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Nejc Kodric explains why Bitstamp chose Luxembourg for its HQ in Europe

Nejc Kodric is the CEO of bitcoin exchange platform Bitstamp, and he recently spoke with Luxembourg for Finance to explain why he chose to have Bitstamp relocate to Luxembourg to be home to its company headquarters.

Luxembourg for Finance (LFF) is a public-private partnership between the Luxembourg Government and the Luxembourg Financial Industry Federation (PROFIL). Founded in 2008, its objective is to develop Luxembourg’s financial services industry and identify new business opportunities.

In April of this year, Bitstamp was granted a payment institution license by the Luxembourg government to be a fully regulated and licensed exchange in the European Union. As part of the process Bitstamp moved their operations from Berkshire to Luxembourg.

In the interview with LFF, Kodric explains that Luxembourg has been a pioneer in the fintech scene and digital currencies, being the first to proactively meet with industry participants to figure out the best ways to regulate the bitcoin industry.

Kodric went on to explain that Luxembourg sees the added value and potential that bitcoin and blockchain tech brings, and invites companies to the country to help build out their tech ecosystem to help serve the world. He also said that Bitstamp was looking for a place to fit in when it comes to regulatory compliance, and Luxembourg stood out from other countries as being more proactive toward bitcoin and regulation.

The CEO also said recently that the next step for the exchange will be leveraged trading and is currently working on regulatory approval.

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