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Metaverse Dualchain Network Architecture (DNA) Continues Global Expansion and Announces a Successful First Quarter in 2020

April 27th, 2020, Toronto, Canada – The Metaverse DNA global team reported significant progress on the DNA (Dualchain Network Architecture) Blockchain initiative during the month of March, closing the first quarter of 2020 with great results. The DNA token is now listed on 14 crypto exchanges, Metaverse DNA CEO Eric Gu participated in many online interviews from notable media outlets, and the supernode voting process continued to run smoothly with over 11.2 billion votes in the latest round – marking new record highs.

The DNA Chain built by Metaverse is a next-generation scalable and interoperable decentralized ecosystem, empowering users and enterprises with an array of features like near-instant transactions, on-chain identity, oracles and robust security.

Interviews, AMAs & Online Promotional Activities

During the month of March, Metaverse DNA CEO Eric Gu participated in 5 online interviews to discuss Metaverse DNA and share his insights on blockchain technology. These online interviews included:

March 1: “A Dark Horse (Metaverse DNA) Rises in Public Chain Competition” by MXC Digital Exchange
March 6: “Metaverse DNA: the Rise of a Dark Horse in Public Chain Competition” by BTC123
March 11: “Metaverse DNA: the Fever of Public Chain Continues” by BitZ
March 14: “With US Stocks Melting Down and BTC Plunging, How to Find a Way Out for the Blockchain Industry” by BW Dialogue
March 16: “Internal Causes of the correlation between BTC and US stocks” by MIDU

In these interviews, Mr. Gu provided an in-depth explanation of Metaverse DNA’s technology plans, analyzed the investment prospects from the blockchain industry, and shared stories of his investing experience, entrepreneurship and future goals. On March 20, Metaverse DNA Global Strategy Advisor – Alex Lightman sat in with Finwise Consensus Machine for an online AMA session. An excerpt from the interview:

“My intention is to try to add value, and to try to help Metaverse DNA become very successful. Metaverse DNA is an excellent blockchain team, and it builds upon the core philosophy of Eric Gu, who was the first person to do an ICO in China. So he’s the original, he’s the pioneer. And the Five Components of Metaverse DNA are by far the most popular public chain solutions.”

Lightman went on to say:

“Metaverse DNA has a high degree of consensus overseas, and the core technical teams of Ethereum, Graphene and Polkadot are working together on development projects. I’ve been in contact with and advised many blockchain companies, and right now I’m more optimistic about Metaverse DNA than most, if not all of them. And I’m really honored and grateful to metaverse for inviting me to be DNA Global Advisor.”

To listen to the full Finwise Consensus Machine interview with Alex Lightman, visit this link:

Metaverse DNA Listed on 14 Crypto Exchanges

In the past month, Metaverse DNA continued to expand in the secondary market and was successively listed on several well established exchanges such as MXC, BitZ, BW, Coinsuper, Bibox, Biki and Hotbit. With advanced technical strengths and market operations, Metaverse DNA could potentially be listed on other top trading platforms in the near future – allowing more investors to invest in DNA and jointly enhance its value.

Supernode Election Votes Reaches 11.2 Billion – A New Record High

The number of votes in the first four rounds of supernode elections were 5 billion, 6.5 billion, 7.6 billion, and 9.3 billion, respectively. On March 9th, Metaverse DNA completed its 5th supernode election with a total of 10.5 billion votes. On March 26, the total number of votes for the 6th supernode election reached 11.2 billion – setting a new record high.

The steady increase in the number of votes shows the strong confidence the community has in Metaverse DNA. The supernode candidates include global industry agencies, blockchain communities, digital asset management platforms, and blockchain media outlets.

The elected supernodes not only share significant decision-making rights on the future development of Metaverse DNA, but they also have the obligation to contribute to developing the DNA ecosystem. They will work closely with the Metaverse DNA team to jointly boost the innovative development of blockchain technology.

Events in Ho Chi Minh

As the DNA community continues to grow around the globe, one notable hotspot has been Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The city is now home to the DNA Hangout, which is a rooftop space for DNA’s future events in Vietnam. The space had its kickoff event on March 5th with over 30 attendees including representatives from VNG Corporation, RMIT University, Kingdom Game, Incognito, VIC Group, Clover Solutions.

$12,000 Bounty Program Concludes

March saw the successful conclusion of DNA’s 3-month bounty program with over 850 participants taking part. The bounty included a global ambassador initiative, product trials, a social media program, and a content creation challenge. The social media program led to a 300% Twitter follower increase, 520% Facebook follower increase, and a 430% Telegram member increase. For the ambassador program, over 50 applications were received from aspiring ambassadors from all over the globe including the United Kingdom, Germany, Philippines, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt and more.

Timeline of Metaverse DNA’s Progress

Click and expand on this visual timeline ( to see Metaverse DNA’s progress in 2020. Despite tough market conditions in March, Metaverse DNA has seen steady progress in many aspects of their business and the team is already working on exciting developments for the next quarter.

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