Liberland: Bitcoin ‘Is Truly the Base of Our Economy’ had a chance to discuss some topics with the Liberland president Vít Jedlička concerning the many topics the micronation faces, the citizens use of Bitcoin and goals the group has for Liberland’s future.

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The Free Republic of Liberland is a self-proclaimed micronation founded in April 13, 2015. The proclamation of the state’s independence was initiated by the Czech libertarian political activist, Vít Jedlička.

Located between Croatia and Serbia on the western bank of the Danube river, the tiny nation has brought about many discussions concerning micronations and secessions. Jedlička and Liberland’s citizens are strong proponents of free markets, and the use of the decentralized cryptocurrency Bitcoin are included among many other non-traditional beliefs.

“ is supportive of Liberland both philosophically and financially,” and hopes the movement continues to be successful, Bitcoin angel investor, Roger Ver, said.

The Free Republic of Liberland Continues to Progress (BC): Can you tell our readers about Liberland and how it’s going there?

Vít Jedlička LiberlandVít Jedlička (VJ): It is doing great! There is permanent settlement group working on preparing everything on moving in. Very soon you will be able to see beautiful drone pictures. We have now seventy-five representative offices around the world. I’m just flying back from Malta where we will have a very strong presence. Our legal system is close to completion, and I am proud it will be most libertarian one on this planet. We appreciate today’s approach of Croatia which strictly protects our borders we hope to develop a very friendly relationship with the new government that will be formed in September. We are extremely grateful for the support that and Roger Ver gave to Liberland. We hope that many more important supporters will have the courage to step out and will help Liberland to move forward.

My goal from early age was to bring more Liberty to this planet though opening up people’s minds.

BC: Have you had any obstacles with what you are doing?

VJ: Our approach is that we use all obstacles on our way to our advantage. From that perspective, there are no obstacles in our way, only building stones.

bitcoinBC: How do the people in Liberland feel about Bitcoin?

VJ: It is truly the base of our economy. Even first boat in Liberland was bought using bitcoin. Very soon there will be an Uber-like app that will allow E-resident of Liberland to make business in bitcoins all around this planet.

BC: What are your plans for the country to move forward?

VJ: With support from and Roger Ver we are getting ready to open up fully professional diplomatic office in Zagreb starting this September. We are looking forward to an outstanding constitutional convention on the 27th of August in Liberland. During this event, we will grant citizenship and passport to first Liberlanders.

It is truly the base of our economy. Even first boat in Liberland was bought using bitcoin.

BC: Recently seven members of the Polish Parliament gave Liberland recognition. Can you tell our readers about this?

VJ: Seven members of Polish Parliament asked the foreign ministry of Poland to officially recognize Liberland. It is very encouraging news from last week among a paper published by Chicago Journal International Law that rationally argues for the legality of Liberland. With support from our Polish and American diaspora we are preparing professional diplomatic mission in Pacific, South America and Africa this autumn.

BC: If you were to tell the whole world your goals today what would they be?  

VJ: My goal from an early age was to bring more Liberty to this planet through opening up people’s minds. Today we have almost half million people interested in living in a truly free country. I would like that number to rise to a couple of million next year.

Thank you, Vít, for letting us know how your micronation project is going. looks forward to watching your movement progress and hopefully give others similar ideas towards freedom and liberty.

What do you think about this micronation? Do you envision more micronations to come in the future? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Wesley

    Congratulations. You are doing great.

  • RblDiver

    I can’t remember how I learned about Liberland last year, but I’m still very enamored of it and try to promote it wherever I can.

  • beatljuice

    I’m excited by this project, but wow is this article short on details. I know journalists are lazy, (I’ve been one) but come on.

    • allenscott

      Hello beatjuice and thank you for your feedback. This article is in interview format and is intended to be a sort of follow-up on its progress. For more details on Liberland itself, please click on the link to their home page provided in the beginning.

      • beatljuice

        I did. Read several of the articles. Thanks.

  • Milly Bitcoin

    Bitcoin will never achieve mass adoption if it is linked to this ridiculous crap.

    • allenscott

      Rubbish. Mass adoption and “this ridiculous crap” are not mutually exclusive.

      • Milly Bitcoin

        If you talk to normal people one of the biggest complaints is that when they ask about Bitcoin they get a 45 minute answer full of political agendas that have little or nothing to do with Bitcoin. Bitcoiners have a terrible reputation as kooks and scammers and many people don’t want anything to do with it. things like “Free Ross” banners at this site turn people away from Bitcoin. Many Bitcoiners don’t realize this because they use the Internet to engage in circle jerks with other like-minded people and they have no idea what the general population thinks. People don’t want to get involved in some cult just because they use a certain type of money.

        • allenscott

          “People don’t want to get involved in some cult just because they use a certain type of money.”

          You must have missed our OneCoin article:

          • Milly Bitcoin

            I am talking about the Bitcoin cult. These are people who claim Bitcoin can replace national currencies and end wars when it is obviously not capable of those things. Most of these people are promoting some fantasy political agenda and they think that when people use Bitcoin they will agree with their whole agenda. the reality is that people see they are misrepresenting Bitcoin and they think Bitcoin is some kind of scam. The cultists restrict their activity to a few discussion groups and they claim this is not actually happening. they sit around reading articles from Redman and Bundix and they think the whole world agree with their point of view.

          • allenscott

            “These are people who claim Bitcoin can replace national currencies and end wars when it is obviously not capable of those things.”

            Please explain why not.

