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New Podcast With Power Ledger's Co-Founder Dr. Jemma Green

This week’s Bitcoin.com podcast with our host ‘Bitcoin Brian’ features, Dr. Jemma Green, co-founder of the distributed ledger technology firm, Power Ledger. Dr. Green is also the founder of the Global Blockchain Business Council and a Forbes contributor.

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Podcast With Power Ledger's Co-Founder Dr. Jemma GreenDr. Jemma Green is a big believer in blockchain technology and her firm, the Australian startup Power Ledger, aims to decentralize the energy sector. Dr. Green worked for JP Morgan in 2013 and later got her Ph.D. in Energy Markets and Disruptive Innovation. The startup’s co-founder explains how Power Ledger’s software connects to smart (power) meters in order to utilize clean energy sources like solar and wind power. Further, unused portions of the energy can be sold within an open market through tokenized payments and smart contracts.

“Our mission is around the democratization of power, and we see ourselves as being a distributed ledger for distributed energy markets,” explains Dr. Jemma Green during her appearance on the Bitcoin.com podcast.

Power Ledger just closed the company’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) raising $17M in the pre-sale. The public offering will take place later this week on September 8 where investors can obtain Power Ledger POWR tokens. In a company statement, Dr. Green was thrilled with the pre-sale saying, “Selling out in just over three days is a very strong performance in line with global ICO standards, which speaks to the strong levels of interest from consumer and institutional buyers.” Throughout the episode Bitcoin Brian and Dr. Green discuss the potential of blockchain technology and the energy sector.

To hear more about Power Ledger and Dr. Jemma Green’s work at the company head over to this page here or start streaming the player below.

What do you think about Power Ledger utilizing distributed ledger technology in the energy industry? Let us know in the comments below.

Images via Dr. Jemma Green and Bitcoin.com

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