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The New Economy, Jobs, and Bitcoin

More people are finding jobs in the U.S. The unemployment rate fell to 5 percent in October, as 271,000 jobs were added to the economy. This is the lowest unemployment rate since April 2008. However, around the world, including developed countries, high unemployment rates continue to be stubborn. For example, in Spain, the unemployment rate is 21.18 percent. And, in Greece, the unemployment rate continues to be the highest of the Eurozone, reaching 25 percent. As a result, these two countries are suffering from brain drain, as many well-educated young individuals are emigrating from their countries in search of jobs. The good news is that new types of jobs and opportunities are being created thanks to the Internet of Things and new technologies. One of these new technologies is the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and its underlying blockchain. Indeed, you can work and earn bitcoins anytime and from anywhere, and at your own pace.

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Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding, and Bitcoin

grand-central-station-690180_1280Social media sites that offer novel approaches to help people create and get are expanding. For example, Internet-based crowdsourcing marketplaces are attracting thousands of cyber workers. Crowdsourcing is the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people and especially from the Internet community rather than from traditional employees or suppliers.

In parallel, crowdfunding is becoming more widespread, providing opportunities to individuals with little capital to participate in projects and business ventures.

Indeed, many are using bitcoins for crowdfunding purposes. For example, one of the most popular sites is Kickstarter. Through Kickstarter, artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, and other creators obtain resources and support to make their ideas a reality. Since April 2009, Kickstarter has funded over 95,000 projects. Incidentally, one of Kickstarter’s amazing projects is Operation Caelus. The goal of this project is to send a Cubesat with a Bitcoin node into space. Bitcoin enthusiasts will build the Cubesat and finance it with bitcoins.

Another interesting Kickstarter project is Skin Care for Bitcoins. Through this project, Gifts4Cryptos aims to deliver skincare products in exchange for digital currencies, such as Bitcoin.

lighthouse-93487_1280Lighthouse is an open-source desktop app that uses Bitcoin and the blockchain technology to create all-or-nothing crowdfunding initiatives. Lighthouse uses the smart contracts features of the blockchain. The participation of a third party is not necessary. These characteristics give you lots of flexibility. For instance, when enough money has been pledged to reach the project’s goal, it becomes possible to take the money out of the project backer’s Lighthouse wallet. Until that point is reached, you can revoke your pledge at any time without the involvement of the project owner. publishes a list of the top ten crowdfunding sites. This list is based on independent traffic data found on Alexa & Compete.

GPT, Faucets, and Bitcoin

faucet-113396_1280Get Paid to Sites (GPT) and Bitcoin faucets are websites that allow you to earn bitcoins for performing micro-tasks. These websites enable individuals and businesses to coordinate the use of human intervention to perform tasks that computers cannot do. Certainly, you cannot make a living out solely performing these tasks, but you can supplement your income.

For example, BitcoinGet pays you with bitcoins for completing surveys, watching videos, and performing many other micro-tasks. To participate, all you need to provide is your Bitcoin address. Interestingly, the privacy of the cyber workers is preserved, as you do not need to provide your name or any other personal information. You are not even required to provide your email address.

Coin Tasker also allows you to earn bitcoins by watching videos, completing surveys, downloading applications, making friends, and performing other micro-tasks. Coin Tasker offers to pay you instantaneously by sending your earned bitcoins to your Xapo bitcoin wallet.

You can find a detailed list of Bitcoin faucets at You can also find GPT sites listed at Top Free Bitcoins.

Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, or JOBS Act

New rules and proposed amendments designed to assist smaller companies with capital formation and provide investors with additional protections are being put forward. In effect, on October 30, the U.S. Stock Exchange Commission voted for adopting rules to permit crowdfunding. As a result, crowdfunding investors have more choices. Thus, start-up companies can now raise money from small investors over the Internet. These new rules amend The JOBS Act, which is a law intended to encourage funding of small businesses by easing various securities regulations. Previously, companies were allowed to raise money only from accredited investors having a net worth of at least $1 million USD.

Bitcoin Adds Jobs to the Economy

system-927147_1280Bitcoin and the blockchain technology are also directly streaming jobs into the economy. Sites like,, and post all sort of jobs related to Bitcoin and the blockchain. Additionally, websites that are specialized in freelance job opportunities, including,, and, offer a wide variety of Bitcoin jobs. Many of them, such as post jobs which are paid with bitcoins.

So, thanks to Bitcoin, the blockchain technology, and the Internet of Things, the new economy continues to bring us more jobs and opportunities to pursue our dreams.

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