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Local.Bitcoin.com Shows Lots of Active BCH Listings From Traders Worldwide

Six days ago news.Bitcoin.com announced the launch of Local.Bitcoin.com, a peer-to-peer marketplace that allows people to trade bitcoin cash (BCH) in a private manner. Since then there have been roughly 14,000 accounts created so far, and many people are actively trading throughout various countries worldwide.

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Local.Bitcoin.com Spreading Free Trade Everywhere

On June 4, in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests, Bitcoin.com launched our peer-to-peer BCH marketplace. Since then many individuals have executed trades on our new platform and so far the platform has gathered close to 14,000 account signups. Preliminary statistics show traders are from all around the world and you can find someone selling bitcoin cash throughout many countries and cities.

Local.Bitcoin.com Shows Lots of Active BCH Listings From Traders Worldwide
Local.Bitcoin.com traders from Venezuela.

For instance, bitcoin cash fans are excited to observe multiple traders offering to buy and sell BCH in Venezuela. Venezuelan citizens have been battling a rough economy and hyperinflation for a very long time and the sovereign bolivar is practically worthless. BCH supporters discussed the subject after seeing that Venezuelan traders are starting to post buy and sell orders, while some have already executed a few trades. On Reddit forum r/btc, one person remarked:

Trading in Venezuela is great to see and it is the place in the world that needs the most economical sovereignty/freedom to escape hyperinflation — That can literally save lives.

Local.Bitcoin.com Shows Lots of Active BCH Listings From Traders Worldwide
Local.Bitcoin.com traders from India.

A decent portion of traders are from within the U.S. and browsing various listings posted from multiple cities shows a number of American traders have fulfilled a number of BCH swaps. Trades have been carried out using gift cards and cash, and one trader has figured out how to swap crypto for crypto on Local.Bitcoin.com’s platform. The user dubbed “Shapeshift” has executed some trades by allowing people to swap crypto assets privately for bitcoin cash. With all the discussion taking place in regard to India’s crypto regulation lately, there’s a decent number of Local.Bitcoin.com traders from India. They have already carried out successful trades and people are offering trades with IMPS, Paytm, as well as cash. Browsing Local.Bitcoin.com’s listings shows there are quite a bit of offers available in Nigeria with all types of payment choices. Gift cards, cash deposit, bank transfers, and Western Union exchanges are popular among Nigerians.

Local.Bitcoin.com Shows Lots of Active BCH Listings From Traders Worldwide
Local.Bitcoin.com traders from Russia.

Local.Bitcoin.com visitors can find a slew of traders in Indonesia, the Philippines, Canada, Uganda, and Russia. For “in person” cash trades, there’s a wide variety of buyers and sellers utilizing this option on the BCH marketplace. Browsing the “any payment method” option opens up a greater variety of offers that can be used to trade without having to meet someone. Over the last six days, it’s been amazing for our team to watch the BCH marketplace grow organically.

Local.Bitcoin.com Shows Lots of Active BCH Listings From Traders Worldwide

Moreover, if you’ve just signed up for Local.Bitcoin.com or plan to register soon, existing account users can generate a referral code. Essentially this means you can earn income by recommending your friends and family members. For example, every time you refer someone to Local.Bitcoin.com and they sign up with your unique code, you will earn 20% of their fees for the lifetime of their account. You can even support Eatbch charity by signing up using the organization’s Local.Bitcoin.com referral link and 20% of all your fees will be sent to Eatbch every month.

Planting the Seeds of Economic Prosperity

Many BCH supporters also discussed the marketplace launch on Twitter and talked about how a few traders executed some trades on the first day. The anti-war advocacy organization that promotes free markets and liberty, Bitcoin Not Bombs, showed its excitement on Twitter about the marketplace launch. There’s also a bunch of people asking questions using the Local.Bitcoin.com Telegram channel as the group has 567 members at the time of writing. People are asking unique questions and giving feedback in regard to the bitcoin cash marketplace operations.

Local.Bitcoin.com Shows Lots of Active BCH Listings From Traders Worldwide

If you haven’t signed up for Local.Bitcoin.com yet, it’s very easy and only takes a few minutes to create a profile and list some trades. Simply head directly to the trading platform’s signup page and you can have an account set up in no time. Launching a peer-to-peer BCH marketplace means a lot to us and growth in the first week has been phenomenal. Local.Bitcoin.com facilitates BCH trading against local currencies, essentially making bitcoin cash far more accessible to everyone. In the grand scheme of things, Bitcoin.com believes in the future where bitcoin cash will be everywhere and we’re very happy to help plant the seeds of economic prosperity.

Have you signed up for Local.Bitcoin.com yet? If so, what do you think about Bitcoin.com’s new local BCH marketplace? Let us know your thoughts about this subject in the comments section below.

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