potential to increase urban efficiency, promote economic growth, and increase the quality of life for our inhabitants.”

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