Mochi.Market Introduces NFT INO Launchpad Mochi Pad

PRESS RELEASE. SINGAPORE – MochiLab’s Mochi.Market, a multi-chain decentralized exchange ecosystem for non-fungible tokens (NFT), has announced the upcoming launch of Mochi Pad, its native NFT INO (initial NFT offering) crowdfunding platform. Mochi Pad will bring top tier NFT projects, song writers, digital artists, access rights, game utilities, creators, and more to the masses. Mochi Pad will be the most innovative and extensive INO launchpad in the space that provides the unique functionality of Mochi.Market’s decentralized exchange ecosystem for NFTs.

Mochi Pad hosts an extensive suite of Mochi NFT products that will accelerate the growth of each crowdfunding campaign and establish a foothold within the fast growing NFT sector. Each NFT is distinctively unique and accompanied with the on-boarding partner’s utilities.

“One distinguishing feature of Mochi Pad is the inclusion of fractionalization technology in our INO,” says MochiLab’s co-founder and CEO Sophia Ho. “Mochi Pad will provide access to INO sales of top tier NFT projects, creators, and artists prior to exchange listings. It enables partners to interact with their communities and provide utilities to the NFT holders. It will also allow fractionalized ownership of NFTs and their utilities.”

Mochi Pad will empower $MOMA token holders to participate in the most exclusive INO opportunities leveraging Mochi.Market’s unique fractionalization NFT technology and decentralized functionality to ascertain project success. As a unique comprehensive solution, Mochi Pad offers a two pronged launchpad INO:

  1. Offer a whole NFT for sale (each unit price will be relatively higher)
  2. Offer fractionalised NFTs in the INO stage for those that want part ownership of a NFT, much like holding shares in a company. This will create a wider user base for the creators of NFTs and include those who cannot afford an entire NFT.

Ho says the best partners for Mochi Pad are projects with NFTs they own, influencers who can issue their own NFT (and launch them on Mochi NFT), as well as artists who want to sell rights to their music. All Non-NFT projects can also offer NFTs through Mochi.Market’s launchpad INO, but in this case, their NFTs give the NFT holder a certain number of project tokens or other benefits at a regular interval. “This really opens up possibilities for the crypto community to get involved in NFT,” says Ho.

The Mochi business development team has been working with top projects and influencers to bring them on board as the first NFT launchpad users. Interested partners and creators are invited to apply to Mochi NFT Launchpad using this form.

About Mochi.Market

Mochi.Market is a multi-chain and decentralized ecosystem for non-fungible tokens. Mochi.Market will be releasing a variety of applications to cater to the needs of the NFT community in a decentralized way, offering more security and usability to its NFT platform users. Mochi.Market currently focuses on solving three key issues in the NFT space: lack of a strong monetization strategy for NFT holders, lack of liquidity experienced with the NFT market, and how to bring value to the NFT economy through cross-chain access and usage between fungible and non-fungible tokens. Mochi.Market is building an NFT marketplace accessible to all, bringing more power to NFT stakeholders and more ways for them to leverage and capitalize on their NFTs.

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