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Opera Browser to Include Built-In Anti-Bitcoin Mining Feature

Cryptocurrency mining malware has recently became such a hot issue in the cyber security world that popular internet browser Opera is now starting to offer protection against it right out of the box. 

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Opera Browser to Include Built-In Anti-Bitcoin Mining FeatureThe developers of the Opera browser have announced that the next version of their software will offer a built-in “anti-Bitcoin mining” feature. Simply called Nocoin, this new protection feature promises to block any cryptocurrency mining scripts that might abuse your device’s computing power.

Opera Software team member Kornelia Mielczarczyk explained to users that: “Bitcoins are really hot right now, but did you know that they might actually be making your computer hotter? Your CPU suddenly working at 100 percent capacity, the fan is going crazy for seemingly no reason and your battery quickly depleting might all be signs that someone is using your computer to mine for cryptocurrency.”

“This cryptocurrency mining can sometimes continue after you have first visited the site. But we, as the only major browser with an integrated ad blocker, have a built-in solution to keep miners from trespassing onto your machine,” she added.

How to Protected Your Computer on All Browsers

Opera Browser to Include Built-In Anti-Bitcoin Mining FeatureIt doesn’t matter which browser you are using; protecting against threats such as hackers and bots hijacking your computer to mine cryptocurrency is a must. Besides commonsense solutions such as using updated anti-virus and firewall software, there are also specific ways to guard against browser miners.

The most widely used Chrome extension and Firefox add-on are both called No Coin and are available to download here. There are many more available options on the browsers’ respective app stores and you should search for the one you trust the most.

Additionally, if you are using the lesser known Brave browser, it has been offering protection against malicious cryptocurrency miners by default since September.

Has your computer ever been hijacked for crypto mining? Let us know in the comments section below.

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