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Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest: Intimate Fireside Bitcoin Conversations

On June 22 to 26, many anarchists and freedom families congregated in Delton, Michigan for the Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest 5. It is a gathering for all liberty lovers who are looking to network, connect, mingle, and spend some time in nature. Bitcoin.com was lucky enough to make an appearance at the festival and provide attendees with cryptocurrency information and plenty of swag.  

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Aesthetic of the Fest; Amazing Speaker Lineup

The mood of the fest was light and intimate. The festival grounds were lush and serene. They included a wooded area with an orchard, plenty of camping spots, and wildlife galore. The atmosphere seemed to encourage bonding between everyone involved. Most of the revelers were there to share their love of liberty, decentralization, and compassion. The fest’s website described it in a similar fashion:

“You can expect diverse and life-enriching experiences at this year’s Fest. We know how valuable free time, sharing meals, conversation, and connection with a like-minded community is, and with that in mind we’ve made sure to maintain the laid back and flexible nature of last year’s festival. We are also aware that there is value in highlighting the innovative and intelligent minds the liberty community has to offer from across the Midwest. At the pavilion, expect a line-up of Midwest sourced liberty enthusiasts offering talks, interactive discussions, demonstrations, and dialogues on the most pertinent issues relevant to your freedom.”

This year’s talks were no exception regarding the quality of speakers. Several of the greatest minds in the liberty movement provided talks. Some of the subjects included peaceful parenting, government overreach, dealing with police, and slashing healthcare costs. Speakers included Dayna Martin, Jeffery Tucker, Mary Ruwart, Adam Williams, Nick Hazelton, Paul Gordon, Andrew Marich, Shane Radliff, Jeff Wood, and others.

Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest: Intimate Fireside Bitcoin Conversations

Solving the Bitcoin Scaling Dilemma by the Campfire; Jeffrey Tucker Talks about Bitcoin and Blockchain

One of the most pertinent cryptocurrency events at the festival was an impromptu bitcoin discussion panel that cropped up as the stars grew bright in the sky and the campfire crackled.

The discussion revolved around how to successfully resolve the scaling dilemma. Critiques on Blockstream and Core came up. There were also people who did not know much about bitcoin, so the fireside discussion offered a teachable moment for those individuals. Overall, the discussion was polite. It was also intimate and allowed for many details of each thought to be fleshed out.

Jeffery Tucker also referenced the importance of the blockchain revolution and the growing number of cryptocurrency millionaires in his talk. He called the emergence of these new wealthy crypto elite the new “blockchain aristocracy,” because they will be replacing the old order. He implied bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the technologies of liberty, and they are here to stay. He said this is a beautiful time to be alive.

Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest: Intimate Fireside Bitcoin Conversations

Perks of the Festival; Bitcoin Vending

The talks were truly amazing…but the vibe of the festival inspired appreciation and love all on its own. Everywhere people were enjoying themselves and living as freely as possible. They chatted, hugged, and dined in tents or in the cabins. They danced under the moon at the festival’s ‘Anarchy Ball’ on Saturday night.

There were also vendors selling all types of merchandise, including food, Kratom, books, trinkets, and other goodies. The cool thing was most of the vendors accepted bitcoin. It is true the internet was a bit sketchy in some parts of the campground, but everyone was willing to cooperate even when technology was not. The festival was amazing and rife with freedom. Anyone interested in decentralization and cryptocurrency should consider going to the fest if they have never attended. It promises a joyous experience for anyone who embraces the nascent future of anarchy.

Would you be willing to venture out to Michigan for the Midwest Peace and Liberty Festival? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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