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News Allows Diners to Create Table-Specific Orders and Pay With BCH is a new Bitcoin Cash (BCH) application that allows food establishment owners to set up online menus that are tied to table-specific QR codes. The QR redirects to the venue’s menu and patrons can simply choose the items they want and settle the bill in seconds using BCH for payment.

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A Menu System With BCH-Integrated Point-of-Sale

This week Bitcoin Cash supporters were introduced to a new platform called, an application for venues that enables customers to order with their phone and pay with an integrated point-of-sale (PoS) system. The application is unique because the system’s QR code redirects to a food establishment’s online menu interface, and quickly tethers settlement with BCH and delivery to the specific table it was ordered from. Allows Diners to Create Table-Specific Orders and Pay With BCH

“I’ve been working on a project which allows venue owners to set-up their menu online, called — Customers can scan a table-specific QR code that contains both the venue’s menu and the table ID,” the founder of explained during the announcement on March 27. “The QR code then redirects to the venue’s menu, where the customer can order anything they like, and then pay with Bitcoin Cash — Once the transaction has been broadcast, the waiters of the venue get a notification of the order to their phone, and they can deliver it directly to the table it has been ordered from,” Allows Diners to Create Table-Specific Orders and Pay With BCH
Sample menu that can be tested.

Table-Specific Ordering

The system is fairly intuitive and merchants can look at a sample menu to get an idea of how the platform works. Essentially the customer can scan the QR code and open the website but they can also type the domain name and six-letter code by hand. Venue owners have a 12-step process to complete and no plugins are required. The merchant creates an account with a valid email and then responds to the email verification which redirects to the Projects page. From there, establishment owners can add their menu and select a local currency for an exchange rate for BCH. Allows Diners to Create Table-Specific Orders and Pay With BCH
Checkout process for

Menus can also have translations added to the header bar and people can order food in their selected language. At the moment, the service is free, but the founder of the project has noted that at some point down the line it will take a percentage per order. plans to add fees once “legal questions have been resolved and the product has been polished,” the project’s creator revealed. The platform also has a roadmap of goals it plans to add in the future like paying with cash and converting BCH directly to fiat, notifications for iOS, and a tutorial so merchants and customers can learn how to use the system quickly. On forums and social media, BCH supporters seemed to like the new BCH-powered menu concept and complimented the creator for his efforts.

“This is a really cool idea, and the potential is definitely there — Not sure where you’re based out of, but went ahead and ordered a lager,” enthused one BCH enthusiast.

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