Poland's Largest Food Delivery with 5000+ Restaurants Starts Accepting Bitcoin

Poland’s largest website for ordering food online,, now accepts bitcoin for all orders. The site boasts the largest selection of restaurants in the country with approximately 5,062 locations and 883,000 active customers.

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Largest Food Ordering Site in Poland

Poland's Largest Food Delivery Website with 5000+ Restaurants Starts Accepting is Poland’s largest service for ordering food online. In 2016, the site reported having approximately 883,000 active customers, 4.3 million orders, and an average order size of 9.55 euros. It has partnered with 5,062 restaurants, ranging from pizza, sushi, kebab, dumplings and other dishes, all of which offer delivery.

In 2014, was acquired by, one of the largest online food ordering websites in the world. Headquartered in Amsterdam, is active in 10 countries, has 28,800 restaurants, and 8.9 million active customers. is’s fastest growing brand and the only one in Poland. In 2016, it grew 150% annually in terms of gross merchandise volume. wrote:

Poland [] continues to be our fastest-growing market delivering another year of triple-digit order growth…we have achieved twelve times order growth in Poland and cemented ourselves as the clear number one in a fast-growing market. Our brand is multiple times larger than the number two based on orders.

In addition, the company detailed, “Poland is also home to our fourth largest office,” which is located in Warsaw. “Our Polish business became our third largest market in 2016.”

Pay with Bitcoin recently announced that it has started accepting bitcoin through Bitpay, beginning this month. In addition to bitcoin, customers have other options to pay such as with a credit card, online transfer, Sofort, and Paypal. Users of mobile application can also use Android Pay.

Poland's Largest Food Delivery Website with 5000+ Restaurants Starts Accepting BitcoinPoland's Largest Food Delivery Website with 5000+ Restaurants Starts Accepting already accepted bitcoin back in November 2013 through Bitpay, prior to acquiring in 2014. “Payments using bitcoins do not have a transaction fee,” according to However, the company noted that users must have their own bitcoin wallets to use the option. In comparison, there is a 6% fee for using credit cards or Paypal, and €1 for using Banconnect/Mister Cash. “These costs cover the costs that all banks charge for online payments,” the company’s website states, adding that for these options “there are also costs due to the processing of the payment.”

If an order is canceled before it is processed and payment was made using bitcoin, refunds will only be issued if an IBAN bank account number is provided. “If you paid for your order using bitcoin and the order is canceled, the refund is paid back to you in euros as your original bitcoin payment was converted into euros, ” the company explained.

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