Peek Inside a Full-Service Bitcoin Marketing Agency


Peek Inside CoinPoint: A Full-Service Bitcoin Marketing Agency

Some say Bitcoin sells itself. While that may be true, the companies that sell Bitcoin don’t necessarily sell themselves. But Oron Barber does. He is the Managing Director for CoinPoint, a full-service Bitcoin marketing agency based in Sydney. CointPoint helps companies integrate with Bitcoin-related partners, accept and safeguard bitcoins, and increase crypto-interested site traffic via a large range of marketing services.

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CoinPoint’s services include:

  • Bitcoin integration via shoppping carts and/or e-commerce platforms
  • Payment processor partnerships
  • Bitcoin storage and security
  • Pay-per-click campaigns
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content creation and brand strategy
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Third-party game content integration

CointPoint has been courting Bitcoin’s businesses — especially gambling, trading and mining — since 2013. caught up with Oron to get a peek into a day in the life of a Bitcoin marketing agent. (BC): CoinPoint appears to be full-service. Are there more basic package levels for clients interested in just one or two services? For those who may be interested, mind giving us rough prices?

Oron: Yes, we have customers enjoying our consultation only, while others are served on the search engine optimization level only. We take each customer as a projeclients coinpointct and build him the right and most targeted package. I can not get into numbers, but I can say that we barely have any retainer lower than USD 5k. Some of our big clients are paying six figures a month.

BC: What are some of your team’s favorite (or most used) API profiles when setting up a web business to be Bitcoin compatible?

Oron: It depends the solution needed. Most APIs are SOAP and XML RPC-type.

BC: What percentage of your clients choose to accept Bitcoin themselves, and what percent prefer to accept it through a third-party payment processor?

“Most of my customers are looking to know more about bitcoin, so they want to have their own wallet and handle it by themselves. We provide the knowledge and guidelines for That.”

I would say it’s 75% of my customers [who accept Bitcoin directly]. The rest are less interested in the BTC itself, and just enjoy having additional market share. You offer “third-party game content” integration (among other things) for existing web businesses. What exactly does this mean – like affiliate links for game sites?

Oron: Third party integration is usually the games for gambling sites, the finance feed for trading and mining, and so on. We are connecting the wires between customer needs for APIs and integration with the right solution — regardless of whether it’s an in-house solution or a third party’s.

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BC: Setting up Bitcoin security systems (offline BTC storage, multi-factor authentication, etc) for a business sounds like a huge challenge. Mind briefly explaining your preferred approach?

It always begins with information, keeping in mind that most people have no idea about the crypto world. So we teach, explain, educate, and show cases from the past.

Together with the tech guys, this process leads to several solutions. We choose the best from among them.

BC: I see you offer “Bitcoin Pay Per Click.” What does that mean, exactly? Is that like Google AdWord campaigns, but with Bitcoin somehow?

Oron: Yes, we are working with specific networks that have Bitcoin traffic. As examples, Visitorz is a UK-based network which holds a large inventory of Bitcoin-related assets. CoinURL is also a Bitcoin based pay-per-click network. Some of these networks are similar to Google and some are not, but the main idea is to have focused and targeted traffic. An internal CoinPoint system runs and optimizes the campaigns, similar to any other pay-per-click campaign.

BC: What has been your proudest professional accomplishment at CoinPoint?

Oron: I think we can be very proud of CoinPoint’s position in the market after such a short time. We are well known in the gambling and trading markets, and happy to serve dozens of customers. We always wanted CoinPoint to be the brand mentioned right when Bitcoin marketing is needed. I think we have done it.

The demand for Bitcoin marketing services seems to increase as crypto companies grow and become more specialized within their market niches. This is especially true in an area which is so new and foreign to most people. Agencies like CoinPoint have likely made the choice to accept and even promote Bitcoin an easier choice for many companies.

What element of Bitcoin do you think is under-marketed, if any? Let us know in the comments below!

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