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New Podcast Episode with Patrick Dugan of Bond Issuing Omni

This week’s podcast explores the Omni Foundation with our host Richard Jacobs discussing the project with Patrick Dugan, the Liquid Ops member of Omni.

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Omni – A Platform for Utilizing the Bitcoin Blockchain for Diverse Transactions such as Issuing Bonds

New Podcast Episode with Patrick Dugan of Omni’s latest podcast features the fintech and blockchain pioneer Patrick Dugan of the Omni Foundation. Omni Wallet is a platform that can send and receive bitcoin, Omni tokens, and a wide variety of digital assets. Speaking with back in November, Dugan believes Omni is at a point where “the foundational technology could stand on its own as a public utility.”

In essence, Omni believes the protocol layer built over the Bitcoin blockchain “allows you to generate, send, trade, redeem, pay dividends to and make bets with tokens representing any kind of assets,” according to Dugan.

Dugan also explains during the podcast how he is working with the Armenian government to issue corporate bonds using smart contracts via the blockchain. The Omni Foundation Liquid Ops member believes this will help fuel digital asset trading worldwide.

“It’s time that people had a savings option like bearer bonds,” Dugan told

Our readers at can listen to, or download, the latest podcast episode here.

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Images via Omni, and Patrick Dugan.

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