          • Milly Bitcoin

            Bitcoin cannot be a day-to-day currency because you have to wait for the network to come to a consensus over the state of the blockchain. You also have to store transactions at every node. Anyone who uses Bitcoin to make purchase can see this rather quickly. the developers routinely scoff at the notion that Bitcoin can replace national currencies but this does not stop the cultists from making the claims that are obviously ridiculous.

            As for the ending war thing, that is one of most ridiculous claims ever. The notion is that Bitcoin cannot be inflated so governments would not be able to fund things like war, roads, and hospitals. First of all you would need Bitcoin as the only currency in the world (as discussed earlier that is not possible) and adopted by governments. As can be readily seen by things like ethereum, people want more choices, not less so Bitcoin has no hope of becoming a single world currency. Plus there is no incentive for governments to adopt Bitcoin. The people making the claim that Bitcoin will end or reduce wars are some of the most ignorant people in the Bitcoin space.

          • Then clearly you have no interest in Bitcoin: Milly Bitcoin if you find its primary features & architecture (decentralization) inferior or not a solution to ur usecases. Why not support Ripple or other non-decentralized currencies? Clearly you are a troll looking to seek attention by using the name of Bitcoin to push your agenda of Violence via centralized planning of Governments.

            Your pathetic argument about Bitcoin not ending wars is hinged on Government having to accept Bitcoin. Clearly you are ignorant of Decentralized systems & economics. There will be no Governments, thus they will not need to accept Bitcoin. You cannot stop Idea, as it propagates without friction & is decentralized among many individuals. The same concept is applied to technology like Bitcoin, which means, it cannot be stopped, only adopted. Governments simply cannot compete with freemarkets because Governments destroy value, not create it. Thus if a typical unaware individual has a choice between 5$ (Buying w/ Bitcoin) eggs & 10$ (buying w/ Fiat), then they’ll follow the lower price regardless of beliefs. This is how Governments will be made irrelevant.

            Either join in, or be displaced by Decentralization, there is no choice but to participate.

          • Milly Bitcoin

            You are the type of nut job that is ruining Bitcoin’s reputation. Just like over-regulated markets, truly free markets are not feasible. In fact the term “anarcho-capitalist” is one the dumbest things I have ever seen since a capitalist cannot function very well without a market regulated to a certain extent. The fact is most Bitcoiners cry to the government when they lose money an exchange or don’t get their mining rig on time. Your agenda doesn’t even fly with Bitcoiners much less the general population.

            Governments took human kind thousands of years to develop. While there are many problems most people want more government, not less. People want to get rid of the problems but most don’t want government eliminated. What you want is “agendacoin” which is a private club of like minded individuals, kooks, ignorant people, and a bunch of teenagers who post circle-jerk crap on reddit. You are the typical Bitcoin cultist who has no clue how the world works, no clue what the general population wants, no clue how the government works, and no realistic agenda. You hate all of “government except of course you want to use all the benefits like the Internet, roads, planes, etc. but you want everything that created those things destroyed. You are fodder for Buttcoiners.

          • I wish there didn’t need to be so much name-calling on both sides. It just demonstrates insecurity and lack of control. Most people will just walk away from people like that. Maybe the goal is to shut down the conversation instead?
            The local group I’m a part of have some “sovereignty” types that try to hijack meetings with their hopes and dreams of a utopia. Most other people politely wait for them to say their spiel, again, and then get back to the pragmatic discussion that effects their day-to-day life. When you start talking about this with a business owner they immediately get nervous. They rely on governments to keep people from ripping them off. They also don’t want to scare off customers with ideology.
            It also tends to scare off people with families. Most parents don’t want to hand “anarchy” over to their children and intuitively feel that there are far better options.

          • Milly Bitcoin

            The “Anarchy” that is discussed by most Bitcoiners is not any option, it is a fantasy only found on discussion groups. “Anarchy” to them is putting an “A” logo on their Facebook page. I personally have no patience for ignorant stuff like that. I held a Bitcoin event in philly a couple years ago and the Anarchy people tried to hijack it with ‘Bitcoin not Bombs” stuff. It was my event so I simply kicked them out. I talked to a couple hundred people that day, most of whom knew nothing or very little about Bitcoin. Not one person asked about “anarchy” or any of the political agenda stuff discussed in the article.
            At your next meeting I suggest someone stand up and explain that their political agenda stuff is nonsense and crap and not meant for a Bitcoin discussion. If you stand by and let them go they will continue to damage the reparation of Bitcoin. I didn’t get involved in Bitcoin to join some crackpot cult.

          • Anarchy is the default state of all things: complete freedom of choice or volition. Anarchy affords the use of rules, not rulers. Rulers controlling others is Violence: the initiation of force.

          • Milly Bitcoin


          • I didn’t say anything insulting, Milly did. No arguments, just someone willing to use violence.

          • Calling someone a nutjob & having no argument proves you are the one who is ruining the world.

          • Dimitri Andre

            Dont waste your time with him…he hates anything that has to do with freedom/libertarian/anarcho capitalism/voluntarism or that puts any involuntary centralize institutions in a deserving bad light…he keeps saying how bitcoin shouldn’t be link with freedom cause it will stop mass adoption when the opposite is slowly happening lol

          • Roger Ver

            I claim Bitcoin can replace national currencies and end wars. That is why I got involved.

          • Milly Bitcoin

            You are a crackpot. At your age it is a mental illness instead of just some dumb teenager saying something stupid.