Palm Beach Group Reveals $1 Million Bitcoin Giveaway

Palm Beach Group Reveals $1 Million Bitcoin Giveaway

U.S.-based financial research and publishing firm Palm Beach Group has announced that it will be conducting a $1 million bitcoin giveaway in coming days. The giveaway will be conducted as part of a week-long free training event which will be hosted by Palm Beach Group’s Teeka Tiwari from October 26th onward.

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Palm Beach Group Has Announced an Unprecedented $1 Million USD Bitcoin Giveaway

Palm Beach Group Reveals $1 Million Bitcoin GiveawayThe historic bitcoin giveaway will be conducted following presentations starting on October 26. Palm Beach Group also promises that a ‘special mystery guest’ will attend the event, revealing that the guest is an early pioneer bitcoin pioneer and co-founder of the world’s second largest cryptocurrency. The training event will be presented by Palm Beach Group’s Teeka Tiwari.

Mr. Tiwari told that a desire to “get bitcoin into everyday people’s hands” was the primary inspiration for the $1 million dollar bitcoin giveaway. Mr. Tiwari states that Palm Beach Group “want[s] to demystify the process of owning and storing bitcoin,” adding that all new technological phenomena “can be intimidating. Whether it was using a mouse and keyboard for the first time, logging onto the Internet or even sending an email. In the early days of those technologies, these simple tasks represented major mental hurdles for most non-technical folks. Today a five-year-old can log on and send their grandparents an email.”

Mr. Tiwari Believes That “Crypto Assets Are Deeply Misunderstood”

Palm Beach Group Reveals $1 Million Bitcoin Giveaway

Mr. Tiwari states that “the majority of the world doesn’t understand [crypto assets],” adding that ‘there are many that think they understand them and are convinced they are nothing more than a fad or a fraud.” Mr. Tiwari recalls witnessing “similar disbelief in the early days of the Internet and the smartphone. There is an enormous amount of money to be made when an idea goes from disbelief to mass adoption. That’s why for the last two years I’ve been pounding the table telling everyone I know to buy crypto assets.”

Since retiring from Wall Street in 2013, Mr. Tiwari has worked as an editor with Palm Beach Confidential – a publication dedicated to cryptocurrency research. Mr. Tiwari states that he was first attracted to cryptocurrency by ”the idea that we can create items of utility and value that do not rely on a central, governing authority. In the entire history of humanity that’s never happened before”.

Fernando Cruz, Director of Palm Beach Research Group, states that the company’s subscribers have reaped significant financial benefits from the company’s research. Mr. Cruz recites “recommend[ing] subscribers buy Stellar Lumens on October 5th and then we sold for a 207% gain just 11 days later on October 16th. Another one that comes to mind is Lykke which I recommended to buy in November of last year, and then sold for a 375% gain a few months later in May of this year.”

Teeka Tiwari Is Anticipating That 2018 Will Witness Significant Growth in the Cryptocurrency Markets

Palm Beach Group Reveals $1 Million Bitcoin Giveaway

Tiwari states that “the emergence of the institutional investor will set the crypto asset market on fire. Right now they’ve taken a wait and see attitude with cryptos. But how long can they sit on the sidelines while people make billions in crypto? They can’t sit on their hands forever. We are already seeing hedge fund money come into crypto. It’s just a matter of time before major endowments, pension funds, and alternative asset funds come storming into the crypto markets.”

Palm Beach Group is a research and publishing firm dedicated to investment and wealth building. The company produces advisory newsletters pertaining to investment strategies and wealth augmentation. Palm Beach Group is based in Florida and was co-founded by New York Times best-selling author Mark Ford.

How do you think the cryptocurrency markets will perform in 2018? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Disclaimer: is an Official Partner of Teeka Tiwari’s Crypto Academy and the $1,000,000 Bitcoin Giveaway.

