Has the Next Satoshi Nakamoto Revealed Himself in Bali?

Has the Next Satoshi Nakamoto Revealed Himself in Bali?

Someone identifying himself as Satoshi Nakamoto has been answering questions on the popular question and answer website Quora as if he were indeed the inventor of Bitcoin. He claims to be an American living in Bali who will meet with visitors locally. Bitcoin.com reached out to him to find out his story.

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Bali-Based “Satoshi” Offers to Meet in Person

Has the Next Satoshi Nakamoto Revealed Himself in Bali?
A Bali-based “Satoshi” in 2001, posted on Facebook

Using the title of “former founder and creator at Bitcoin from 2008 to 2010,” the Quora user by the name of “Satoshi Nakamoto” began answering economic-related questions on April 3. He is the 17th user going by this name on the popular website and has been actively answering questions. At press time, he has posted 19 answers with rapidly-growing 32,400 views and has 161 followers.

This “Satoshi” has stated in no uncertain terms that he is the creator of Bitcoin, adding that: “I live in Bali, Indonesia, and I was actually born in 1977; not 1975. I am American – not bloody English!”

Specifically, he is staying at the Berry Biz, a small but opulent hotel located on the southwest side of Bali’s capital city, Denpasar. In replying to a user wanting to meet him, he wrote:

I stay at Berry Biz; just Google it and ask the front desk to call Satoshi Nakamoto. I will come down to meet you.

Defending His Existence

In a recent post, he wrote: “I am very real, however, everyone who is supposed to be me – isn’t! I am so far removed from that ‘so called’ eligibility list that it would be impossible to guess who I am.” He then gave his email address and said he has a facebook profile.

On Facebook, there is a profile page created in March for a Satoshi Nakamoto living in Bali, who is originally from Texas. The page description matches his Quora-derived information. It also contains a Virginia State driver’s license photo which the page owner claims to be his younger self, taken in 2001.

No Cryptographic Proof

Bitcoin.com emailed him, questioning if he could provide any type of cryptographic proof by sending some of the earliest of Satoshi’s coins, or signing a message with Satoshi’s PGP private key from 2010. “Mr. Nakamoto” told Bitcoin.com:

I can’t sign any messages because my old email (satoshin@gmx.com) was highjacked a number of years ago. It contained my only backup of all my private keys.

“All my Bitcoin private keys were once held within a single encrypted notepad document. One copy was stored on my laptop, and the other was stored in my original GMX email account; however, neither sources are accessible now,” the self-styled Bitcoin creator continued. “A sequence of events unfolded in 2010 that caused me the loss of all my keys.” The explanation also hints to why he decided to leave Bitcoin development behind. “After I lost ‘incentive’ to continue with the Bitcoin project, I announced to the world that I was moving on to other things.”

In addition, he said he has been trying to come forward since 2010. However, “everyone is too focused on who they think I should be. Every time I tried to publicly announce who I am, I get humiliated or treated with extreme hostility and disrespect.”

He’s not Craig Wright, but He is Pro-Patent

Has the Next Satoshi Nakamoto Revealed Himself in Bali?
Craig Wright

The Bali-based, self-proclaimed Satoshi said that he is not Craig Wright, the infamous Australian who’s also claimed to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto. “Craig Wright was nothing more than a mathematician and computer scientist that assisted in correcting a single typo in the subsection ‘Calculations’ of my original white paper”, the new “Satoshi” recalled. “He did not author or co-author any part of ‘Bitcoin: a peer-to-peer electronic cash system’.”

Wright has been trying to patent many Bitcoin and blockchain related concepts. Recently, a company that Wright is associated with has bought his patents as part of a deal they are describing as the “largest acquisition in the Bitcoin and blockchain development space yet.”

In his answers on Quora, the Bali-based “Satoshi” also repeatedly shows support for the use of patents to drive technological innovation. This standpoint would be unpopular among many of the libertarian Bitcoiners who chose Bitcoin for its anti-state-monopoly features. In one answer, “Satoshi” details how he would make $100,000 in 6 months. His method involves submitting product design “with patent application to your country’s patent authority then make sales calls to large companies that have a mass market distribution outlet for your product or design.” In another answer, he advised: “Patenting your own products or `logical technology´ model” will offer the highest returns.”

Update: The user’s information and answers have been removed on Quora.

What do you think of this “Satoshi”? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  • so scam

    • Satoshi Nakamoto

      The only scam here: is that you’re assuming that I should be someone that I’m not.

      • Dario

        Say that I hacked the GMX account. Where can I find your keys?

        • Satoshi Nakamoto

          They have long since been taken up by the hacker in question. I knew the reception that awaited for me; it’s no wonder people think I’ve kept quiet all this time; it’s simply that I was being ignored. This is exactly what I was expecting. Oh well! I thought I might try to pull the curtain back one more time. I have a mild heart condition that worries me, so I thought I might try to tell people.

          • I don’t want to get into the you are or aren’t Satoshi debate. If you
            are then thank you. If you aren’t, then the profanities you deserve
            can’t be written here. Instead I want to appeal to the hacker who took up your keys:

            Dear sir (or ma’m). You now have access to an absolute ton of Bitcoins worth an outrageous amount of money which you have not accessed for years. Please can I have some. I will launder it well and can pay in sins of the flesh if you feel it’s appropriate…

          • Craig Wright

            But Mr Scam Satoshi… You used Vistomail – not GMX in 2010. Vistomail was not hacked…

            I guess you forgot this as well…

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            So let me get this right. I changed email addresses.. Why do you think that was? You are not really good at inferencing before making statements are you?

          • Craig Wright

            Learn the backstory of the person you are trying to play a scam as scam-toshi.

            There are still people from 09/10 and it is online in any event.

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            When my GMX email was attacked every other email was vulnerable as well. Remember this is long before the 2014 debacle.

      • Darey Olushina

        I dont think this is a scam, i think this is a suicide atrempt, lol, lets grant that everyone now accepts you as satoshi nakomoto, that mean the former you has died and what we will encounter here will be an issue of double spend, since there will now be two satoshi nakomoto, the real one still hidden away like a locked coin, while the fake one managing to get some temporary network confirmation, at the end of 5he day it ll be rejected and not added to the blockchain, reason being that you wont be anywhere near usefullness as the real satoshi, lol

        • Satoshi Nakamoto

          The only double spending here is: people want things to be as they are imagined; not as actually are, so when they are confronted with a different reality from one that they were expecting; both reality and fantasy are rejected in the same process of thought. You naysayers think I didn’t know this before hand? Vision and foresight are required to play mental chess. I knew exactly what the responses from the public would be. I knew this in advance. Contrary to most people’s opinion, I’m not just a nice guy. And while it may appear on its face, that something selfish is being planned, I usually get what I want ( non-tangible reward) by letting others get what is owed to them. I don’t collect a bleeding red Cent! This is the antithesis of Craig’s presumptions.

  • Bjørn Erik Mol

    This is Just too stupid and an easy way to scam locals in Bali(Bali should Bee Thailand as well) lol. Half is my story..


      I live in Bali, how would locals get scammed by a person, just because they are admitting that they were a part of the team that wrote the white paper for Bitcoin?

      • Satoshi Nakamoto

        Exactly! I appreciate that support. You hit the nail on the head!

    • Satoshi Nakamoto

      Who you calling a scammer! Another keyboard Warrior! Let’s take a look at your credit history… scammer!

  • Meysam

    I don’t believe it to be honest, not providing proof because he lost all his backups and private keys? not something that Satoshi would do
    and somebody hijacked his email and did nothing with it?! total nonsense

    • Satoshi Nakamoto

      Since when was the last time someone said that 0 bitcoins left of my original wallets.

      • Kyle Riecker

        So on the chance that you are who you say you are, I just wanted to say, thanks. 🙂

    • Satoshi Nakamoto

      Craig Wright adamantly denies that Dr. Wei Dai coined the term “electronic cash system” which I purposely used in the title of the white paper that I created. While it is true that the white paper went through an editorial process where typos and other mistakes were corrected, the white paper itself was completely my idea. It took no more than 7 hours to research and put together the initial framework and rough draft of that white paper.

