OpenLedger Launches Global Enterprise 3.0

The OpenLedger team has announced its Global Enterprise 3.0 program alongside the news of the BitShares platform going live on the Microsoft Azure Blockchain as a Service (BaaS). The OpenLedger team has created a universal shared application called “Decentralized Conglomerate,” which will allow multiple organizations to invest with each other and cross-promote their services. 

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The OpenLedger team explains:

“This allows individual brand identities to flourish without having to compromise for the larger decentralized conglomerate.  In addition, the universal platform creates an ecosystem in which organizations can directly invest in each other.”

BitShares and OpenLedger Launch Decentralized Conglomerate & Microsoft Azure Template

openledger-logo-2-300x249The Decentralized Conglomerate is a universal shared program that allows groups to solidify common interests. The organization believes this can enable shared success between groups of innovators with coordination that takes place within the service’s automated system.

OpenLedger says the first communities that will participate in the shared agreement process will be between the BitTeaser and OBITS communities. The BitTeaser platform is currently wrapping up its crowdsale and 10% of the funds will be shared with the OBITS community, and they will in turn reciprocate. OpenLedger believes this will allow both groups to benefit and the platform will help streamline enterprise scale operations.

The BitShares platform has also been added to the growing list of blockchain companies involved with Microsoft’s Azure. BitShares added its Ubuntu 15.10 template on top of the Azure BaaS system, and it delivers the network to a virtual machine within 15 minutes. BitShares says, “everything you need to get started using the BitShares blockchain from the command line is included.”

Bit_Shares_LogoIn the last few weeks, the service has made its presence known on the Azure cloud by offering “’Fee Backed Assets’ that offers Private Transfers.” BitShares claims its decentralized financial platform has speeds approaching Nasdaq trading.

Users experimenting with the BaaS platform will be able to build from source or choose a community provided Personal Package Archive (PPA). The team explains the process once installed, “after installation the ‘witnes_node’ will begin syncing the public blockchain. You may then connect via SSH to the VM and launch the ‘cli-wallet’ to interface with the blockchain.” 

windows-azure-cloudOpenLedger and BitShares feel their blockchain-based projects will revolutionize finance and trading and now considers itself a 3.0 technology. The new Decentralized Conglomerate associations will create more success for the connected platforms overall and will bring the teams infrastructure to new levels. The 3.0 project is proud to be a member of the Azure research and development program as well and looks forward to future innovation from these trials and studies.

What do you think about BitShares and OpenLedger’s announcement? Let us know in the comments below!

Images courtesy of BitShares and OpenLedger websites, and the Microsoft Azure website

  • Scott McMullen

    It’s gonna be fun watching this one crash and burn.

    • Michael Cat

      Being sarcastic is easy, but it doesn’t make you look any smarter. You should be specific.

      • Scott McMullen

        No sarcasm whatsoever. Judge my intelligence as you will. It means nothing to me.
        This is a bad idea and I will enjoy watching it burn. period.
        Now did you have something intelligent to add to the conversation or did you just come here to attack me?

        • Michael Cat

          You can go to any event and say ‘it’s gonna be fun to watching this one crash and burn’ without specifying anything. Maybe it is your conclusion, but you have to reveal your logical deduction to persuade everyone to follow you. The contrary conclusion is possible, but without reasoning, it is called an attack. Again, jump to conclusion is easy, you should show your reasoning to be constructive.

          • Scott McMullen

            do you have even an opinion on this technology or is your only purpose to critique me? Am I in you “How to comment on the Internet” class or something? Are you stalking me? If I wanted to write p all the reasons I disagree with this implementation it would no longer be a comment it would be an article and I would publish it as such. As it is, my opinion is this is a failed idea out of the gates by a bunch of POS’s that need to lose and therefore ; I WILL ENJOY WATCHING THIS ONE CRASH AND BURN”. Sorry if that’s too difficult for you to understand. Now can you tell me what it is you love about it so much, or are you just some company troll?

  • Darth Lord

    the market had been bullish on this platform and with it’s speed which the bitcoin blockchain lacks and with developers’ commitment to excellence, this will become one of the best blockchains powering up other cryptos. Bitshares had been consistent over all it’s rankings. They may lack support for a comprehensive API across all platforms.. but we all know that if there’s a need, there’s always going to be a solution rolled out. Congratulations!

  • Patrick

    i find this so vague as to what this is

  • OpenLegher is far ahead of the Mass’s, it is underestimated won’t be long before they realizes the Jewels it Possesses.