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What If Pokémon Go Integrated Bitcoin?

What if someone implemented Bitcoin to the popular Pokémon Go app bringing a whole new gamified experience to the augmented world of catching creatures online backed by tokens? It’s only a matter of time until a hacker produces a tweak of this game bringing the love for Bitcoin to the world of Pokémon.

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What if Pokémon Go & Bitcoin Got Married?    

Pokemon-GO-Problems-700x389.jpg.optimalBitcoin and gaming go hand in hand, and some developers are starting to produce games that integrate the gaming phenomenon with cryptocurrencies such as Minecraft, Sarutobi, and FlapPig. Pokémon Go is a new game that has invigorated a new love for augmented gaming using imagination and a smartphone. The game has been so popular that its server has crashed many times since release, and the platform is already about to surpass some of the all-time downloaded apps available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

With Bitcoin being the money of nerds and games like Pokémon being the ultimate geek gaming experience, the release of the game has spurred some cryptocurrency enthusiasts envisioning the game with an added bonus: playing with Bitcoin.

10848047_1510157169248626_3152004228345425822_nThe idea is the same concept as the game already but rather than just catching virtual Pokémon with the app each creature could have an asset based crypto-token that could also be traded via the Bitcoin blockchain. Just as Spells of Genesis works with tokens integrated with trading cards, Pokémon Go could be issued through the Counterparty network or another blockchain that issues backed token creatures.

All the cryptocurrency tokens could be a limited amount and harder to find with trainers being able to trade within the game. Imagine players all around the world capturing Satoshi-backed creatures for fun. The idea of Pokémon Go in-game payments with Bitcoin could be a richer gaming experience to Pokémon trainers with real-world incentive.

Pokémon & BTC Games Already in the Wild


logoFor those who can’t wait for someone to implement Bitcoin into the latest Pokémon Go app, there are some other choices. There are currently two video games that involve the sport of catching Pokémon with Bitcoin added to the experience.

PokéBits is an RPG browser game that adds a Bitcoin faucet to the gaming experience. Users complete missions in well known Pokémon arenas and earn Satoshis while playing. PokéBits game players have to complete 100% of a previous mission within the game in order to move on to the next level. The game gets harder as each mission progresses and rewards increase as the player advances. The game has all the classic Pokémon including Pikachu, Gengar, Charmander and more. PokéBits has a number of players already using the RPG browser as the website states:

Start your journey today on PokéBits! A free Pokemon Bitcoin RPG Browser Game with more than 3744 PokéBits Players from around the world!— PokéBits is an online browser game combining both Bitcoin and an RPG game all in one. Gain levels from completing missions, collect Pokémon and Badges, upgrade your Mining Shop and more! The further you progress in the game, the more missions and locations you will unlock!


Bitcoin Plays Pokémon

Another Bitcoin and Pokémon mashup game released back in March allows people to play their favorite roleplaying game while donating cryptocurrency to charity. The game called Bitcoin Plays Pokémon was created by programmer Jordan Hall and is hosted on the popular platform Twitch.tv.

At times, the Twitch server for this particular Gameboy emulation is down, but when fully operational the game mirrors many of the older Pokémon RPG favorites. Users add Bitcoin into each control address of the Gameboy-like emulated controller allowing play after each toggled control is paid for within the interface. The game is a fun way to enjoy the Pokémon experience with 8-bit graphics and all while donating to charity. The popular Twitch network has accepted Bitcoin since 2014, and there are many Pokémon classics available for streaming walkthroughs and more including Stadium, Omega, Red/Blue, Black/White, and Conquest.


Gotta Catch Em’ All! 

At the moment there is no integration between Bitcoin and the recently released Pokémon Go app but envisioning such a game is not too far fetched. Gaming with cryptocurrency innovation could provide a more rewarding experience to players, and there is no doubt we will see more games with in-game cryptocurrency in the future. With a limited amount of bitcoin and Pokémon out there, the name of the game is you “gotta catch em’ all” possibly making the two a match made in geek-heaven.

What do you think about Bitcoin and Pokémon together? Let us know in the comments below.

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