      This term ( electronic cash system) was inserted into: “Bitcoin: a peer-to-peer electronic cash system” to give homage to Dr. Dai’s early research. Craig Wright is obviously not familiar with Dr. Dai’s earlier B-Money proposal, has attempted to discredit me, on all fronts, including on that specific honorable mention. Anyone can instantly discredit Craig Wright comments simply by typing into Google the following phrase. “distributed electronic cash system – Wei Dai”. It’s clear that he coined the phrase “electronic cash system” yet Craig Wright denies this.

  • BrianDre

    Nonsense, does every article that mentioned bitcoin have to be published here, this is just part, of the free publicity this guy wanted, so, satoshi the genius is being so loose with his key and his email got hacked, there should be numerous ways satoshi could identify himself with and yet he would never do that, if im suspecting you to be satoshi, once tou come out to say yes you are, that immediatly proofs that you are not or rather you are nut

    • Satoshi Nakamoto

      Do you know how many people get hacked annually? Who are targets of being hacked? In other words, who are the people that mostly get hacked? Is it the Joe plumber types or people or wealthy people with money or assets to plunder? I’m not the only high-profile case of being hacked. I think you should do your research on the subject of hacking before you make ridiculous statements.

      Improbable: means, not likely to suffer hacking attempts. Where do you put someone like me on that “likelihood” scale – someone that once controlled roughly 1 million Bitcoins?

      • Sasha Bakhshi

        Without a shadow of a doubt you are NOT Satoshi.

        Where you failed in your pathetic attempt to get some press was your lack of research on the real Satoshi.

        This post was all the evidence i need, why? how? ill tell you


        • Satoshi Nakamoto

          I think you should research my previous statements before making such a rash judgment calls based off of little or nothing except for a “space”. I clearly indicated that I had an editorial review performed on the rough draft of my paper. I also indicated that I am currently using voice text messaging. Any previous correspondence that I may have been involved with using manual input may have appeared differently, as such is the case.

          • Sasha Bakhshi

            LMAO, no, you are not confident in who you are so you are pretending to be someone else. Stop trying to catfish people

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            British and their fish and chips

        • Satoshi Nakamoto

          Without a shadow of a doubt you’re not really Sasha. Because they real Sasha would never use flames in a public chat! s
          Silly huh!

          • Craig Wright

            I guess scam-toshi forgets…
            “I am the real Satoshi Nakamoto. I am a former resident of Houston, Texas. I have been living in Bali, Indonesia since 2004. I was born on 27AUG197(X). Bali is the birthplace of Bitcoin; not Silicon Valley. Just ask C.S.W. if he has ever been to Bali? Most of the early core developers have been here at some point. I am the current owner of ElysiumSilver(dot)com. I will be creating a new cryptocurrency platform. Qualified blockchain developers are encouraged to contact me how they can support my initiatives. They will be rewarded in ELSM coins. Bitcoin is “yesterday’s news”. I have moved on to other new and exciting projects. This is one of them.”

            No, Satoshi will not be making a new shit coin.

            And no, scam-toshi has nothing to do with me. He just used my name as he thinks it will aid his scam.

            So, no, scam-toshi is not a part of anything and he cannot even state how Bitcoin works. He does not seem to know that Wei’s post on b-Money was added to the paper in Aug 2008 nor that it does not mention cash at any point and that the electronic cash term can earlier in eCash and other sources.

            Oh well. Back to work. One scam-toshi down.

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            Allocating dev participants happened by invitation, even with Bitcoin. So what’s you point! Where where you on August 15th of last year at 3:15pm. You were supposedly you were going to “take over Bitcoin’s architecture, and profit handsomely from doing so? “

          • Craig Wright

            No, the fact is that there are several early people around. Adam Back, Wei Dai, Hal Finney, One I will not name as he is sick of the politics and it is not my place to bring him back here… and a few others (one or two even still alive). There was no dev offering. All too easy to verify.

            Sorry scam-toshi.

            And… Mon Aug 15th 2016. @3.15PM GMT.
            I was researching Singaporean piracy in the era prior to Raffles takeover and handing of control of the Isle of Singapore to the British.

            I have a double espresso.

            The weather was cloudy, but it was hot.

            I had been studying Banks and the role of Botany in how the Bristish Empire came to prominance a little earlier.

            Sorry scam-toshi. You cannot get anything from me and I will not allow you to be seen as anythng more than the scammer you are.

            I guess that you and your crew did not expect that I was a curmudeon who did not want fame and that I will not allow people such as yourself to ride me. The expense to me is low.

          • Craig Wright

            Yes, you failed in your scam and are trying a new one. I own Bitcoin. I only own Bitcoin and I will only ever have Bitcoin… You scam anything you can.

            You failed in the scams against me as I will not prove anything and hence not give you an attack vector. As a hoaxer, there is nothing to bring a fake suit on is there scam-toshi.

            Did you not want to mention this?

            That a Satoshi who publicly proves can be attacked. Spurious tax claims against me, insults, threats… No, I am happy here with my companies and my BitCoin and I am happy to not give you definitive proof that you and your cronies can use and twist and cause me to waste time with frivolous law suits and government queries based on lies you feed to them.

            I am happy as being a hoaxer. My life is far easier. A hoaxer is ignored. A hoaxer with money has no troubles at all.

            But you, you need me scam-toshi and you are not going to have what you need.

      • Darey Olushina

        Its interesting that im having a one on one conversation with satoshi nakomoto, lol, and all we do is argue you are satoshi and you are not, so ridiculous that he isnt talking about bitcoin scaling and the rest of the issues the community is currently facing

      • Ricky Bickerton

        I know lots of idiots get hacked daily, and the term hacked is now used very loosely. I also know that anyone with half a braincell and an understanding of digital security will know how to easily secure their accounts with simple strong passwords. The only other access then would be for someone to hack GMX servers, which in turn would give them access to a lot of accounts. Are you saying you don’t know how to secure your email account, yet can write secure code for a new currency? Or are you claiming gmx got hacked and managed to hide it from the public?

        • Satoshi Nakamoto

          Securing a password is not the only necessity in protecting your email account. I can’t comment on how the hacker gained access to my account because that is a “unkown”. No, I’m not using the term loosely. Thank you for your condescending tone, perhaps I deserve it, you decide.

        • Satoshi Nakamoto

          I can’t comment on how my GMX account was hacked because it is unknown. Securing an email address is not as easy as you might think. If you are a target, there’s no stone that will not be overturned.

    • Craig Wright

      There are.
      There are a couple people who know who Satoshi is and who are alive. Satoshi is better left in myth.

  • Arik Afek

    Way too cool about losing his access to his greatest life work, plus a billion dollars give or take …

    • Satoshi Nakamoto

      Nothing cool about it, mate! Life Goes On – even with a mild heart condition. Whatever comes your way, you’ll have to be able to live and survive no matter what.

      • Craig Wright

        Scam-toshi adds the pity factor to the scam…

  • Daniel Spiteri

    Has anybody ever stopped to think that “Satoshi Nakamoto” could be alias of an entity ? as in.. a group of people? .. I to would love to believe that 1 man or women developed Bitcoin on their own but seriously come on lol.. Who is to say that Craig Wright and the Anonymous person in Bali are not part of the same Dev Team. It’s quite obvious to me when in both their interviews they are clearly admitting to it.. Craig Wrights apparent reason for his first Interview was to try and put a stop to the harassment of his family, friends and Work Associates.. In the Bali persons comments he clearly states what Craig Wrights role was in the Development of the project. Even today it take a decent team of Devs to create a good Blockchain Platform, yet we still believe the fantasy that it was a one man job 😉

    • Craig Wright

      The guy IS a former OneCoin scammer. He is not related to me.

      The code was far simpler then then Core have made it.

      GMX creates PGP keys. Version 0.1.0 did not backup keys in his supposed manner.

