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Payza partners with New RAMPgreen Technologies to bring localized payments to India

Global payments platform and bitcoin marketplace Payza has announced a new partnership which will help bring payments online in India for Payza users in their native currency the Rupee.

With the new partnership between Payza and New RAMPgreen Technologies (NRGT), users of the Payza platform will be able to send payments and transact globally with the Indian Rupee, removing friction that currently exists in India for sending money internationally.

“We’re excited to be working with NRGT to deliver even more convenience to our Indian members,” Firoz Patel, Payza’s global executive vice president told Finextra.

“The key to successfully entering a new market is to collaborate with a domestic partner that can make a convenient and affordable service more relevant to the daily lives of users in a specific region. […] And we’ve found that with New RAMPgreen Technologies. Indian businesses, freelancers and personal users can now hold rupees in their Payza accounts to shop online, pay bills, and send money to family and friends in India. With NRGT we are able to offer Indians a way to get on with their daily lives without wasting added time and money on the extra hoops they have been used to jumping through to access their money in Indian online.”

With the partnership, it would be trivially easy for a bitcoin user in India to deposit bitcoin to their Payza account and withdraw it into their local currency, or vice versa.

Payza recently expanded to Turkey to support Turkish businesses and professionals and launched their prepaid card internationally.

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