New Reality Docu-Series About Bitcoin to Explore Regulation

Ignition Creative have announced that they will be producing a “reality docu-series” exploring bitcoin regulation in partnership with Blockchain Entertainment. The series, titled Capital Makeover: Bitcoin Brigade, is set to feature former lobbyist, Jack Abramoff, who was recently imprisoned for fraud, tax evasion, and corruption charges.

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The Series Will be Following a Team Of “Currency Nerds”

Jack Abramoff to Star in New Reality Docu-Series About Bitcoin

Ignition Creative and Blockchain Entertainment are set to produce a “reality docu-series” exploring bitcoin regulation. Ignition Creative is a television and motion picture production and marketing firm that has produced media for several major film and television studios. The series will be created in partnership with Blockchain Entertainment – a recently formed television and film production company dedicated to the topics of virtual currency and blockchain technology.

The press release for Bitcoin Brigade describes the series as following the creator alternative cryptocurrency AML Bitcoin, Marcus Andrade, and his team of “currency nerds” in their “crusade to prevent Congress from unintentionally destroying the digital currency industry”.

The series will feature Jack Abramoff, a former lobbyist who recently spent 43 months incarcerated for mail fraud, conspiracy to bribe public officials, and tax evasion between 2006 and 2010. Abramoff will be coaching Andrade and company in the techniques and landscape of American political lobbying.

“We Want This Series to Really Get Under the Hood of One of the Most Relevant Industrial Changes Happening Today” – Martin Kistler, CEO of Ignition Creative

Ignition Creative and Blockchain Entertainment to Develop Reality Docu-Series About Bitcoin

CEO of Ignition Creative, Martin Kistler, has expressed his company’s “fascinat[ion with]… the story of cryptocurrency and how it could change the consumer world as we know it. We want this series to really get under the hood of one of the most relevant industrial changes happening today”. President of Blockchain Entertain, Andrew Williamson, has stated that “digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, have been exploding in the past year, with much of the world looking on in wonder. However, the digital currency world itself is in a panic over recent and likely future moves by the United States Congress to halt the exponential growth of bitcoin. We wanted to delve into that conflict in a way that would be unique and riveting”.

Former lobbyist, Jack Abramoff, has expressed his initial surprise in having been approached regarding the series. When Marcus approached me, I didn’t know a bitcoin from a sirloin. But, after learning about this vital new technology, I quickly realized that his mission was essential if our nation is to continue to lead the world in innovation and finance – and so I pledged to do whatever I could to help – short of lobbying Congress myself.”

Do you think that Ignition Creative and Blockchain Entertainment’s ‘reality docu-series’ will expose new audiences to bitcoin and cryptocurrency? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Ignition Creative, and Blockchain Entertainment

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  • Prof X

    Is there a crypto currency that can’t be forked with? And is decentralized? That’s where I want my money.

    I just want to enjoy the long slow predictable growth of a stable crypto currency without some greedy goofnuts being able to fork with my investment. Fork those guys!

    • Dr. Bubó

      That’s a paradox.
      If something is decentralized, it means cooperation and voting on upgrades. If there’s no agreement on an issue, fork will happen.
      Centralized projects means there is no need for agreements, someone will make all the decision for everybody.

      • Prof X

        Thank you! So decentralization and forking are tied together? The pooling of miners under one authority should be a concern for any crypto?

        What would happen if the 3 big miners who are mining Bcash where to fork again? Would there be 3 bitcoins with them controlling 2?

        Could forking be used as a power play this way? Wow, that might send the herd running for safety!

        • Dr. Bubó

          As I said many times, bitcoin’s problem is not technical but political (financial).

    • Filip Vávra

      you should bet on litecoin. it’s perfect payment method of the future, without politic wars. but if you want to get rich fast, remember: any crypto is hard predictable (no warranties), so it’s always risky. but more risk = maybe more money 😉

    • Evan Wilder

      Motherforker! Forking is such bullshirt! (BONUS POINTS if you get the reference.)

  • I’ll watch it. What broadcaster is going to air it? That answer would tell me if they will get a new audience. These days you kinda have to make it exclusive to grab the viewers that count, big pockets. The younger generation is mostly the client-side and then it should be a series of short digestible video pieces like the commercials on the vice channel. Don’t be surprised that no one really gets the big deal with regulation. It’s not pot, its math and financial technology. Snooze alert for the young.