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Libes Ecosystem Token (BES) Scheduled to List on LBank

PRESS RELEASE. Libes is pleased to announce that its ecosystem token, the Battle Esports Coin (BES) will be listed on leading cryptocurrency exchange LBank as it seeks to advance its reach as the world’s first platform to functionally connect esport players and users. According to the published schedule, the BES/USDT token pair will be listed exactly by 16:00 on January 20, 2022 (UTC+8).

Interested users will have the opportunity to deposit their BES tokens on the LBank Exchange by 14:00 on January 19, 2022 (UTC+8) with withdrawals open by 14:00 on January 21, 2022 (UTC+8).

The BES token listing on LBank is a confirmation of the proactive strides by the Liberal Mind Co,.Ltd, the parent company in charge of the platform development. The listing follows the token’s related debut on Mongolia’s leading trading platform CAPEX, as well as on the Kanga Exchange earlier this month. The successful listings showcase the growth strides and recognition of the Libes platform which is simultaneously a reason why it is now being favored by popular digital currency asset platforms.

Libes has come to solve some of the most fundamental challenges plaguing the esports world, especially as it relates to players’ incentivization. Prior to this point, the only source of earning amongst esports players is to secure sponsorship from corporations or to win tournaments, a feat that comes with very unlikely odds. With Lines, esport players are now open to other forms of earnings, including through donations from fans and esports lovers around the world.

Operating Uniqueness of Lines

Libes is designed as an outfit that not just increases and boosts the choice of economic activities of eSports players, but also provides new enjoyment for users. The bulk of Lines activities is achievable through a combination of entry, gifting, and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) store capabilities respectively.

While Entry is designed for users to be a part of hosted tournaments with the potential to win or lose matches as much as the esports players featured, Gifting opens an avenue for fans to support their favorite players, and the NFT capabilities are integrated such that users can purchase or trade registered NFT from esports events.

The BES token powers the Lines ecosystem as it functions as in-game currency, and is necessary for users to purchase points for gifting to eSports players within Lines, and at the same time serves as voting rights for the platform.

Libes Roadmap

In actualizing its agenda, the Lives protocol is working on a very detailed roadmap beginning with the official site opening earlier this month. This site opening was accompanied by The First Liberal Cup with the featured game being “Knives Out.”

Other projected events include the second exhibition match bearing the targeted game PUBG. By March this year, Libes Grand Opening will be unveiled, alongside Entry, Gifting and NFT service will be launched. The first official Libes Ambassador will also be unveiled. Libes Grand Open Event, as well as the Lines eSports Tournament, will be held in May this year, and the release of Lines Blockchain Games Development will cap this phase of the protocol’s roadmap.

Libes hopes to become an indispensable link between esports players and fans, and with its current developmental efforts, it is hopeful to achieve the milestones and massive engagement in the next couple of months.

About Libes

Libes is a platform built to create new economies in the eSports market and expand the economics and value of eSports itself. Born as a brainchild of the Liberal Mind Co,.Ltd, Libes hopes to overturn the outlook and profitability of esports for every stakeholder in the ecosystem. Powered by the BES token, Libes is recreating the ways users participate in esports through Entry, Gifting, and customized NFT functionalities, esports is positioning itself as the go-to platform that is connecting both esport players and users respectively.



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