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Twende Riders, Kenya

Twende App Delivers Blockchain Uber For Kenya Boda Boda Taxis

A Dutch development worker is seeking to revolutionize Kenya’s motorcycle taxi market with Twende. It's the latest implementation of Blockchain technology for the African nation. Also read: Bitcoin...

Monero: The Ups and Downs of an Anonymous Currency

Anonymous cryptocurrency Monero has jumped in value over the past couple of months. More recently though, the price has declined from its highs as the community experienced...
Rare Pepe Assets

Rare Pepe Gets Blockchained, Made Into Tradable Counterparty Tokens

In December of 2013, Dogecoin took the crypto-community by storm, tethering a popular meme to an altcoin. This year, Rare Pepe assets are bringing the meme...

Bruce Fenton Writes a Letter Against OneCoin, Industry Leaders Back Him

During the fall months, there's been a lot of talk surrounding the alleged OneCoin scam. Just recently, former Bitcoin Foundation director Bruce Fenton wrote...
Silk Network

An Interview With Silk Network Developer Spencer Lievens

Anonymous cryptocurrencies are a hot topic these days, as many are trying to lead the pack in this category. Digital currencies such as Monero,...
Fed money printing

Janet Yellen’s Next Big Idea: Use Fed Money to Pump Stocks Directly

In the decade since the Global Financial Crisis, we've seen all sorts of schemes designed to show that everything's really OK. Bail-outs, bail-ins, quantitative...

A Decentralized Money Needs A Distributed Web for Maximum Freedom

Developers in the cryptocurrency environment are talking about a new kind of internet. Organizations from ConsenSys to OpenBazaar have mentioned a project called the...
Crowdsale funding

ICONOMI Fund Becomes 20th Largest Crowdsale in History

The Blockchain-Powered ICONOMI, a cryptocurrency management fund, just announced it has raised $5.8 million in 88 hours. The crowdsale has made the ICONOMI fund...

Chicago Students Get Free BTC For Educational Purposes

The Blockchain Education Network (BEN) has announced a Bitcoin airdrop to four Chicago Universities today. This year BEN’s “Back-to-School Blockchain Initiative” has spread to more cities...
anonymous business

ZCoin Launching Soon: Promises Full, Untraceable Anonymity

When it comes to privacy in the vast realm of digital currencies, non-traceable software is a big deal. On September 28, ZCoin will launch the...