Mycelium is close to launching its bitcoin hardware wallet

Mycelium bitcoin wallet provider who has been one of the top rated wallets in the bitcoin space has been working on a hardware wallet for some time now, and recent changes show that they are close to launching their new hardware wallet.

Changes made this week to show a new landing page, showing off the new bitcoin hardware wallet, called the Mycelium Card. Additionally new videos have been released showing off the new wallet and how it works.

In the video embedded below, Mycelium talks about the new hardware wallet and also as part of the launch, the new Mycelium payment card network, which uses both merchants and wallet users to create a distributed network of people who can exchange between each other without any third-party such as banks using radio technology instead of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. In another video, it shows a merchant using and accepting payments using Mycelium Gear and the new hardware wallet.

In a private Mycelium website, the card network is described as a “self-sufficient” payment network saying specifically:

“Equipping plastic payment cards of the regular size with a comparatively powerful processor, a display, a keyboard and a wireless unit opens up the avenue to use blockchain as a backbone for the network of cards which is more functional, safe and inexpensive compared to current centralized systems such as VISA/MC/AmEx.”

It’s unclear yet exactly when the new hardware wallet will be launched, but it’s obvious that the Mycelium is close to launching as it prepares it’s website and marketing material for the public. Outside of the Mycelium hardware wallet, there are other existing hardware wallets that are already competing in this space, such as KeepKey, Case, Ledger, and Trezor. Buy Bitcoin Worldwide offers more details on Bitcoin hardware wallets as well.

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