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The Podcast: Adam Draper of Boost VC

In the latest episode of the official podcast, your host Zach Doty sits down with Adam Draper of Boost VC. Zach and Adam discuss Bitcoin investments, as well as their outlooks on the future of the blockchain space.

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Adam Draper of Boost VC on the World of Blockchain Business

Adam DraperIn the podcast, Draper says that he believes that 2016 will be a big year for Bitcoin. He says that major banks and financial institutions have finally realized the opportunities presented by the blockchain, and that many of them will be running experiments with the technology throughout 2016.

“This year will be the year of the blockchain, which will also drive the value of bitcoin up.”

Draper also weighed in on the “Bitcoin vs. blockchain” phenomenon, where companies try to exploit the power of the blockchain while distancing themselves from the Bitcoin monetary ecosystem. He doesn’t believe that there is really a “bitcoin vs blockchain” dichotomy. In fact, Draper predicts that both words will fade to the background. He compared this expected fading to the use of the word “Internet.” Draper says, “I don’t even say ‘Internet’ anymore, I say ‘I’m going to get on Facebook,” suggesting that the future will be more about the apps built on top of Bitcoin and the blockchain rather than the technologies themselves.

Zach and Draper discussed several developments and projects going on in the blockchain ecosystem. Draper doesn’t seem to have a favorite project, saying that everyone has the same goal of having blockchain technology adopted by the world. Sticking to that sentiment, Draper expressed his support for sidechains and Ethereum as examples of different projects working towards the same goal.

Draper also talked about the companies he has invested in, both in the United States and abroad. He picked three projects to talk about: Blockcypher, Hedgy and Fluent. If you want to hear Draper give more details about these businesses, you can listen to his full conversation on the podcast.

Adam Draper is a notable Bitcoin venture capitalist, working at his blockchain investment firm Boost VC. His firm is known for its bi-annual accelerator program. During these accelerator events, Boost VC invests in 25 or more startups, and has them complete at three-month long program where they get business and strategy advice from investment experts. During the three months, the accelerator participants live in housing provided by Boost VC, and work in office space provided by Boost VC in Silicon Valley.

If you’d like to listen to the full podcast, you can find it here:

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