      • Satoshi Nakamoto

        I had backup keys which were stored in a file. Every comment I make, he has to claim the opposite. He’s really stuck in the Same Song & Dance routine

        • Craig Wright

          Yes, you cannot even describe the basics of the protocol. You have no idea of code. You say, no others wrote the code and I was the designer…

          The flaw there is that people like Bear, ones who took the mess that was 0.0.9 and helped it become 0.1.0 to 0.1.3 are still alive… Hal may be dead, but what Fake Satoshi here does not get is that there ARE a few people other than Hal who worked on the code in Jan 2009.

          But for Fake Satoshi, he wants us to believe he designed it and a team coded it.

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            “There shall be no king” I received messages from them already. This is confirmation that they know its me… It doesn’t make any bit of difference. I wrote the rough draft, I made the name, – I get to use it! If you, them, or everyone else involved wants to kick bloody sticks, Ooh ROo, good on you, mate! Go bury your head in the sand!

          • Craig Wright

            Yes scam-toshi.

            You want to rule. I know. You think that you can even with no technical knowledge 🙂

        • Craig Wright

          Type and format of the file?

          What type of database?

      • Satoshi Nakamoto

        I have never been involved in Onecoin! A Complete fatuous claim!

  • gigawatt

    Title of article should be: “Satoshi chose *notepad* to store private keys for 100’s of millions in BTC, and loses it all lol” ..and just to be clear, I’m suggesting the the “lol” be part of the headline!

    • Daniel Spiteri

      Yes that would be funny, but you might want to lower the BTC amount considering there is only ever going to be 21 million BTC on that Chain

      • gigawatt

        True! I was thinking “100’s of millions of dollars worth of BTC”, but my typing fingers were editing, not thinking 🙂

        • Daniel Spiteri

          lol 😉

      • Satoshi Nakamoto

        No, because scarcity, user participation, and the average daily trading volume is what determines the real value of any tradable asset. If any tradable asset has an unlimited Supply in the marketplace, it is traded at the same price as peanuts! Trying to pass out peanuts, at the same price as gold, is a losing game… Gold is valuable because it’s scarce; nothing really compares to that Rare Earth element – except for Bitcoin. Rarity has to be inherent into the “assume value” of any tradable asset – digital or otherwise.

        • Jukka S.

          Hi! If you really are the creator of bitcoin, I want to thank you with all my heart!

          Anyway, I think it doesn’t matter anymore who the original creator is. You know it by yourself what have you done and what you haven’t. Bitcoin is here to stay and it isn’t going away as long as people is believing it.

    • Satoshi Nakamoto

      What’s funny about that, mate! Why don’t you go get yourself hit by car and then lets see who’s bloody laughing! The next time you lose money out of your wallet, let’s just get everyone around for a chuckle! People like you disgust me!

      • Craig Wright

        No, scamming assholes are what is disgusting.

        You are not getting anything fake Satoshi. I am a curmudgeon. I like being ignored… How about you?

        • Satoshi Nakamoto

          Its better to hoard what is yours, mate. Going around stepping on other people and taking credit for something they did is not cool.

          • Roger Ver

            You would know….

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            You were hacked too! What a joke, wouldn’t you say! You contradict your own narrative, mate! In your version of the truth, you attempt to discredit me because I was hacked! Mr. Ver, perhaps you are a fake. Maybe – just maybe this is the hacker actually speaking, and not the real Roger rabbit! The logic and calculations of your assumptions would have to have an absolute total sum, which they don’t! Cheers!

          • Craig Wright

            The simple matter is. I shall not be asking for money. I will not accept conference fees. Not now, not in the future. I will not accept money from a Nobel nor will I turn up for the prize. Not for what I am doing and not for what I have done. What you believe, that is not relevant.

            What does matter is that Fake Satoshi here has been a part of several scams. Elysium Silver was one. He pumps alt coins. Most of these are not even code nor have any substance. This makes it a con. When he asks people to invest in an idea that is not even formed to be an idea, that is a scam.

            I really do not give a shit if you believe me or not. I would prefer not. My ideas have to stand on their own and this idea that anything I do can be sold for more if a Satoshi badge is attached to it sickens me. A few people found this the hard way.

            Scam-toshi there, well he will argue that I have money now. Yes, I have more than I need. Yes, he is correct, I was an early miner. Succinctly, it is nobodies business. Not how much I own, nor what I do with it.

            What I shall say is that Scam-toshi will give you ideas on how you can get rich fast. To me, fast is a decade. That is my short term and the answer is simple. Buy Bitcoin, not an alt, Bitcoin. Use it, help it develop. Hold it, save it, build on it.

            There is no need to help create another system and a person who cannot code (scam-toshi there) will not make it in 7 nor 8 hours as he thinks he can sell you on.

            I have a lot of work. Far too much and this takes me from the one other thing than work and study more than I like, that is my family, so this is the last I will add to this. If you try and trust Scam-toshi, then it is your loss and you are the result of your own foolishness. I do not ask you to trust me. I do not care if you do. I do however point out that Scam-toshi cannot answer basic questions and does not even know what Wei’s bMoney stated.

            I prefer that you do not believe that I am Satoshi. I do not want credit. I want to be left alone. So, please take this as just that. Scam-toshi, he is the one wanting to have you believe. As always, I only ask that people think.

            Do not take any of us at our word. Verify evidence. Ask what is being asked of you. Scam-toshi wants you to have him as a Satoshi. He has used my name as a means to say he was a part of what I was doing. I say he is not. He is a scammer who has tried to scam me a few times and will try with others.

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            Saying that I dump altcoins immediately discredits you. My other projects were never released or launched; they were only concept proposals; furthermore, there are no records of me ever trading one altcoin! Not one – Anywhere! I am not involved in any get-rich-quick schemes nor am I in the process to patent “very similar works” that have already been issued under an MIT License. Destroying or attempting to destroy my credibility only strengthens your position and “profit potential”. You didn’t even know that “Satoshi” means: Bright, INTELLIGENT, clear thinker. – I noticed how you backtracked quickly to agree after you claimed it meant “economist” – totally off the mark. Also, you had no clue about Tominaga Nakamoto’s early writings – Even misspelling his name as “tome”; you were completely oblivious to Nakamoto’s thoughts on religion; furthermore, you were completely off-point about Dr. Dai’s B-Money proposal or even gave mention to it; until I did. Adding more to the fire: You are nothing more than “The Talented Mr. Ripley” You take other people’s work, take on their persona, destroy them, then you seek to become them. I wouldn’t really be surprised if you have my private keys. Do you have them, Mr. Ripley? And you did claim to me at one point, didn’t you! Everything that I ever told you, about myself or my name, you have used it against me. Now you can go hide under the rock from wherever it is that do your shady dealings. The world is tired of your B.S. At least my narrative is “cut and dry” without major blunders on network television! Of course you can’t be me, You didn’t write anything in my original white paper! ZERO! To your credit, you ran the full node, assisted with bug reporting, and mined . That’s it! You didn’t create squat. We kept you in our circle because we liked you. Hal and others tolerated your onslaught of questioning and inquisitive emails because they thought you were passionate about the technology; however, little did they realize that you you were just milking them for information. Best of luck, with your multi-million dollar Enterprise Mr. Ripley!

          • Craig Wright

            LOL Scam-toshi – you may wish to remove your past messages first….

            No, Satoshi does not mean all that 🙂

            Stop thinking that the wiki page is a source of truth. Oh and try having a read of Wei’s post…

            Sorry, there was no circle. You do not get to sell your scam on me. Not before, not now. Crawl under another rock.

            Cut and dry… scam and wrong 🙂

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            Remove my message? Are you serious! So let me explain what happened on Quora, I know most of you don’t have a clue. Craig does, and he is secretly deceiving everyone. I didn’t remove my messages; not at all! He complained to the moderator to have my posts removed!

          • Craig Wright

            You are a scammer scam-toshi.

