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New Podcast Episode with Stephen King of RexMLS

During this week’s podcast our host, Richard Jacobs, sits down with Stephen King, Founder of RexMLS to discuss his blockchain-based company “RexMLS” and its implications for the broad, evolving real estate ecosystem.

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Real Estate aas been an encumbered field where it is difficult to list properties or transact without barriers to entry, having to deal with a plethora of ads, or where property databases do not communicate with each other. King’s platform RexMLS is a protocol that leverages the power of decentralized applications to streamline real estate transactions.

Jacobs and his co-founder mainly wanted to build RexMLS to provide more opportunities to individuals in the real estate field. He said he wanted to,

Create a multi-layer protocol that would connect real estate vendors, buyers, and sellers worldwide will giving them the ability to later connect.

Furthermore, King acknowledges there are several “pain points” for various people in the industry, including buyers, sellers, and brokers. The paint point for the individual is cost. On current multiple real estate listing services, it costs upwards of 1,000 dollars per listing, according to King. In this episode, King covers various pain points like these and how RexMLS solves them by providing users with ownership over information and easier access without barriers to entry.

Check out’s podcast here, or stream the show below to hear more from RexMLS Founder, Stephen King, and why he thinks the company’s protocol will revolutionize traditional real estate transactions and management.

What do you think about RexMLS protocol? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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