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Mycelium removes their wallet from the app store, temporarily stops support for iOS

Well liked bitcoin wallet Mycelium has quietly pulled their iOS wallet app from Apple iTunes and said that they are no longer developing or supporting it at this time.

In a tweet they said that they are going to be focusing their resources on their Android mobile app and are working on an updated new version of the iOS wallet which they plan to release in the future. Mycelium wrote,

“We are no longer developing or supporting that iOS version, and are focusing all our resources on our new wallet. The new one will be way better and have no differences from Android version except for some hardware support.”

In addition Mycelium said that their new iOS wallet will be open source, welcome to community review and testing. When we spoke with the wallet lead developer Rassah in the fall as part of our bitcoin wallet statistics report, he had mentioned at the time that development for the iOS wallet had fallen behind because they had lost their iOS developer. As it turns out, the two versions of apps (Android and iOS) were so far apart that they were forced to remove the app.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, as the newer version they are working on will be the same user experience as the current Android version, which is a popular wallet, and even made our Spring 2016 Top Rated Bitcoin Wallets report.

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