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            The Talented Mr. Ripley — You are the only dreadoshi!

          • Craig Wright

            I am happy where I am. I have no interest in trying to prove I am not a scam… I just am not asking for money.

            Sorry scam-toshi.

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            Did, I really ask you for money? Maybe I am not clear when I said: “Go spend your loot, mate!” The tab is obvious on me anyway right? Just please get out of my bloody hair, and go use or make up some other “moniker” – One that is actually yours!. LoL

          • Craig Wright

            I think I know which of you this is hey Mark….

            No Mark, you do not get to say you are part of my team. You are a con man and a scam artist and you are lucky that you were let off with just a debt that you still owe.

            Have a nice life conning people, but not as Satoshi.

          • Craig Wright

            Move to Bali as even Daddy can no longer bail you out Mark?

            Or is this a better place for your scams…

          • Craig Wright

            Oh and Mark, you need to have hair for me to get out of…

            Scam-toshi the Bali (Nigerian) Prince.

          • Craig Wright

            Here is what you do not get.

            There will be NOBODY in the role of Satoshi. Not now, not in 20 years. Not me, not GOD. Just as I do not want to play Satoshi does not mean that it is open. Sorry Scam-toshi. You do not get this role and thanks for the “mates” and other markers?

            I do not have a tax problem. I am all good. I guess I know where to point a few people we know are looking for you Scam-toshi…

            Bali is not too expensive and it is a nice place to hide when you are on the run from Australia. See, I am not on the run. I am here in a nice big house all alone but for my family and work – heaven cannot be better.

            None of you get to scam me and if anyone is dumb enough after all this to fall for your shit, then I cannot help them.

            The thing is (Mark, Lance et al aka scam-toshi) I will not ever ask a cent for conferences. I have not and have never done so. I will not ask a cent as an expert.

            I am a capitalist and I am proud of it. Not an anarchist. I am an ‘evil’ Randian, capitalist libertarian.

            Oh and scam-toshi… you lost access to a contracted amount of Bitcoin… well seeing as you have a court order to hand it over.. Like I care that you were hacked after your con…

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            “Just as I do not want to play Satoshi”

            Are you kidding?

            Maybe I missed something on network television. This is why you’ve lost all credibility. I am beginning to think you are right, no one can damage your credibility because you just don’t care anymore. The following is my favorite quote:

            “There will be NOBODY in the role of Satoshi. Not now, not in 20 years.
            Not me, not GOD. Just as I do not want to play Satoshi does not mean
            that it is open.”

            We both know exactly what you are implying. You want to *kill me. In other words, if you can’t be me, then rest assured that no will. Well thanks for putting that into proper perspective. Basically, you are disgruntled. At least we know what place your objectivity comes into the equation.

            Kill – as in destroy, ruin, bury

            Please go back to being ignored!

          • Craig Wright

            LOL Scam-toshi 🙂

            So, scam-toshi… did you figure out any of those technical questions yet or do you need more time?

            Remember times and dates…. ?

            As for credibility scam-toshi. You do not seem to see the difference to public and due diligence… Then, you are not the smartest one… why your father disowned you huh scam-toshi…

            Disgruntled… no. I just do not like frauds scam-toshi 🙂

            You know, you COULD show you have some tech ability… but that is not the case is it…

          • Craig Wright

            TV was a breach of a contract, I was promised no TV. I do not deal well with people who breach contracts. Then scam-toshi, you know this and you are upset.

            Not as you had ANYTHING to do with Bitcoin, but the 2013-4 period when you failed to make your scam stick…

            Oh, want to send more police to my home again?

            Call in more pizzas…?

            Go for it scam-toshi.

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            The white paper was and is my own work. I put it together; not you! Proofreading doesn’t count! Correcting a typo doesn’t count! Editors do not get to put their name down as the author on the final draft! Sorry that’s the reality. The early shitgold (bitgold) concept was completely gutted and overhauled, somehow that entitles you to patent my innovations? According to Gavin, YOU have my private keys? If that is the truth, go spend it, just step aside, Mr. Ripley. I am not going to post for a while. This is ridiculous.

          • Craig Wright

            And that you cannot get the facts right scam-toshi

            That you have no technical ability?
            That you cannot answer the most basic of technical questions?
            That you cannot remember anything about the start of the code? Who you talked to? Nor the contents of public papers by people such as Wei?

            Oh, scam-toshi has Alzheimer’s 🙂

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            I thought you had real University Diploma. Just in case I was mistaken, let me give you the elementary education version. Merriam-Webster’s definition-

            Circle: a group of people sharing a common interest .
            So now your saying you didn’t work with others, that no circle existed? Glad, to here it! Then shut your fly trap – I mean lie trap, and step aside. Use those private keys that you took from me and pat yourself on the back for being The Talented Mr. Ripley

          • Craig Wright

            No, you are a part of a circle, scammers and extortionists.

            You tried before to scam and you tried to extort and you will fail no matter what you do.

            Sorry scam-toshi.

            If I do not care about my online reputation, you cannot attack it. Time to learn that scam-toshi.

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            Who is saying that I “tried” anything. Yes, I am a bloody devious fellow if you cross my path with ill intent. And yes I made them pay, but not me – THE TAX MAN, who they owed anyway. Dig further and you will see how much taxes were bled from them. I didn’t get a cent; neither was I tying too but I was happy all the same. You can’t renege on pledges made. Sorry a promise is a promise: That’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            Ha ha ha, I hope you got that!

          • Craig Wright

            Yes, you have scams that you cannot complete…

            But here is the thing… Satoshi never asked for money, he did and then it was taken up, not the way you seek to do. There was no upfront payment before a failed shitcoin…

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            Have I asked for money! writey is wrong again!

          • Blindfolded

            Satoshi used paragraphs rather than a wall of text. #fakenews

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            Writing, on the fly, is different than preparing a paper in advance. You have to scale before your software does! I don’t know why I should have to explain this concept. A university professor may have a “public chat” writing style that is substantially different than what is found in their academic publications.

          • Craig Wright

            Scam-toshi on writing…

            And here you are saving the world and not knowing what to do…

            Creator of Bitcoin and you forgot what makes the system work?

          • Craig Wright

            Scam-toshi wants to pump his new scam-shit-coin… So this is what it is about.

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            I never claimed to be a one man show. There was a team behind me. The team has long since been disbanded; your divisive statements and trolling have caused me significant problems. And that’s an understatement!

          • Craig Wright

            No, actually this is again false. Try reading the early emails to James and Ray.

            And again, you are skirting and demonstrating how little you know.

            Scam scamity scam…

            You have problems as you are a fraud and want to be seen as not being a fraud. I like being ignored. So, go away scam-toshi. Crawl under that rock again and let me disappear again 🙂

          • Satoshi Nakamoto


            I generally do not look look up my own emails online. I believe there is something authentically honest about trying to recall something from memory; rather than researching online to see what
            I wrote during the time. That’s why some actors will not watch themselves, on a post production work or completed film. But went ahead anyway to look at these things that you’re talking about… so consider the following:

            If broadcasts turn out to be slower in practice than expected, the target time between blocks may have to be increased to avoid wasting resources. We want blocks to usually propagate in much less time than it takes to generate them, otherwise nodes would spend too much time working (mining) on obsolete blocks
            If POW tokens do become useful, and especially if they become money, machines will no longer sit idle. Users will expect their computers to be earning them money (assuming the reward is greater than the cost to operate). A computer whose earnings are being stolen by a botnet will be more noticeable to its owner than is the case today, hence we might expect that in that world, users will work harder to maintain their computers and clean them of botnet infestations.

            Backs up everything I said in my previous statements.

          • Craig Wright

            Thank you. Though it is you who require more than luck.

            And you need to remove the past links to your scam-coins before you state that you have not been a part of them…
            Elysium Silver 😉

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            I was part of “concept proposals” for new coins. A proposal is not a “coin” or don’t you know the difference.

          • Craig Wright

            Yes, you failed in your scam and are trying a new one. I own Bitcoin. I only own Bitcoin and I will only ever have Bitcoin… You scam anything you can.