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  • Peter Walsh

    i believe giving away bitcoin would be better suited to a charity of the winners choice or even to support a community group, one million would do so much to help those who need it. And there are plenty in the world right now .as we bitcoin lovers and crypto builders.see the brighter picture. So introducing bitcoin into peoples lives. giving them the satisfaction of living life not existing is the new beginning for the future of our children . god bless you all.

    • sang gon go

      You can say that again, ya~

    • DjangoCat

      “giving away bitcoin would be better suited to a charity of the winners choice or even to support a community group..”

      Don’t agree, What he said is he want to distribute Bitcoin widely to educate the people and raise usage and acceptance. Giving it all to one or two large orgs, who will have difficulty using it because no-one else has any, is not the best use of the give away.

  • Honorable Optimist

    Can I have just $20k of that $1mil?

  • alittleluckwouldbenice

    Great idea. Being broke I don’t own a single bitcoin but sure would love to and I don’t need $1M worth to make my dream come true, which is to build ‘tiny houses’ for our ever growing homeless population but $1M would go a long way! Sign me up for a raffle ticket!!

    • DjangoCat

      Try a crowdsource project.

      • hawkenfox

        Just tag a website help the man out … pointers are faster.

    • Magico

      Start mining the bitcoins with USI-tech (the favorite), or Genesis, or BitFury, or bitcoin club

  • Ubong

    I’m not requesting for much about $15,000 out of $1M is enough for me
    so get me included.

  • Michael Bankole Joseph

    I believe that crypto assets would be more understood in 2018. I also perceive a shifting away from the current situation of focusing on ICOs. I predict that advances in technology would view ICOs as the means to access new solutions and not an opportunity to trade in crypto assets.

    I also venture the forecast that bitcoin would be worth at least $7,200 by February. I should say $7,500 but it feels like reaching at the moment.

    All said and done, bitcoin would be seen as a solution to issues in technology. From artificial intelligence and robotics to automated sales and marketing.

    Crypto assets shall aid a leap frog in technological, sociopolitical and economic development for our beautiful diverse world.

    It is an amazing, crazy and interesting time to be alive.

    • Ken

      7200 by Feb? You are going to get close to that if not past it before the seg2x fork. May come back down and profits taken after the fork, but going to be a big rise in the next 3 weeks

      • Liban Hussein

        Big rise or a big fall? Im sure its a big fall as we get closer to the fork and then and then a traditional shoot-up

        • Ken

          gee, 7200 not by feb but in the next couple of weeks prior to the fork…who would ever have guessed that? hmmm…oh yea…someone did….

  • so here we are all bitoin miloner her:)

  • Anass Amghar

    Teeka Teewar will give the name of the next big things in cryptocurrency! if you invest 1$ in this token you will get 1 million $

  • Ashutosh Bhosale

    Google that company. Reviews say they’re just such a huge fraud. No wonder they’ve got a lot of money to ‘giveaway’. Huh.

  • hawkenfox

    All we need is another financial institution fuck up from the governments … and bitcoin will become the real Gold lol. It bothers me when so many individuals didn’t know – or wouldn’t even care – what was even the cause to the last crisis in 2008. When you say sub-prime mortgage , they give you a blank look.

    • Sleeper

      Well, there are now 7 billion people in the world, and there’s only so many IQ points to go around.

  • Abd Al Rahman

    my btc : 1LqKZot7Mn2QVBr6hRGhCXkVoNs5f2UjLR

  • Andry

    The bigest bull shit what i ever seened.! You must spend 2.500$ to join his research group only then u can revice 200$ and its take a couple of week`s to get them.! Its was more then scam not giveaway.! Total shit .! Guy`s be smart dont pay nothing to this guy total new way to scam. Researc all info about webinar and u will see.!!

    • Pete Rosko

      After four months. I’m still waiting for my Bitcoins. I am in the process of notifying the Attorney General’s Office in Tallahassee!

  • Michael Beekhuizen

    They gonna rise, more and more people are understanding it now!