Lightning Network Wallet Zap Launches Beta Release

This week software developer Jack Mallers released the beta version of a Lightning Network enhanced bitcoin wallet called “Zap.” Mallers introduces his new wallet and demo video in anticipation for Segregated Witness (Segwit) which will go live on the bitcoin network shortly.

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The Zap Lightning Network Wallet Creator Aims to Push Bitcoin’s Overall Success in the Right Direction

Lightning Network Wallet Zap Launches Beta Release
Jack Mallers, creator of the Lightning Network wallet Zap.

Lots of developers and organizations have been trying to build working solutions for the Lightning Network (LN). The LN protocol creates a network of shared payment channels that could theoretically make bitcoin transactions much faster and cheaper. Since the upcoming activation of Segwit is on its way, Mallers thought it would be the perfect time to launch Zap, a Lightning Network wallet. Mallers says LN has become quite the “buzzword,” and his project has received attention from investors and potential business partners. However, Mallers details he has declined every offer in hope to build a better bitcoin experience for users in contrast to corporate interests.

“I am most interested in helping people and companies use the Lightning Network to solve their problems while pushing bitcoin’s overall success in the right direction,” explains Maller’s Zap announcement post. “I think it would be great if the community had an open source LN UI that has no other incentive than simply benefiting the users.”

Dedicated to delivering beautiful interfaces along with a great experience as bitcoin enters a more consumer-facing era. So, Zap will be fully open source with a completely open development policy.

Lightning Network Wallet Zap Launches Beta Release
The Zap Lightning Network Wallet.

‘A Complex Protocol Language With a Friendly Interface’

At the moment Mallers reveals the code is not open source just yet, but he expects to release the code in about a week, after some more “detail work and many more tests.” When the code goes public users can find the protocol details at this Github repo, explains Maller. In the demo video, Mallers connects to a peer, opens a channel, makes a payment request and settles the payment via Bitcoin’s testnet.   

“Zap is a Lightning Network wallet that helps users accomplish their goals with a great experience,” explains the app’s website.

Taking in complex protocol language and delivering a friendly interface where anyone can send and receive cheap and instant bitcoin payments.

Zap Joins the Many Lightning Network Applications Being Built for Bitcoin  

Mallers joins the many developers working on individual Lightning Network projects including Bitfury’s Flare solution, Acinq’s Eclair wallet, Lightning Labs “lnd” daemon, and more. Further, there are a lot of applications being built using the Lightning protocol; like tipbots, a full node monetization platform and an app that helps provide electric vehicle energy purchases. For the Zap project, Mallers says he’s very grateful to the Lightning Labs team for all the help they provided.          

“[Lightning Labs] availability over Slack and patience with all developers looking to build is how you encourage innovation,” Mallers adds.

What do you think about the Zap wallet? Let us know in the comments below.

Images via Shutterstock, the Zap website, Jack Mallers, and Pixabay. 

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  • TC Innovative

    Can’t wait to start using Zap!!!

  • Billy Williams

    why not everyone else built their own wallet

  • ffd jhky

    An atomic swap works in the same way users would send funds to one another, but there are some major differences. More specifically, it allows users to cross-trade different cryptocurrencies without relying on centralized parties. If user A has bitcoin, and user B wants Ethereum Classic, for example, they can agree to a fixed trading price and complete the transaction immediately.

  • Gabriel Nomas

    I don’t trust LN ¬¬

  • I think this will help a lot Bitcoin and most users want fast transactions without delay with low fee.

  • Zap Wallet

    Zap is a Lightning Network wallet that helps users accomplish their goals with a great experience. Taking in complex protocol language and delivering a friendly interface where anyone can send and receive cheap and instant bitcoin payments. You can donate to this project by sending ether to 0x833d47086d62ce631a1bcd4dd7890f795fdea161.


    Throughout bitcoin’s lifetime, we have seen many companies create incentives that misalign with the broader community and/or its users by relying on a business model or outside investors. Zap has no business model and no investors. Only open-source code that is built and driven by the community.


    Come one, come all. Zap is open source and welcomes all help. Not only from developers but also from designers, copywriters, logo/icon creators, etc. We wish to receive donations, at least couple of dollars. We have an open-development policy and are only committed to helping people and companies accomplish their goals via the Lightning Network.