            You failed in the scams against me as I will not prove anything and hence not give you an attack vector. As a hoaxer, there is nothing to bring a fake suit on is there scam-toshi.

            Did you not want to mention this?

            That a Satoshi who publicly proves can be attacked. Spurious tax claims against me, insults, threats… No, I am happy here with my companies and my BitCoin and I am happy to not give you definitive proof that you and your cronies can use and twist and cause me to waste time with frivolous law suits and government queries based on lies you feed to them.

            I am happy as being a hoaxer. My life is far easier. A hoaxer is ignored. A hoaxer with money has no troubles at all.

            But you, you need me scam-toshi and you are not going to have what you need.

          • This

            “I own Bitcoin”. 😐 As in you hold Bitcoin, or you claim to own an open source, decentralized network? If the latter, I’m going to need to see some substantial proof that you are Satoshi.

          • Craig Wright

            I own Bitcoin. As in I have a number of entries on the ledger that I control.

            I did not state I own the Bitcoin network. I own some parts of this. You can too. Simply enable mining and you own a small part of the network.

            IFF* I was selling you the network, then I would require proof. Any sane person would not accept the claims without it. At no point will I sell anything in that manner.

            Very soon, and I do mean soon, BitCoin will be back to the way it was supposed to function. Not as I am selling you anything. Not as I ask anything. It will be. This is what it is to be.
            https: // www(DOT)youtube(DOT)com /watch?v=OjTqdkusyJw

            Watch the guys at CoinGeek, they have a clue.

            Please view the comment (from the real Satoshi who can code) and in particular line 2,249 on:
            https:// github(dot)com/trottier/original-bitcoin/blob/master/src/main.cpp

            * IFF == IF and only IF

          • This

            Thanks for clarifying this point. I’m aware of your claim to be Satoshi, so I wasn’t sure of the context of your statement “I own Bitcoin”. I understand how running a node or mining would make me “own” a part of the network.

            And I sure hope so – this scaling debate is really grinding on the confidence of consumers and investors. If the real Satoshi is here, somewhere, some sort of substantial proof (sign a message with Satoshi’s key, move some of the dormant BTC around.. something) and then a statement on the scaling debate would surely end the internal bickering.

          • Craig Wright

            No, I can assure you that will not occur and it will be a bad idea.

            Bitcoin is a libertarian idea. It promotes freedom. This requires that people can compete freely. Not as socialists and not as anarchists. It means that people can freely engage in trade and form a business, a company or a corporation. That is the core of what makes Bitcoin.

            The solution is and was already in the code. The link I forwarded has a quote that seems not to have been mentioned a good deal. It is a true shame, Satoshi was always better at code than words and the code is where the answers are.

            Miners are who secures the network. Miners are the only nodes. Any individual can become a miner. That is a choice you make, but if you do not mine, then you are little more than a wallet or a sock puppet.

            If you do not believe me, read the code. This is what was always stated.

          • This

            Good point. Doesn’t this whole USAF concept shake up the power structure a little? I doubt it will gain enough traction to become a reality, though. And if you aren’t available for a quote for my article via FB, I think that the above will make for an excellent quote. Thanks.

          • Craig Wright

            Not at all.

            Nodes are mining. If you are not mining, even on a small home machine with a chance of wining lotto and no more, then you are not a node.

            People have been lied to for far too long. Unless you are mining, you are not securing the network. Unless you are mining, you are not validating the exchange and addition of transactions.

            Have people forgotten that you can receive Bitcoin ** Offline **?

            This concept that Blockstream are promoting that you need to be online to know that you are secure is flawed. It is a fallacy. Look up offline transactions. You can receive without having your private key online at all. You can validate a payment without a wallet with your keys being online. You add nothing if you run a fat wallet and do not mine.

            It is all right there in the code. I am still amazed the people have forgotten all this.

          • Craig Wright

            A UASF (and not the airforce – USAF sorry ) will do nothing.

            It is a measure designed to instil Fear – FUD.

            Without the miners, there is nothing in Bitcoin. People may desire to consider this.

            Look up the email to James A Donald. This is from 17th Nov 2008. The block propagation method was already sorted and the solution was commented in the 0.1.0 code.

          • This

            haha – my mistake. Here I thought the Air Force was going to save Bitcoin, not a user activated soft fork. I understand that miners secure the network. Thanks for the info. Will do.

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            What you have to realize in the early Inception of Bitcoin, there is no such thing as Asic miners. Full nodes, contribute hashes, these nodes were mining in balance to network traffic in usage. This is what it meant, to secure the network.

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            Now you have a disproportionately massive number of Asic miners, to full nodes. This is actually counterproductive. A peer-to-peer electronic cash system needs peer through-put for transactional information flow. Imagine that bitcoin only had 50 full nodes and 50,000 Asic miners, creating hashes between them. The Asic miners, in this case, will not be contributing to the network at that point. They would only rapidly increase the difficulty, perhaps even create a bottleneck scenario. Full nodes do not contribute, any mineable hashpower at the current network difficulty. Full nodes contribute hashes for checkpoint timestamping. This contributes to the node being recognized on the network. Stating that every node is mining is ridiculous. Asic miners were not envisioned during the early core. Context context context

          • Ricky Bickerton

            You are starting to sound like you work for blockstream…….

          • Craig Wright

            Twitter… This will be deleted soon 🙂

          • This

            already copied and pasted. Will do though — thanks.

          • This

            Craig I just DM’d you on your facebook page. I’m putting together an article on this subject and would like multiple viewpoints/quotes.

          • Craig Wright

            I lost control of face-book years ago.

            That is not me.

          • This

            ok thanks.

          • Craig Wright

            A proposal for a non-existent coin where you are raising money for something that does not exist…

            That is called fraud OneCoin/ ElysiumSilver Coin scam-toshi.

          • You both live in cnn, we are wait!!

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            Oh, I supposedly scammed you by telling you to give me back my email address – the one that was hacked?

          • Craig Wright

            LOL scam-toshi.

            Try learning some of the code. Try learning the history of Bitcoin.

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            No amount of money will ever buy my integrity, writey! Yes, while it is true I asked you to return what is mine. It was a request that fell on deaf ears. I’ve accepted that your answer is no. You have your own personal reasons for that. Everybody has their own choices to make. Only you know what you have and whether it belongs to you or not…

          • suriani salleh


        • Satoshi Nakamoto

          Calling me a scammer does not change the fact: I’m on record as refusing to post my current Bitcoin address. If I was a scammer, I would have already posted up my address.

          • Craig Wright

            Refusing to offer proof is nothing of a scam. I am not asking for anything and never will. I have money – more than I need.

            No, you do not get to have any Fake Satoshi.

          • Craig Wright

            You have a number of well known addresses. Satoshi does not need to post them. They are already known.

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            Like I said since 2010, I’ve been posting addresses. I wouldn’t be surprised. Thanks for reminding me. Another reason why more validity should be added. Don’t you think if I wasn’t the real one, I would know to go back and make everything spiffy clean before making postings. The only problem is once you start posting online, the postings never go away. I could of easily used a different email address but I did not. – Relational Analyzation, yes it’s easy to find all my addresses. What did you think I wanted to happen.

          • Craig Wright

            And you still skirt the technical answers – as you do not have any…

            Basically, you know how to scam and nothing more.

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            What technical questions… Nothing of the sort? More like a complete waste of time! Moonbeam, is only scratching the surface. Bitcoin transaction fees should be free for everyone running the full node. Incentivizing running the full node solves so many problems. A simple “verification key” could be inserted into the node’s .conf. This should allow anyone to connect directly to their own node.

            My newfacebook account is: satoshi.nakamoto.94695 Feel free to complain.

          • Craig Wright

            I know. Expecting Satoshi to have any technical knowledge… What was I thinking?

            Even to get the history right… Dear me.

            And this idea that you create a “sock puppet” node. You seem to have less and less of a clue the more you try scam-toshi.

