Popular Gaming Marketplace Kinguin Now Accepts Bitcoin


Popular Gaming Marketplace Kinguin Now Accepts Bitcoin

Despite what mainstream media outlets want the public to believe, the Bitcoin ecosystem has been growing over the past 24 months. More and more retailers, both in the online and offline spaces, are accepting Bitcoin payments. Such a convenient payment method does not go by unnoticed, which is why popular video game marketplace Kinguin has started to accept Bitcoin payments.

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Truth be told, Kinguin is one of the very few websites where buyers and sellers of video games, cd-keys, and time-cards are connected to one another directly. Kinguin is a peer-to-peer platform within the world of video game marketplaces, with the main goal of ensuring fair pricing with minimal hassle.

The Kinguin platform was launched in early 2013 and has grown up to be one of the most popular online video game marketplaces in the world. Part of this success can be attributed to the company’s Buyer Protection program, which comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Quite an unusual service for a website specializing in video games, but it makes the buyers more secure when buying a cd-key for their desired product.

Compliance plays a big role in day-to-day operations for any business in the European Union. Kinguin is 100% compliant with local and international laws in every major jurisdiction. To put this into perspective: sale orders are subject to taxation, based on the location where the customer belongs. Being compliant while selling virtual products is not easy, but Kinguin has taken the necessary steps to ensure they are operating within the borders of the legal framework.

Any self-respecting shopping platform for digital games has some interest in eSports, and Kinguin is no exception to that rule. By working with some of the most successful players and teams across all different games in eSports, the Kinguin name has become a household brand around the world. Among these competitive eSports organizations are names such as Team Kinguin, and Nihilum.

It is clear the entire Kinguin team is very passionate about gaming and communities. With thousands of video game titles available for purchase right now, and the wide variety of convenient payment methods, Kinguin is a leading force in the market. The addition of Bitcoin payment support will only help grow this business even further.

Kinguin Announces Bitcoin PaymentsBitcoin.com_Bitcoin Payment Kinguin

Bitcoin is a payment method that puts the individual user in full control of their funds at any given time. People often refer to Bitcoin as “being given a choice,” and that ideology has struck a chord with the Kinguin team. From a business point of view, Bitcoin is becoming a widely-used online payment method, so it only makes sense to list it as an additional payment method.

Kinguin’s Senior Business Analyst Faheem Bakshi stated,

“Every website needs to acknowledge that Bitcoin isn’t some vague futuristic concept. Bitcoin is already here, it works great and is demanded by thousands of gamers. It’s a cross-border payment method that allows us to reach new clients and give users even more payment options. We’re all for freedom of choice, so choose whatever payment method suits you best”.

Even though a lot of people see Bitcoin only as “online money” –which is how the digital currency is being used in most cases — it remains one of the most convenient payment methods in the world. All a user needs is a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Furthermore, Bitcoin is far cheaper than most common payment methods, and far more secure compared to credit or debit cards.

What are your thoughts on Kinguin accepting Bitcoin payments? Have you used the Kinguin service so far, and if so, what was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below!


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