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Over $50K in Cryptocurrency Donations Will Help Texas Hurricane Victims

Over the past couple of days, the state of Texas was hit by a ferocious hurricane, devastating the region with severe flooding and forcing 30,000 residents towards evacuation shelters. The impact of the storm destroyed a lot of Texan infrastructure and people all over the country are working together to help the region’s residents. Now the crew from The Crypto Show and Unsung.org have fired up an RV loaded with food, water, and other supplies to help hurricane victims all paid for with cryptocurrency.

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Cryptocurrency Will Help Texans In Need of Food, Water, and Basic Supplies

The host of the Crypto Show, an Austin-based cryptocurrency radio broadcast, not only operates a public radio channel but also regularly helps the organization, Unsung.org, deliver food to homeless people by utilizing bitcoin and dash donations. This past weekend the Crypto Show host Danny Sessoms decided to help people suffering from the hurricane hardship instead. So Sessoms loaded up his RV and decided to head to Port Aransas, Texas, to give people a helping hand and so far he’s received a lot of support from the crypto community. 

Over $50K in Cryptocurrency Donations Will Help Texas Hurricane Victims
The Crypto Show host purchased lots of basic supplies like dry towels, and more for Hurricane Harvey victims in Port Aransas, Texas.

“So this whole thing started out just by fulfilling our obligation to Dash and the Unsung.org charity work, which we do every month,” Sessoms explains.

So I knew the hurricane effort was big, so I reached out to a bunch of people in the crypto-industry and announced our intentions to help hurricane victims on last night’s broadcast.

Over $50K in Cryptocurrency Donations Will Help Texas Hurricane Victims
Danny’s ride to Port Aransas sees a lot of downed power lines that had fallen into the highway.

A Whopping 10 BTC Donation

Over $50K in Cryptocurrency Donations Will Help Texas Hurricane Victims
Shopping carts filled with basic necessities all paid for with cryptocurrencies.

During the Crypto Shows broadcast on Sunday, August 27, the crew announced the plan to help hurricane victims this week and subsequently got a lot of crypto donations for their efforts. Last night a Crypto Show listener decided to send the team 10 BTC to help individuals struggling with the hurricane’s destruction. In addition to the whopping $42K donation, Bitcoin.com’s CEO, Roger Ver, also donated bitcoin towards the effort as well. Sessoms tells us that between his monthly Dash/Unsung funds, and the recent bitcoin donations he’s gathered roughly $50K in cryptocurrencies to help Texas residents.

“Last night on the show with Cody Wilson, one of our listeners reached out with an offer to match any donations up to 10 bitcoins,” Sessoms tells news.Bitcoin.com. “However instead of doing that, the listener decided to send us 10 BTC anyway. I have no idea how far this will go, but we are putting the funds to good use.”

Over $50K in Cryptocurrency Donations Will Help Texas Hurricane Victims
Gas station near Port Aransas shows winds knocked down pumps bolted to the ground.

 Shopping Carts Filled With Supplies Will be Handed Out to Residents in the Port Aransas Region

News.Bitcoin.com reached out to the Crypto Show listener, Bill Kline, who donated the 10 BTC towards the hurricane victims in Texas. “So basically I posted to all my Facebook groups that I would match up to 10 BTC to help Texas,” Kline tells news.Bitcoin.com.

Danny is too busy to see how much he was getting. So I just sent him the 10 BTC so he could get started. I am sure time is of the essence and I thought I would help. I can’t be there but the cryptocurrency community can be. We don’t have to wait for the state to act and if we do these things ourselves there won’t be a need for them.

Over $50K in Cryptocurrency Donations Will Help Texas Hurricane Victims
Buying travel packs and hygiene products at Wal Mart with the Shift card.

While getting set up in Port Aransas, Sessoms tells us that his RV is very prepared and has a fully operational indoor and outdoor kitchen to help serve food to Hurricane victims. Further, Sessoms has stopped at multiple Wal Marts in the region, buying up all the travel packs and hygiene products. Sessoms says he’s been able to transfer the Bitcoin donations by utilizing his Shift card to make the purchases at Wal-Mart. He and his friend tell news.Bitcoin.com they’ve filled many shopping carts filled with useful items for residents in need.

Over $50K in Cryptocurrency Donations Will Help Texas Hurricane Victims
The Crypto Show RV is set up next to some state troopers and the American Red Cross.

The True Power of This Technology and What Cryptocurrency Holds for the Future

Sessoms says he’s thrilled that cryptocurrencies can be used to help people in a crisis, as many residents in the area are without basic living essentials. Throughout the next 48-hours, Sessoms plans to hand out supplies to residents located in the city of Port Aransas and the storm is forecasted to move back towards the Gulf of Mexico. Sessoms says he’s extremely thankful for the cryptocurrency community, and Bill Kline for giving so much so quickly to people in need.

Over $50K in Cryptocurrency Donations Will Help Texas Hurricane Victims
The Crypto Show host Danny Sessoms getting ready to hand out bags of food to hurricane victims located near Port Aransas, Texas.

“Moments like these show the real power of this technology and what cryptocurrency holds for the future,” explains Sessoms. “I feel extremely humbled that Bill trusts me by giving us 10 BTC to help people, and I feel incredibly lucky to have a job like this where I can do everything I want in crypto by pushing this technology forward.”

What do you think about the Crypto Show and Unsung.org’s efforts to help Texans in need of help? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Danny Sessoms, Bitcoin.com, Dash.org, and the Crypto Show.

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