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Pixelated Bitcoin Logo Gets Painted on the R/Place Canvas Experiment

This week many Bitcoin enthusiasts saw the popular digital currency symbol on a giant-sized canvas of pixels on the subreddit r/place.

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The Bitcoin Logo Secures a Position on the Subreddit R/place April Fools’ Day Canvas   

Pixelated Bitcoin Logo Gets Painted on the R/Place Canvas Experiment
Pixelated Bitcoin symbols were seen all weekend on Bitcoin subreddits.

The April Fools’ Day social experiment created by Reddit had over 200,000 subscribers who were allowed to place one pixel on an empty canvas that was 1000 X 1000 pixels in size. The competition on r/place started on March 31 and ended 72 hours later, with many people adding a pixel to make smaller pictures. The catch was that users can change any pixel on the board, but have to wait five minutes between changing pixels again. Reddit users formed teams and used script bots to place funky pixelated drawings of their favorite ’80s cartoon characters or subreddit logos.

Bitcoin proponents also participated in the fun by creating their own teams and calling on other Bitcoiners to help keep the Bitcoin logo represented on the canvas. Other pictures that were displayed were Mona Lisa, the Linux penguin, sports team logos, national flags, He-man, and much more.

Pixelated Bitcoin Logo Gets Painted on the R/Place Canvas Experiment
Cropped version of the r/place April Fools’ Day canvas. Can you spot the Bitcoin logo?

In the beginning, the picture looked messy as everyone participating raced to get their logo on the canvas. As a bunch of Bitcoin fans joined the r/place competition, there were a few different symbols or the word “Bitcoin” displayed on the canvas. The Segregated Witness logo and the word “Unlimited” were also at one time displayed on the map of pixels. Throughout the weekend, across a few Bitcoin-related subreddits, many people saw various forms of the Bitcoin symbol created in pixels.

Pixelated Bitcoin Logo Gets Painted on the R/Place Canvas Experiment
An early snapshot of some logos that didn’t make the final cut.

Battling Buttcoiners and France

Furthermore, many participating Bitcoin fans stated that they fought with people making the French flag and buttcoiners also messed with the image. The Bitcoin logo came out rather well, but the word “Bitcoin” actually said “bitcom” possibly due to some buttcoiners. There were many other subreddits with misspelled names as well such as r/tesla forum’s picture. With every subreddit participant fighting over their corner of the pixel-painting, r/place was quite the battle. Despite the pixel wars, the experiment was very popular among Redditors as one participant explains:

r/place was an amazing cultural snapshot of the internet in 2017 that is the perfect example of what the word ‘meme’ means in BOTH its definitions!

The Bitcoin symbol itself did make the final cut among hundreds of other pixelated images as the competition came to an end on April 3. The tiny white and orange square is located on the bottom left side of the 1000 X 1000 pixel image. Some Bitcoiners on forums noted how well the cryptocurrency Monero did with their logo above the Bitcoin symbol and word.

In the End, There Was ‘Bitcom’

Pixelated Bitcoin Logo Gets Painted on the R/Place Canvas ExperimentBitcoin proponents who helped with the symbol were proud of their accomplishment, as many of them worked in teams and used paint bots to help with the process. Overall the social experiment was fun for all Redditors participating and thousands of users helped paint the canvas. This bodes well for bitcoin, as it’s possible a few of those thousand participants of r/place may have seen the logo, sparking interest in the subject of cryptocurrency. Moreover, the r/place canvas made it to the front page of Reddit, where tens of thousands saw the picture and may have seen the quirky pixelated bitcoin logo that says “bitcom.”

The final full-size version of the canvas at r/place can be viewed here, and a complete 72-hour time lapse video can be seen below.

What did you think of the final version of the pixelated canvas located at r/place? Did you think Bitcoin enthusiasts did a good job? Let us know in the comments below.

Images via Shutterstock, r/place, Imgur, and Reddit.

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