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            How else do you propose to incentivize to full node?

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            You’re in yesterday’s paradigm

          • Craig Wright

            See Scam-toshi, you go and demonstrate your lack of knowledge about the protocol yet again.

            Go to a version of code that Satoshi created… you remember how to do this right 😉 Bitcoin 0.1.0 code is available.

            First, go into the readme.txt file and you will read a line that states:
            “To support the network by running a node, select:

            Options->Generate Coins”

            Wow… it seems that Satoshi made a quote in the code itself! And there are more.

            Let us go to the code itself. We shall start with main.h. I prefer C, but there are things that are too difficult in Bitcoin to port without C++. If you look down at lines 795 to 800 we will see that:

            // Nodes collect new transactions into a block, hash them into a hash tree,
            // and scan through nonce values to make the block’s hash satisfy proof-of-work
            // requirements. When they solve the proof-of-work, they broadcast the block
            // to everyone and the block is added to the block chain. The first transaction
            // in the block is a special one that creates a new coin owned by the creator
            // of the block.

            Now, this is simple. If you can read the code in the classes below this, you will see that ONLY Nodes who are actively mining secure the network. Nodes are specifically defined in the early code. There are no non-mining nodes. All nodes are mining. Let’s look at the definition again:
            “To support the network by running a node, select: Options->Generate Coins”

            This is, to run a node, enable mining. Miners are paid based on a lottery. It is a probabilisitic system. Then, I guess you again show just how little you really know about Bitcoin huh Scam-toshi.

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            Please do not take my statements out of context:

            “Full nodes do not contribute, any mineable hashpower at the current network difficulty”

            That sentence is self-explanatory.

        • Apu

          ” I like being ignored”

          I see. This explains your relationship with Bitcoin Belle then. Perhaps the new Satoshi should fly her to Bali and see what she thinks after ringing his bell as well? This is the only fair way to decide. Please remember Kwik-E-Mart for all fo your refreshment and party needs. Thank You.

          • Craig Wright

            Please do.

            And I have never met her in person.

          • Apu

            But Ms Belle claims that you hacked both her Twitter and her Twatter, and had a very public argument with your sister , who also claims that Bitcoin Belle was trying to fork the keys out of you.

          • Craig Wright

            Ms Belle would hope that the emails she sent me are never released.

            I did not hack her, that would be a woman who hates Belle with a passion and whom Belle hates just as much.

        • jbperez808

          Craig, I believe there is a better-than-even chance that you ARE Satoshi.

          Do you believe in segwit, bigger blocks or neither?

          • Craig Wright

            Fair competition. Segwit is not needed and Bitcoin can scale. There are other solutions which do not require changes to the protocol that stop malleability.

            You can self sign a transaction, but ti is a two stage process. It will be documented soon.

            Lightning and other systems that require a user to be online need to compete without making all others change to suit them.

          • Craig Wright

            Please do not say that.
            Segwit is not Bitcoin. Scale is simpler than Blockstream wants you to think.

            Simple maths.
            Segwit (initially 2mb full but later weight of 4mb) is 1.6 times the transactions.

            4Mb cap is 4 times. Why is this difficult?

      • Darey Olushina

        You are just too fake that even the most foolish of us wouldnt believe a thing you are saying, just imagine all the nonsense you have said thus far, so, if satoshi is unmasking he is not going to be talking about how bitcoin is going to scale to the next phase and solving other problems bitcoin is currently facing but just to come here and be replying this thread i think we have actually done too much for you already by even arguing with you and giving you free publicity, if truely you are satoshi, i from now on detest you because you are so petty and dont seems to have a reasonable priority, this you couldnt have invented notepad not to talk of inventing an intelligent invention like bitcoin, please you getting me angry right now, next idiotic satioshi hoax should please take note of my objections, come out by telling us how bitcoin can scale, i will listen to you then.

        • Satoshi Nakamoto

          I have only received attacks; not any inquiries working towards worthwhile pursuits! The Talented Mr. Ripley, an expert hacker,is sucking up all the air. And claiming I have received money from others! Its a steaming pile of horse manure! I am not involved in OneCoin, never have been!

          • Craig Wright

            Your scam is up scam-toshi.

            Try another.

          • Craig Wright

            No, you are just scam-toshi and you want to get money BEFORE writing a new code base 🙂

          • Craig Wright

            Scam-toshi to the rescue… just send money (AKA Nigerian scam) and he will build a new system that makes you rich…

  • Burstup

    Suuuure, Satoshi Nakamoto would store all his private keys in a GMX account. Uh-huh.

    • Satoshi Nakamoto

      And I shoot lightning bolts out of my ass – because I’m Batman? I’m actually human…

      • Craig Wright

        Yes, a human con artist.

        • Satoshi Nakamoto

          I really think you should look up the terminology that you use in your own statements. I might not keep meticulous notes like you or remember precise dates from memory; however, I do know one or two things about the English language.

          Con, confidence trick,

          A confidence trick (synonyms include confidence game, confidence scheme, ripoff, scam and stratagem) is an attempt to defraud a person or group after first gaining their confidence, used in the classical sense of trust.

          So what do you call lying on network television? Were you not trying to gain the confidence of the viewer. You misrepresented the truth for the possibility of being recognized for a paper you did not write.

          In your version of the truth, the code came first. ShitGold (Bitgold) was definitely developed first for semi-anonymous online gaming (gambling) but it was non-functional, bug ridden, and did not scale. On the other hand, It was my white paper that allowed software engineers to overhaul the monolithic snafu – bitgold. Even then, you’re were nothing more than a immediately link.

          Claiming to be something you are not seems to be a reoccurring theme with you. You always like to preface all of your statements with, “I will never ask or money or recognition”.
          Yet you do exactly that! Perhaps coveting recognition to over inflate your ego is what you want – not money. You’d been excellent politician. You would love it! Like they say if the shoe fits, wear it!

          Stop saying that I am a fake! Just look at the man in the mirror! Like I said before, people on development team, tolerated the barrage an onslaught of your inquisitive emails. We we’re under the impression that you actually had something to offer; however, your ego was divisive and could not be tolerated with the people who were actually doing the coding. Even then, I considered you mutinous. If it wasn’t for one person (unmentioned) who vouched for you, all communications would have been severed with you. You work well alone but you have no idea about collaborating or working in a team setting. There was just no place Someone like you on our team. Zero. One person liked you, so we kept you on. You assisted with bug reporting, ran the full node, and mining. People cannot tolerate your superiority complex. Yes you’re technically inclined and have vast amounts of knowledge but that’s it! YOU DO NOT SCALE, there is very limited use for someone like you in a group setting. Anybody can check this out.

          • Craig Wright

            I did not offer evidence and received nothing – no money and nor do I ask for any. Not like you scam-toshi.

            That is the difference – understand now.

            You need me for your scam. Here is the thing, I do not need you. I do not want to be a part of your crap and now I do not have to put up with people who try and extort me any longer.

            Have a nice day scam-toshi. You did nothing, you understand nothing and I will not support you lies. IF I wanted to prove anything, I would. IF I did, I would just have more of you trying to get away with extorting me.

            Sorry scam-toshi, you get nothing now. This is the thing with extortion, it only works when it is secret.

          • Craig Wright

            Oh and learnt he technical details scam-toshi – please….

            BitGold has NO relationship to BitCoin. I know this is technical, but do some homework scammer.

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            Let’s see if I have this correctly, “Satoshi only has one bloody paper, I have hundreds!”
            I believe was CSW’s statement.

            At least we know what his version of a scammer is… A scammer is anyone he feels the privileged to step on; however, doing so does not make him the superior man.

            The code did not come first. Prepping C++ Crypto libraries for the (then) posibility of using sha-1 or sha-2 doesn’t count.

