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Nexus Earth Conference Explores Potential of Blockchain Technology

The first Nexus Earth conference kicked off this last weekend in Aspen, Colorado. It ran from September 21 to 23. The Nexus Earth team referred to the event as the “dynamic think tank” of the year. Leaders in many disparate fields came together and discussed the future of blockchain and society. These individuals represented the cryptocurrency, finance, technology, political, and economic ecosystems. They explored the future of blockchain technology and its implications for society.

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Nexus Earth Conference Explores Potential of Blockchain Technology
Terry Brock, left, with Ron Paul at Nexus.

Nexus Speakers

The Nexus Earth team created the conference and it was conducted by Jonathan Hazel. Terry Brock had the role as the Master of Ceremonies. He ensured the speakers stayed on schedule. The Nexus Earth website showed the large number of speakers in attendance, including big names such as’s Roger Ver; libertarian presidential candidate Ron Paul; and former wrestler and governor Jesse Ventura. The site mentioned many of the speakers:

“Cryptocurrency/Blockchain/Tech world experts including Roger Ver, Charles Hoskinson, Colin Cantrell, Arry Yu, and Brett Tabke will be among the many present from this growing industry. The Conference features Jesse Ventura, Dr. Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, and others from the political world. Peter Schiff, Doug Casey, Ellen Brown, G. Edward Griffin, Catherine Austin Fitts, Max Keiser, and other well-known names from the financial sector will be giving presentations. Business and industry leaders such as David North, Jim Cantrell, Perianne Boring, and many others will be represented. Younger leaders such as Elizabeth Mccauley, Sterlin Luxan, Adam Kokesh, Christina Tobin, Derrick Broze, Jeff Berwick, and others will be on hand. Judge Andrew Napolitano, the great Ed Asner, and others from television and film will be attending and joining the discussion. Musicians such as Tatiana Moroz, Jordan Page, and others will be performing and speaking.”

Nexus Earth Conference Explores Potential of Blockchain Technology
Jesse Ventura Interviews Roger Ver about Bitcoin.

Nexus Experience

The overall Nexus conference experience was beyond amazing. The speakers all provided prepared and stimulating presentations. For instance, Edward G. Griffin, author of “The Creature from Jekyll Island” gave a frightening overview of the Federal Reserve Bank. Derrick Broze discussed his spiritual journey and how he is spreading freedom with holistic anarchy and freedom cells. Roger Ver provided an enticing look at the libertarian “non-country” he plans to purchase. Colin Cantrell divulged detailed and exciting information about how the Nexus cryptocurrency will defeat quantum computing and scale without hangups.

There were also a myriad of panels about topics such as Ross Ulbricht, where his mother Lyn gave information on how the corrupt federal government gave her son an unfair trial. I was on a panel about how artificial intelligence and quantum computing would affect AI. There was a diverse array of talks, and for a first-time-conference it was practically flawless. Besides the official conference activities, there were also reporter interviews, conversations, and documentary rehearsals happening behind the scenes.

Nexus Earth Conference Explores Potential of Blockchain Technology
Colin Cantrell Speaking on the Architecture of Nexus Coin.

Nexus Earth Cryptocurrency and Conference Purpose

The conference was created by the Nexus Earth cryptocurrency team, which was created originally by Colin Cantrell. The purpose of the currency was to “decentralize the decentralization,” as Cantrell put it. The hope is to continue freeing the world and making crypto-systems easier to use and more advanced. Cantrell and his team tried to make these ideas more prominent with the conference. The Nexus website elaborated:

The Nexus Conference is a unique event with a distinct purpose. Cryptocurrency and the blockchain are becoming more mainstream as folks from many different backgrounds realize the potential. The technology touches so many different industries and fields. This event brings brilliant minds from different backgrounds together…The Nexus Conference is about sharing ideas, not just business cards. Come to Aspen and be a part of this historic inaugural event that promises to be like no other conference that you’ve ever attended.

It is true. The conference was like no other. It was truly phenomenal.

What do you think about the Nexus conference? Will you attend it? Let us know in the comments below.

Images via Shutterstock, Nexus Earth, and Roger Ver.

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