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NetCents payment gateway officially opens in beta accepting deposits in 194 countries

Bitcoin startup NetCents which is based in Vancouver, Canada, has announced the beta opening of their payment gateway which can accept deposits in 194 countries.

NetCents which not only allows users to buy and sell bitcoin, is a payment gateway which is a streamlined, ecommerce application that processes and authorizes secure credit card transactions, in both digital currency (bitcoin) and traditional fiat currency, as well as PayPal and Apple Pay for merchants.

Once Beta testing is complete, NetCent’s platform will be available for integration for both merchants and service providers, delivering a universal plug-and-play Merchant API for businesses to securely accept digital payments.

In a press release from the company today, NetCents says that their payment gateway will also accept and support consumer deposits from users in 194 countries.

“194 countries (global) is a huge milestone for the Company and marks the beginning of a new chapter. NetCents, aside from PayPal, has the largest footprint for credit card deposits. We offer our users a universal, efficient platform for secure payment solutions,” commented Clayton Moore, chief executive officer and founder, NetCents Technology. “We are focusing on boarding merchants with our streamlined, digital currency API, easy integration, and ecommerce platforms to remain at the forefront of the digital payments revolution.”

NetCents is able to pull this in part due to two key partnerships with other bitcoin companies in the space. The Canadian startup has partnered with Bitstamp to help expand their reach to Europe.

The new partnership opens up their platform to the European market which will give their users even more access to digital currencies. NetCents has also partnered with Caribbean exchange Bitt, providing them with even more currency options

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