            My rough draft, didn’t even have the name Bitcoin on it when people started to work on the code. The only one that needs to do their background and research on the project is Craig. I do not spend hours sifting through (supposed) old emails that were giving to the public through “controlled leaks”, sourced in part, from my hacked email. Some of those bogus emails represent a “complete fabrication” like Craig’ phony diplomas. Anyone that’s interested in watching a good movie should see The Talented Mr. Ripley. Craig is very talented and skilled in the art of misdirection and disinformation. I actually considered him to be a dangerous mind. He is extremely talented and skilled at making points based on manufactured disinformation. CSW previously stated that Bitgold had nothing to do with Bitcoin; however, in many of my (real) emails I clearly remember, using comparative analysis, indicating features and aspects of bitgold, in relation to building the framework for Bitcoin. The general framework and architecture of bitgold had to be gutted, overhauled, and reimagined into a completely new system based off my white paper.

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            Disinformation! These statements can easily be disproven by a simple Google search? Comparative analysis and production of overhauled new code would indicate some relation, I think that’s throws your big “NO” out the window. They’re plenty of documents online to verify this.

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            Interestingly, “one of the e-gold” systems already has a form of
            spam called “dusting”. Spammers send a tiny amount of gold dust in order to put a spam message in the transaction’s comment field. If the system let users configure the minimum payment they’re willing to receive, or at least the minimum that can have a message with it, users could set how much they’re willing to get paid to receive spam.

            The above is a reply in an email that I wrote some time ago.

            Again I usually don’t go back and try to fish out my emails from other places because I don’t have any access to the original files in my email account. This means public email records should not be considered accurate if they come from third-party sources. Again I recall things from memory, I don’t research them online before I give answers. I don’t take my cues from teleprompters.

        • Bjørn Erik Mol

          Arent you the prooven con artist? Correct me if i am wrong 😉

          • Craig Wright

            No, I am the one who refuses to offer proof.

            Scam-toshi here is a con. He is not Texan at all. An Ozzie and on the run from the law.

            Myself, not running at all.

          • Bjørn Erik Mol

            If you where able to offer proof you would have settled the market and shown the world what regular people can do. And satoshi is not from Texas as i recall..

            If you have proof Please provider them and burn 90% of the 1M btc mined by satoshi

          • Craig Wright

            Yes Bjørn, little.
            I am not a regular person and I am proud of that. I am libertarian, not socialist.
            https : // medium (dot) com/ @MADinMelbourne/welcome-to-the-ministry-of-truth-in-the-wiki-age-601ec28a2504

            I will not do that, I will own and I will buy more companies and build more solutions and I will own them. Did you think Satoshi would be a socialist?

            Let me give you a few H. L. Mencken quotes:
            “For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.”

            “A cynic is a man who, when he smells flowers, looks around for a coffin.”

            “Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.”

            “Equality before the law is probably forever unattainable. It is a noble ideal, but it can never be realized, for what men value in this world is not rights but privileges.”

            I am a Rothbardian libertarian. Look it up.

            Here is the best quote for last:
            “All government, in its essence, is a conspiracy against the superior man: its one permanent object is to oppress him and cripple him. If it be aristocratic in organization, then it seeks to protect the man who is superior only in law against the man who is superior in fact; if it be democratic, then it seeks to protect the man who is inferior in every way against both. One of its primary functions is to regiment men by force, to make them as much alike as possible and as dependent upon one another as possible, to search out and combat originality among them. All it can see in an original idea is potential change, and hence an invasion of its prerogatives. The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable, and so, if he is romantic, he tries to change it. And even if he is not romantic personally he is very apt to spread discontent among those who are.”

          • Rothbard was definitely onto something there.

          • Satoshi Nakamoto

            With a philosophical flourish Kato throws himself upon its sword.

          • OUTTHERE

            Craig, I think you may be mistaken and thinking that the person in this chat who was a part of the Satoshi team is an Ozzie. I have met him personally at a Bitcoin meet up here in Bali. He has a Texan accent when he talks and definitely does not sound anything like an Ozzie..
            You really should find out exactly who it is that you are arguing with before you go insulting him saying he is “An Ozzie and on the run from the law.”
            He definitely sounds Texan when he talks..

  • Sasha Bakhshi

    The real Satoshi puts TWO spaces after each period when he types.

    Nice try. #not

    • jbperez808

      ? True dat.

      • Satoshi Nakamoto

        If you want to fantasize about who you think I should be, be my guest! Reality is never as good as the fantasy. Dream away!

        The only difference between the

        saint and the sinner is that every

        saint has a past and every sinner

        has a future.

        – O. Wilde –

        • Craig Wright

          Actually, that is not correct. Some text was written using one space, some with two.

          If you try using Dragon voice type, you will note that there are two spaces by default after the period.

          If you check the emails, they are single spaced. There is a difference from the paper and the emails/forum posts. So, it is not so simple. Sorry.

        • peter sardelis

          Truth hurts.. It hurts especially when people threatened with loss..

  • Jeff Perkowitz

    lol, really? this is the dumbest article ever written, ver approved.

    • Ricky Bickerton

      I disagree, this article has given me a nice load of comments to read. I wish there were more articles like this that attracts so much attention and comments.

  • vortex

    Move the coins or GTFO.

  • This exact patent licensing revenue model was discussed by someone interviewed by @tferriss on his blog a while back. Can’t remember the name of the onterviewee.

  • Patrick

    1st link — 0 answers. You put in article 19 answers.
    2nd link — DOESN”T contain the quote you cite

    • Kevin Helms

      Thanks for spotting that. All answers seem to have recently been removed on Quora.

      • Satoshi Nakamoto

        Craig cried to Quora because he was caught several times backtracking. On many occasions, Craig didn’t have a clear answers to some of my questions. He had the moderator shut me down and remove my comments. Despite being a troll and purveyor of disinformation; surprisingly, he still has a loyal following.

        • Craig Wright

          Oh boo hoo.

          Again, fake Satoshi cannot answer the most basic of technical questions… What following? Last I heard I was hated.

  • Satoshi Nakamoto

    I now use voice text messaging, a technology that I previously did not use, so that explains nothing.

  • Joseph M. Peculiar

    lol….claimed satoshi with no proof man just go and take a nap

    • Satoshi Nakamoto

      Okay whatever!

  • Satoshi Nakamoto

    I like what Henry Ford said:

    I refuse to recognize the existence of impossibilities. I don’t know anyone who knows enough about any subject to be able to say that something is or is not impossible. If someone who takes himself for an expert and declares that such and such a thing is impossible, right away there’s a horde of nincompoops who sing the chorus: ‘It’s impossible…’
    Henry Ford
    Most people people want to sing to this course. “He has no clue!” “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about!” “He doesn’t understand the technical functions of XYZ”

    If I’m providing my own reasoning, there’s always someone with a little bit more knowledge than me who is trying to cut in on myspace simply because they’re smarter and have more specialized knowledge. IT staff and Programmers come a dime a dozen and they can insert whatever they want into the code and placing their “mark” within their own comments wherever they please. Programmers are very much like bricklayers; as they are “general labor” in the greater scheme of the architect. Even the really good programmers, which are categorized as “software engineers” are still only providing “planning and assistance” to the lead architect, on the other hand; architects, generally have to have an artistic insight into elegant and innovative design. Without the creative lead of the architect, “general labor” can’t produce anything of value. If you don’t believe me, go to any physical location where engineers are erecting a skyscraper or high-rise building. Go speak to “engineering” or the foreman on site—ask to speak to the lead architect. Listen to what he tells you, and If he doesn’t understand your question because of the noise of jackhammers in the background- point to the blueprints they are holding and say, “I want to speak to person who made that design” there is a 99.99% chance that he will send and refer you to an office somewhere. More than likely, when you step into the office of the lead architect, he is sitting down at his desk and drawing out a design by hand sketching. You see the engineers, cement masons, bricklayers, drywallers, electricians, Central Heating and Air technicians— are all there to build off the lead architect’s design. Lead architects only need to have a general knowledge about each of those fields; they don’t need to specialize in each one of those peripheral fields. An architect would not be an architect if he was spending all this time laying bricks. And certainly cement Masons like to put artistic signatures on their finished work to symbolize that they’ve been there. Likewise, certain Ironworkers and welders like to put their marks on the buildings they work on. The point here: just because you were there and put your mark on to some part of the code doesn’t mean that you were the lead architect.

