Liberland: Bitcoin 'Is Truly the Base of Our Economy'


Liberland: Bitcoin 'Is Truly the Base of Our Economy' had a chance to discuss some topics with the Liberland president Vít Jedlička concerning the many topics the micronation faces, the citizens use of Bitcoin and goals the group has for Liberland’s future.

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The Free Republic of Liberland is a self-proclaimed micronation founded in April 13, 2015. The proclamation of the state’s independence was initiated by the Czech libertarian political activist, Vít Jedlička.

Located between Croatia and Serbia on the western bank of the Danube river, the tiny nation has brought about many discussions concerning micronations and secessions. Jedlička and Liberland’s citizens are strong proponents of free markets, and the use of the decentralized cryptocurrency Bitcoin are included among many other non-traditional beliefs.

“ is supportive of Liberland both philosophically and financially,” and hopes the movement continues to be successful, Bitcoin angel investor, Roger Ver, said.

The Free Republic of Liberland Continues to Progress (BC): Can you tell our readers about Liberland and how it’s going there?

Vít Jedlička LiberlandVít Jedlička (VJ): It is doing great! There is permanent settlement group working on preparing everything on moving in. Very soon you will be able to see beautiful drone pictures. We have now seventy-five representative offices around the world. I’m just flying back from Malta where we will have a very strong presence. Our legal system is close to completion, and I am proud it will be most libertarian one on this planet. We appreciate today’s approach of Croatia which strictly protects our borders we hope to develop a very friendly relationship with the new government that will be formed in September. We are extremely grateful for the support that and Roger Ver gave to Liberland. We hope that many more important supporters will have the courage to step out and will help Liberland to move forward.

My goal from early age was to bring more Liberty to this planet though opening up people’s minds.

BC: Have you had any obstacles with what you are doing?

VJ: Our approach is that we use all obstacles on our way to our advantage. From that perspective, there are no obstacles in our way, only building stones.

bitcoinBC: How do the people in Liberland feel about Bitcoin?

VJ: It is truly the base of our economy. Even first boat in Liberland was bought using bitcoin. Very soon there will be an Uber-like app that will allow E-resident of Liberland to make business in bitcoins all around this planet.

BC: What are your plans for the country to move forward?

VJ: With support from and Roger Ver we are getting ready to open up fully professional diplomatic office in Zagreb starting this September. We are looking forward to an outstanding constitutional convention on the 27th of August in Liberland. During this event, we will grant citizenship and passport to first Liberlanders.

It is truly the base of our economy. Even first boat in Liberland was bought using bitcoin.

BC: Recently seven members of the Polish Parliament gave Liberland recognition. Can you tell our readers about this?

VJ: Seven members of Polish Parliament asked the foreign ministry of Poland to officially recognize Liberland. It is very encouraging news from last week among a paper published by Chicago Journal International Law that rationally argues for the legality of Liberland. With support from our Polish and American diaspora we are preparing professional diplomatic mission in Pacific, South America and Africa this autumn.

BC: If you were to tell the whole world your goals today what would they be?  

VJ: My goal from an early age was to bring more Liberty to this planet through opening up people’s minds. Today we have almost half million people interested in living in a truly free country. I would like that number to rise to a couple of million next year.

Thank you, Vít, for letting us know how your micronation project is going. looks forward to watching your movement progress and hopefully give others similar ideas towards freedom and liberty.

What do you think about this micronation? Do you envision more micronations to come in the future? Let us know in the comments below.

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