Litecoin ATMs Proliferate Globally


Litecoin ATMs Proliferate Globally

The number of litecoin ATMs more than doubled during June, making Litecoin the clear market leader in altcoin-supporting cryptocurrency banking terminals. In recent months, bitcoin ATM operators have installed Litecoin-compatible terminals in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

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The Number of Cryptocurrency ATMs Supporting Litecoin Worldwide Is Reported to Have More Than Doubled Last Month

Reports have indicated a strong recent rise in the number of litecoin ATMs globally. According to coinatmradar’s report, there over 50 cryptocurrency ATM terminals that received installatation of litecoin integration last month.

The number of cryptocurrency ATMs supporting litecoin worldwide is reported to have more than doubled last month. According to coinatmradar, the total number of litecoin atms is now 91 units – comprising more than 90% of the terminals that support a cryptocurrency other than bitcoin. According to the next most supported altcoin is ethereum – with 13 terminals supporting ETH, followed by Dash with 7 terminals, and Dogecoin with 5.

The majority of litecoin ATMs are situated in the United States. In recent months, Bitcoin of America added LTC capabilities to 19 cryptocurrency ATMs, Rockitcoin added litecoin to all 40 of the company’s atm terminals, and Athena Bitcoin added LTC transaction support to 10 machines. At present, the US markets account for more than half of the world’s litecoin integrated cryptocurrency ATMs.

The Dramatic Rise in Litecoin ATMs Has Seen Terminals Installed in Several Countries

Localcoinatm announced last month that they had successfully added litecoin support to 6 bitcoin atm terminals in Canada. The integrations have made the company the first to offer litecoin ATMs in Toronto.

In May, Alphavend also announced that it had launched a bitcoin atm soon to feature litecoin integration in Brighton, England. A spokesperson for Alphavend explained the choice in location, stating that “Brighton has a long reputation for innovation and embracing the new, and the social message behind bitcoin, of a permissionless and stateless currency, will surely resonate with its free thinking and egalitarian residents”.

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