  • I actually met this person the other day at the BerryBiz in Kuta – by total coincidence. (Hi Lance!) No convincing evidence was produced. 😉

    Can I just reiterate that it doesn’t matter who started this thing and urge everyone to keep the payment utility of the network alive? Asking for a friend..

    • Craig Wright

      Leave the myth. What matters is how the protocol develops.

  • yus

    The ridiculous is that both the old ‘Satoshi'(Craig Wright) and the new ‘Satoshi'(man-in-Bali) know something and were in one way or the other involved in the initial days of bitcoin. Problem is that both now want to exploit their being privy to the development of the protocol to gain undeserved attention just for personal gains. If Satoshi were a single person, neither of them is the one; and if Satoshi were a group of persons, they certainly belong to the group of those cypherpunks.

    • Satoshi Nakamoto

      Honestly, I don’t want to bicker or fight with Craig – It really doesn’t accomplish anything! Other than infuriating me!

      • Craig Wright

        Scam… scamity scam 🙂

        No, you want to:
        1. Get proof I am… and then cause me a world of pain.
        2. try and use my name to scam others…

        But here I am making fun of myself and ruining my name.. This of course ruins all your plans…

        No scam time sorry scam-toshi.

        • Satoshi Nakamoto

          This reiterates my previous remark , your goal is to kill me ( the name Satoshi ), isn’t it! – devous fellow!

          • Craig Wright

            Kill you, no your life is miserable already. This is why you do this.

            No, I am just ruining your fraud. Sorry scam-toshi.

            The real Satoshi would have no issues answering off the cuff a few technical questions would he scam-toshi 😉

      • Craig Wright

        Scam-toshi shows how magnanimous he is as he asks for money…

        But wait… if you send him money it will help him create a new better system and we will all be rich…

        His friend is a Nigerian Price too…

        • Satoshi Nakamoto

          I haven’t asked for money, it was a proposal that never went forward. I didn’t even apply for ASIC approval. It never launched, neither were any prospectus applications submitted. This can be checked. I am throughly familiar with the Law. Thanks for your aimless misdirection.

          • Craig Wright

            By ASIC approval, our Australian scam-toshi here is mixing up SEC approval as – well this is what he knows.
            ASIC is not the chip, it is ASIC (.) gov (.) au.

            Our ‘Texan’ friend is from Sydney and spent a lot of time in Perth. He is in Bali as he is wanted in Australia. He left with a lot of debt and many people after him. He started a company when he was an undisclosed Bankrupt and used a number of fake names.
            Scam-toshi is upset as he had a deal with the real Satoshi and when his scam fell through and it was time to run off with the loot (Bitcoin) – it just happened that something happened to his keys as he was not technically savvy. There is a court order for him to repay this… so in any event, it would not be theft nor larceny.
            Scam-toshi had his company in Australia closed as my lawyers filed all the paperwork demonstrating his fraud and ASIC found him wanting.

            Yes, it can be checked. Like OneCoin, scam-toshi’s Elysium Silver had no approvals and no substance. He just wanted money.
            Scam-toshi does not get that using the name Satoshi to sell a scam-coin is obtaining benefit through deception.

            NSW has the same, but last in Au I knew scam-toshi was is Vic…
            http www (.) austlii (.) edu (.) au

            /au/legis/vic/consol_act/ca195882/s82.htmlSect 82 scam-toshi… that is why you are hiding away from Australia now.

  • Scronty

    Afternoon, All.

    Here’s a question to the two love-birds:

    Around the first week of June 2008 for how long was your collaborator typing in the different types of gods and titans from that Greek Myth book when you were figuring out what to name the project Prometheus ?

    There’s only two people who can answer that question.

    Let’s see if one of them is you.


    • Craig Wright

      Hey Phil,
      You are also scamming and no, there is no project Prometheus. No, I will not entertain you nor your want o be claims either. You did not help Dave and I. We did not go to you for help.

      Yes, you have read my DTh Thesis and no. I do not want o have your help either.

      You also Phil need to learn the technical details of the project you want to also scam.

      Sorry Scronty, you get nothing.

      Neither of you get a solitary Satoshi.

      Phil, there are NOT 42 million bitcoin, there never was. Go fix your story and the technical errors.

      You all want o have a part of me… Here is the great thing with BiCoin, as a MINER, there is NO way that you can EVER tie the ownership of BitCoin I hold to me unless I sign and I will never give you the in you want.

      You are nothing, you have nothing and have a nice life.

    • Craig Wright

      http :// vu (dot) hn /bitcoin%20origins.html

      Did you not do your homework Phil…

      Try learn the details of your scam first.

      Sorry, you do not get a single coin. Not a cent, not a satoshi, nothing.

      You have all tried long enough to scam everyone. Time to run under the fridge you cockroaches – trying to gain a financial benefit through fraud is a crime Scronty.

      21 – not 42 million. And, if you bother to check the code, it is not as a decimal, there are only integers in Bitcoin it is only named Bitcoin to make life simple for people.

      • Satoshi Nakamoto

        Craig you are way out in the atmosphere of the outer limits.

        • Craig Wright

          Yes. And proud of it 🙂

          So, any of those technical questions you want to answer yet… Ones Satoshi would know… That is right, you have no idea 😉

      • Satoshi Nakamoto

        There’s nothing true about your Prometheus narrative. Sorry I took a look at what you said and it’s totally nonsense.

    • Satoshi Nakamoto

      Please do not go on about this Prometheus my nonsense

    • Ricky Bickerton

      That must mean you are the only other person that knows, or you don’t know the answer yourself. Still if you know, who are you, and why would the world trust you?

  • Satoshi

    Today is a special day for me and for Bitcoin.

    When I create Bitcoin, I hid my identity in an anagram, much of it, in the original Bitcoin PDF, which consists of 9 sheets and 8 references.

    Mr.Craig, supposing that you are yourself, I do not know what he did to Bitcoin, as well as his interest in impersonating me.

    I am no better than you, but I am very honest, and with the truth is how things get.

    Are you sure you want to continue with it?

    I would not know whether you are a friend or an enemy, but I can not let you use my name, or my alias for your profit, if it is so.

    Do you want to talk in private? Or do you want to be unmasked in public?


    • Craig Wright

      Please, unmask 🙂

      Scam-toshi, nothing you guys can do to my reputation that I did not do first.

  • Satoshi Nakamoto

    You have the advantage:

    To do this, I must introduce myself and leave my anonymity.I do not know who you are, I do not know your story well, maybe it’s part of a plot for my provocation?

    I am Satoshi Nakamoto, and when the time comes, if it comes, I will prove it.

    You really, who is it? And what did he do in Bitcoin?

    Did you know, that I delivered Bitcoin to Finney, in a usb, soon after starting, in a city very far from his own?

    You know, I still own one of the hard drives …

    I would know your story.


    • Ricky Bickerton

      Well the time has come, so do now prove it

  • You can find a lot of Satoshi Nakamoto on every forum. Just because he answers economic questions in Quora don`t make him a creator. And all keys stored in one mail? God, please

    • Satoshi Nakamoto

      I think you’re wrong person. I have nothing to do with Satoshi of Quora, nor with Craig.

      I have spoken, just to warn you, that neither of the two is Satoshi.

      So thank you for defending the name of Satoshi.

      Do not forget, that Bitcoin, my coin, bears my seal and initials.

      Satoshi Nakamoto

  • Satoshi Nakamoto

    The Google link is very interesting and I appreciate that; however, it was Dr. Dai’s extrapolation that made the use of the term more appropriate for use in my paper. A proposal doesn’t have to be published with the printing press in order for it have validity; such thinking has long been antiquated. The arrow of my perspective moved the term “electronic cash system” forward after I read Dr. Dai’s B Money proposal.