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News Outlets and Journalists Are Being Threatened By Onecoin Lawyers

According to reports, the notorious Onecoin organization is threatening to sue media outlets and journalists accusing the operation of being scandalous. Two bitcoin proponents have come forward this past week claiming Onecoin Ltd and the company’s lawyers are planning to file lawsuits against them for defamation and “economic losses.”

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German Bitcoin Journalist Threatened by Onecoin Lawyers

News Outlets and Journalists Are Being Threatened By Onecoin Lawyers
Coinspondent journalist Friedemann Brenneis.

The accused Ponzi operation and so-called ‘cryptocurrency’ Onecoin has been getting a lot of negative attention lately. A few weeks ago German regulatory authorities seized funds from a Onecoin affiliated company for unlawful remittance transmission. Following this incident law enforcement from Mumbai seized $3 million in funds and arrested eighteen Onecoin associates for fraudulent business practices. Since then a few journalists reporting about Onecoin’s controversy were threatened with lawsuits from Onecoin’s lawyers.

One journalist from the German cryptocurrency-focused publication Coinspondent received letters from Onecoin attorneys saying they were unhappy with a few articles published on the website. The German reporter Friedemann Brenneis explains his situation with Onecoin’s legal team stating;       

“In the past days I have received legal letters from several Onecoin lawyers that are extremely irritated about an article I have published,” explains Brenneis. “In this article, I was simply pointing out two publications by Bafin (the German banking watchdog) concerning Onecoin.”

It appears that the intimidation has been big enough to get many other website publishers to take their Onecoin articles down for good. At least that is what the lawyers proudly list.

Another Bitcoin Proponent From Norway Is Intimidated With Litigation

News Outlets and Journalists Are Being Threatened By Onecoin Lawyers
Norwegian Bitcoin enthusiast Bjorn Bjercke AKA “Mr. Bitcoin.”

A bitcoin proponent from Norway, Bjorn Bjercke has also allegedly been threatened by Onecoin lawyers. Bjercke says he’s been asked to remove his articles, and Youtube videos that explain Onecoin’s shady activities from the web. The Norwegian resident says he won’t be pushed around by Onecoin and has decided to “lawyer up” to expose Onecoin’s aggressive actions. Onecoin’s legal team also wants Bjercke to apologize for his editorials and videos publicly.  

“I also have to apologize publicly or else they will file a suit against me for their economic losses due to the harm I have caused them,” details Bjorn Bjercke. “In my opinion, Onecoin is like a cancer to the cryptocurrency community. I cannot give up, I cannot hide the truth, I cannot stay quiet about Onecoin/Onelife being a SCAM. So I decided to lawyer up which is going to be very expensive.”

Other Ways Bitcoiners Can Help Take Onecoin Down

According to Brenneis, and Bjercke other news outlets and reporters are being intimidated by Onecoin Ltd’s lawyers as well. The two bitcoin enthusiasts say that others have removed articles and videos in fear of litigation. Both whistleblowers are soliciting bitcoin donations for the legal costs of fighting Onecoin. The German reporter Brenneis has already secured 7.5 BTC for legal costs since he announced his troubles with Onecoin. However, Bjercke says there are other ways cryptocurrency proponents can help, such as reporting Onecoin videos to Youtube in order for them to be removed.

 “Our team really needs your help right now,” says Bjercke. “If many people do this we can take them down. Ultimately stopping them stealing people’s money like the criminals that they are.”

What do you think about Onecoin lawyers bullying news outlets and journalists? Let us know in the comments below.

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