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Official Bitcoin.com Forum Launch: Your Chance to Win 1,000 USD in Bitcoin!

Bitcoin.com has been an overwhelming undertaking to many involved in the core development, with many changes taking place over the past few years. Previous efforts to create what should be the epicenter & premiere portal of Bitcoin have been thwarted by a lack of consistency and streamlined efforts. Steadfast in forward progression, many persevered through adversity and efficiently applied thought-out solutions. 

Update: We are sorry for our previous statement about Gavin Andresen joining our forum. We are not sure if it was the real Gavin who registered. We also wrote “Official Bitcoin Forum” we meant to say “Official Bitcoin.com Forum”. All corrections were made in this article.

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opengraphThe result of these labors is a hub for education, news, research, and reporting, coupled with the newly-launched OFFICIAL BITCOIN.COM FORUM. It has attracted industry leaders such as Bitcoin Pioneer Charlie Shrem and VC/Voluntaryist Roger Ver aka “Bitcoin Jesus.” Everyone is encouraged to join; the forum is free, it’s fun, it’s Bitcoin!


“I’m Charlie Schrem, Bitcoin Pioneer currently in Federal Prison. AMA!” ~ charlie schrem VIA BITCOIN.COM FORuM

The Bitcoin.com Forum has been buzzing like a bee lately, with news of recently convicted Bitcoin Pioneer Charlie Schrem starting a thread via Federal Prison email to conduct an AMA within the Bitcoin community that will take place every weekday from 1:30 – 3:30pm EST. This is a landmark event for both the Bitcoin community and Charlie himself, considering the overbearing stranglehold BOP officials usually impose on inmate-to-public communications.


“In order to attract more users, and quality posts to this forum, I’m glad to offer a $1,000 USD in bitcoin prize to the user who makes the most appreciated post on this forum.” ~ ROGER VER VIA BITCOIN.com FORUM

Bitcoin Jesus has bestowed upon our community the gift of a $1,000 USD Bitcoin prize for the most appreciated post in The Forum!


My personal contribution will be providing an experienced view on the FinTechEDU sector. I’ll discuss complex problem, conclusion, solution cases with our community that explore the systematic problems existing in today’s financial institutions and major corporations in their pursuit of blockchain integration. I have started a thread on The Bitcoin.com Forum with a corresponding article recently published through Bitcoin.com.

We hope you will join our forum! Click here to do so!

Do You Think You Have Something Positive To Contribute To The Bitcoin.com Forum? Comment Below We’d Love To Know!

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