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Monero Mastercard? Wirex Bridges Altcoins with Legacy Payments

Monero Mastercard? Wirex Bridges Altcoins with Legacy Payments

Wirex users can now fund Mastercard debit cards with Ethereum, as well as two dozen other cryptocurrencies.

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Not Just a Bitcoin Mastercard

ShapeShift.io, an instant digital asset exchange for Bitcoin and other blockchain tokens, has announced an API integration with Wirex, a London-based service that bridges traditional payments with cryptocurrency. Now, Wirex users can fund their cards with ShapeShift-supported cryptocurrencies.


“Bitcoin enjoys first-mover advantage and dominates the crypto market. However, as the ecosystem matures, there is also a growing community of users with other digital assets,” said Wirex co-founder Pavel Matveev. “One of the most popular customer requests was to make a multi-asset-friendly debit card and with ShapeShift integration we have finally made this possible.”

Erik Voorhees
Erik Voorhees

ShapeShift founder and CEO, Erik Voorhees added:

“Wirex renders banks wholly unnecessary. With cryptocurrency and an easy mobile app, one can avoid banks and still pay for things anywhere.”

The debit card works anywhere Visa and Mastercard are accepted, according to Wirex’s website. Additionally, users can load cards instantly both via desktop or the smartphone app.

The Wirex app also provides users with a so-called “virtual Visa card.” It can be loaded with Bitcoin or any ShapeShift-supported assets.

Many Bridges With Legacy Finance

bitwalaNumerous other services — such as BitPay and Shift — have offered their own cards for quite some time.

Moreover, Netherlands-based Bitwala doesn’t only support altcoins such as Ethereum and Monero, but also lets users pay their bills and send money to SEPA accounts.

Previously known as E-Coin, Wirex offers a suite of solutions for Bitcoin users, enabling everyday purchases from coffee and groceries to withdrawing funds from an ATM.

These services include a PayPal-to-Bitcoin conversion tool that works in over 30 countries, as well as a virtual Visa card intended for shopping online. The company’s services support over 130 countries and cards in three local currencies including USD, EUR and GBP.

You can watch a quick demo of the new feature in action below:

Will such a feature boost the infrastructure of other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin? Let us know in the comments below!

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Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Wirex, Shapeshift.

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